Title: The Edge
Fandom: Alive-The Final Evolution
Pairing: Yuichi Hirose x Ochiai Megumi x Kanou Taisuke
Prompt: The Edge
Disclaimer: Alive is not mine. Prompt from 10_prompt at lj
( the community's dead but the prompts are alive and well.)
Notes: Before the 'Heart of Akuro' and 'Nightmare Week'.
Let's start at the beginning.

.7- the edge -

They stand on a precipice.
And between them lie an ocean.
Taisuke is blind to the cracks that have begun to surface.




On some days, when its just them, she looks at him, all wistful and forlorn, like she's waiting for a chance to tear down the monotony that is their daily routine, to turn their world inside out, upside-down.

She's wants to fly but is too afraid to take the final plunge.

A part of her has already resigned to their roles: This is them and this is all there is to it, another factor will just compromise their entire equation. She takes to admiring the sun from afar because it burns, it scalds, it scars.

She blinks, once, twice (averts her gaze and shies away from his inquiring eyes), hits Taisuke on the head and smiles when he mutters a curse under his breath.

This is where she will lie, a step short of heartache, because you can't lose what you never had and maybe, just maybe, this is for the best.




Hirose lingers at the edge of their periphery and takes everything in.
They are his friends, he thinks, even as Ochiai-san leaves him to berate Taisuke for getting into another fight," Why do you still fight when you're so weak?"

He has started to distance himself from them. He doesn't know when it all began, or why he feels so barren and hollow even when surrounded by a room full of people.

His eyes cloud over as the memories seep in.
"Hiro, why do you let them push you around?"

Taisuke's walking away, one step ahead, always beyond him.
"Wait up."
He picks up the pieces and chases.
(Slow down, don't leave me behind…)


" Shrew!"

Hirose bandages his own wounds and smiles as they exchange insults.
It never reaches his eyes.




Taisuke knows they are friends.
They've been through thick and thin, hell and back, and he thinks they can conq­uer anything the world chucks at them.

He is blind to the glances Megumi sends him from the corner of her eyes, to the façade that Hirose dons.
He laughs, jokes, fights and falls.

He does not see the cracks that have begun to surface.




One by one they slip through the cracks.
And are engulfed by the waves.

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