I couldn't resist, this has been plaguing me for a really long time and it is one of the most horrid plot bunnies I have ever encountered. I kinda wrote this awhile back but then it kinda of ...vanished? Oh well I hope this isn't a complete and utter disaster because I had to rewrite it.

Pairing: Unknown as of yet.

Surprisingly this is a fic mainly about Naruto and Kagome, then throw in a prodigy Kagome, Kyuubi & a non-masscred Uchiha clan and this is what I came up with...sounds cool, ne? We'll just have to see then.

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies



They all were.

How can they all be so happy?

Iridescent orbs of blue narrowed at the scene before them.

The Genin of Konoha had just graduated, the next generation of shinobi were all in front of the academy with beaming smiles and shining hitai-ate. The sun was shining its brilliant rays only making the scene even more sickeningly cheerful.

She sighed.

She hated them all so much, they were below her.

"They are weak." She bit out.

But no matter how many times she told herself this, she still found herself …wanting.

Wanting something that she could not have nor name, but there was something that those Genin had, that she didn't and she wanted it.

Maybe that was why she was here, to see what she wanted and could never have.

They were her age, except she had the skill and rank that was worth acknowledgement while they barely could call themselves shinobi.

Her eyes narrowed at a girl who was currently being praised by her father.

Watching the girl smile and laugh made her chest heavy and hallow.

She loathed the feeling.

Refusing to watch anymore of the celebrating Genin she closed her eyes and leaned against the bark of the tree, she did nothing but listen to the sound of rustling wind and the soft whine of an empty swing…

"Oi! Uzumaki!" Came a shout.

Said blonde looked up as he walked up to the Academy he noticed Konohamaru waving at him enthusiastically.

Naruto stopped in front of the newly graduated Genin, ruffling his hair, he said. "Congratz on getting the lowest rank." A cocky grin had plastered itself on his face.

Konohamaru bristled while fixing his shining new hitai-ate that Naruto had messed up. "Hmph… at least I graduated my first time.." He muttered.

Naruto grinned even wider despite the insult. "You know Konohamaru…" He started. "…you're not a true shinobi until you're a Jounin." He drawled with his hands behind his neck.

"You said that when you were a Chuunin and Genin before that!" Konohamaru barked back pointing an accusingly finger at the blonde Jounin.

Naruto smirked. "…and I'll say it again when I become Hokage." He said nonchalantly as if it was already a fact.

"That's if you ever become Hokage." Konohamaru added trying to ruse the blonde into a fight.

Naruto narrowed his eyes threateningly and was about to retort when he heard a familiar deep and exasperated voice.

"Are you two fighting again?" Said a Jounin.

Asuma Sarutobi approached the two younger shinobi and ruffled the Genin's hair and once more muddling his new hitai-ate.

"Congratulations Konohamaru." Asuma said genuinely. "Ohayo Naruto." He then greeted.

"Asuma-senpai." Naruto responded.

"Oi, Konohamaru do you want to go get yakiniku?" He looked down at the scowling Genin. "To celebrate?" He added.

Konohamaru looked at him and nodded enthusiastically before he turned to Naruto. "Do you want to come?"

Naruto was about to respond when a sharp whisper echoed though his mindset like a dagger, cutting away all other thoughts.


Look where?

A vicious snarl erupted.


His vision sharpened immediately and instinctively his eyes flickered to his left. He saw nothing but a tree with an empty swing; it jolted some painful memories…

"Naruto?" He felt someone poke him.

"I'll catch up with you later." He found his voice answered automatically.

"Alright...you sure?" The Genin asked.

He didn't want Konohamaru to see his eyes...


"Kay, then I guess I'll see you later." He said unsurely.

Naruto eyes flickered at the departing figure of Konohamaru and Asuma...

"Look." It snarled impatiently.

I am.

His eyes felt a jolt of pain as unwanted chakra flowed to his eyes. Kyuubi rarely gave him power anymore unless it was urgent…

Stop it. I can see fine without your help.

It was then he saw her, a girl…

She loved the sound of the wind; it always lulled her to sleep at night. So as she listened to the birds chirp lightly and rustling of leaves she felt calm as the morning sun trickled through the old oak's canopy.

She found she liked this tree, she always had. Even though her time at the Academy had been brief she had always come to this tree, it soothed her. Even now she felt calmer after so many years of being away from this place.

The wind shifted and her eyes opened to meet a pair of ocean blue.

"Oi." Said the young man.

She looked him over, blonde messy locks that were partially tied back along with glistening eyes that were placed in strong features that held a boyish charm to them, all which was tied into his tan skin and orange attire.

She looked at his flak jacket and examined his chakra signature.


Naruto looked down at the girl. Her eyes were like his but so much more pale along with her skin. She wore formfitting black clothing that covered everything except for her fingers and face. Her jet black hair was cut just above her shoulders and fell messily in front her eyes; it looked as if it had been slashed away by a simple kunai.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki." He said with a beaming smile.

No response.

His brow furrowed.

It was then he noticed the lack of hitai-ate. He looked back at the empty swing and another memory of how he failed to graduate came to his mind. His eyes focused back down at the girl.

"There's always next year ya' know." He assured her.

A small smirk etched itself onto her soft features followed by a cold and harsh laugh. Too cold for a twelve year old.

"What's so funny?" He asked unsure of himself, this girl reminded him of certain Uchiha.

The girl stood, her eyes looked him over seemingly sizing him up. She was so small, barely standing up to his chest.

Her stare finally met his; pale blue looked up at him, their gaze unwavering.

"I graduated years ago." Her feminine voice held amusement as her eyes looked away.

He simply stared at her.

She walked away from him. The wind seemed to pick up as she walked, it followed her almost.

"What's your name?"

She stopped. Not turning back but simply inclining her head in his direction. Pale eyes peered at him through messy midnight tresses that obscured her face.

"Higurashi." It was a barely a whisper carried by the breeze…

…and then like the wind she was gone.

He stared at the empty space where she used to be.

What rank is she?

Silence hung in the air.







So I'm thinking Ita/Kag/Naru...Ita/Naru/Kag/Kyuu or Ita/Naru/Kag/Kyuu/Sasu?? (Try saying that three times real fast ^_^) (I do realize she is only twelve)

I felt like I rushed this...(sigh) So I'm sorry if the detail and dialogue are lacking...

So is this a total failure or should I continue this random plot bunny??