Hinata lifted her head, chin high, eyes closed. Inhale. Before dropping her head in her hands and blowing out sharply. Exhale. No good though. She was still jittery and scared of all the risk she was taking. Hiashi wasn't going to like it much, but he'd have to sign it. No one, absolutely no one, could refuse a twenty-five-point-four million deal like this.

She leaned back in her black leather swivel chair, spinning to face the whole back wall of her office made up of floor-to-ceiling windows. Her lavender eyes saw the many towers of companies, some she was about to get ride of. None of them could compare to Hyuga Inc. Everything was about to go downhill for those out there.

Her stomach churned with her unintentional cruelty. She was barely thirty, only twenty-seven, and here she was, practically about to own half the damn city. If Hyuga could own over sixteen percent of companies out there, then Uchiha Corp was going to own a lot more.

Lacing her manicured fingers together, she pressed them to her full glossy soft pink lips, closing her eyes. It had taken her nine years to make this company successful. She twisted the whole power game of Hyuga Inc. and made it hers. There was no more preying on the weak. They believed in give and receive here. She gave to those who deserved it and somehow, they paid back with interest. Hiashi may have been a major generation, but hers was way above what he did.

She was about to get them twenty-five-point-four million more dollars. So, she asked herself. Was this really all worth it?

"Of course it is." Her eyes opened and she stood in her aubergine Chloe strappy peep-toe sandals. Straightening her cloud gray Hermes skirt suit, she smoothed down her satin aubergine sleeveless ruffled front blouse. She had to impress these men, Hiashi and possibly the whole world.

Her hands shook with nerves, but she took a deep breath and turned to face her personal secretary, Ayame.

Ayame bobbed her head, hands laced together in front of her. "Ah, Miss Hyuga, the men have arrived."

Hinata gave her a nervous smile. "Alright Ayame. Give me a moment, please?"

"Would Miss Hyuga like tea?"

"Please." Hinata turned back to the window and the muffled sound of Ayame's black pumps echoed in her ears, even after the door closed. Closing her eyes again, she let her head drop back, against the chair. Crossing her legs, she idly swiveled back and forth, allowing the warmth seeping through the windows to get to her.

In a matter of minutes, she would have Japan's two greatest companies in the same room. Two were Presidents of their companies, two were COO and one was Senior Manager. The door opened again and she listened to the barely audible clink of her coffee mug on the glossy cherry wood desk.

She raised a manicured hand, hearing Ayame turning to leave. "Ayame?"

"Yes Miss Hyuga?"

"Please go tend to the men in the conference room."

When Ayame complied with a bob of her head, Hinata let out a sigh and turned around. Cupping the hot mug in her hands, she let the smell of green tea seep into her senses. Sharpened and ready for business, she stood, with her tea, and took a few sips before grabbing the necessary files and making her way towards the glossy cherry wood double doors.

Wrapping her slender fingers around the shiny brass handle, she admired herself in the reflection. She did look good, thanks to Hanabi. If her little sister hadn't flown in from France just for her, she would have been a little shaggy for this meeting. Her usual designer slacks and blouses weren't going to cut it on this one.

Her glossy black/blue hair was blown out and fell around her shoulders in big soft curls that accented her baby-ish features. Her wide hooded eyes were highlighted in tiny line of tasteful pale blue and lined with blue eyeliner. Her full lips were coated in at least seven coats of gloss. Somehow, she had gotten into the habit of hyper-glossing this morning.

Hinata walked out into the busy hallway and allowed the first person to ask her to take her cup. Her eyes roamed the many people scurrying about and found it hard not to smile. Some were slurping on hot coffee and giving her waves. Others were photocopying documents and heading towards meetings with managers. But they still managed to wave.

For the first time in her life, Hinata cracked her knuckles. She was standing in front of the frosted glass doors to the coziest conference room on the twenty-second floor in her company office. Taking a deep breath, she exhaled slowly and opened the doors with a pleasant smile (closed lip! No one these days really liked teeth except the paparazzi and media.)

"Hello, gentlemen. I'm glad you could make it."


Uchiha Sasuke was . . . surprised. Hyuga Hinata was much different than he expected. This woman was wearing designer and three-and-a-half inch sandals. Her red toes somehow went with her outfit. Hinata had done more than just come into the room, she came into the room.

She sauntered through those doors like she owned the place, which she did. Her confidence seemed to radiate off her and blow in her your face like an electric fan. Years of ballet had made her posture straight. She seemed to carry herself with the greatest of airs. Hyuga and pride fit so perfectly together that it was practically in their slogan.

She slid into the seat on the right of her father, in the middle of the table, just three seats from him and two seats from her father. A power seat that no one in years would have thought worked. But for Hinata, it did. All eyes were on her because she was in the middle of everything.

"Hello gentlemen. I'm glad you could make it."

Her voice was the biggest surprise. It was soft, gentle, and melodious even. But it was so full of authority, poise and elegance. Doubled with her outfit, she was the exact image of female pride and power. She was in her prime, twenty-seven, and she had twisted the whole Hyuga name around.

Sasuke felt the smug smirk tug at his full lips.

Hinata crossed her legs, showing off the creamy skin and shifted her gaze to his father, Fuguka. "Shall we begin? Or would you like refreshments?"

Just as she said this, the door opened and Ayame slid through with a loaded tray of coffee mugs and coffeecake. Fuguka raised an eyebrow and Hinata rose from her chair, taking the tray from Ayame. After a few quick words, Ayame was leaving and closing the doors gently behind her. Hinata slid the tray into the middle, looking to her father. Her eyes glinted with fear, respect, nervousness and confidence, before confidence settled. Sasuke turned to his brother, Itachi, across the table. They had all seen it. That meant they had a better chance of getting a better deal.

Hinata leaned forward and easily, she poured tea for all of them, her motions fluid and graceful. Not a single drop landed outside the cup. The tea streamed perfectly into the cup. Even her nerves couldn't throw off her extraordinary tea ceremony skills.

Sasuke glanced at his father and felt a little disgusted. The man was practically salivating; he was so amazed by her skills. Sasuke had to admit, she was good, but there was better.

"Enjoy, gentlemen," Hinata set the tea pot down, a smile on her glossed lips. "We can discuss things as we go."

Sasuke kept his face level, locking eyes with the Hyuga. "Then let's start now, Miss Hyuga. I'd like to be out of here quickly."

Hinata bobbed her head, gracefully sliding into the comfortable leather chair. Casually, she unbuttoned the top of her suit, revealing even more of the satin ruffle front blouse underneath. Sasuke would have smirked, but didn't. She was nervous, all the signs were there, and if he was right, that jacket would be buttoned up again in the next few minutes.

He slid the document prepared across to her, leaning forward in his seat. "Good. Let's begin."

Hinata's slender fingers instantly flipped the packet open and barely breathing, she read over the terms. And without the help of her father, began circling things. Sasuke's brow furrowed by the slightest as he turned to face his father and Itachi. Disgusted by their appreciative looks, he turned back to the woman in front of him. This was going to be harder than it looked.


Hinata dropped herself in Shino's arms, groaning. Kiba laughed and closed the door with a soft click behind him. Hinata buried her face in the chest of Shino's stark white collard shirt, using him for half of her support. He chuckled, the sound deep from his chest.

"So, how's our little COO doing?" Kiba plopped down on the semi-circle cream leather couch in the corner of her large office.

Hinata reluctantly let go of her friend and joined him on the couch. "Boring and so full of lies it made me think about repenting my sins just to get a fighting chance to heaven."

Shino chuckled. "Then it must have gone well."

Hinata dropped her head on Kiba's shoulder. "It did. They were impressed. Two years of tea ceremony did the trick. Fuguka didn't hesitate in signing that little piece of paper." Her eyes closed and she kicked off her shoes, pulling her legs under her. "It was Uchiha Sasuke I had a real problem with. You could see the disgust in his face whenever he looked to his family. He was not impressed all that much by me. I need to get his trust in the next few weeks or I will be on the outside of everything for the next few decades."

"You could try marrying Itachi." Kiba gave her a grin as her head snapped up, her eyes wide with horror.

Shino reached across and slapped the back of his head, earning a loud "Ow!" and a glare. "Ignore him Hinata. We all know he has issues."

"Like you're one to talk," Kiba grunted sorely. "You're the one who decided getting on the floor and searching for bugs was productive."

"And look at me now. I'm wearing Versace and Hermes, am I not?"

Hinata giggled as Kiba grumbled something under his breath, having not come up with a good enough retort to Shino's. "You guys are too much."

"No, you have too much stress!" Kiba exclaimed, remembering why they had come. "We have come to take you out for dinner!"

Hinata looked to her window, finding the setting sun comforting. "Dinner?"

"Yes, dinner, Hinata." Shino raised an eyebrow. "Are you not free?"

"W-well, I have work and . . ."

"Then it's decided," Kiba jumped up and scooped Hinata up in his arms, earning a squeak. "To dinner we go! I've got coupons."

Their laughter echoed down the hallway.


"Nice going teme!" Naruto said the minute Sasuke was within view of the table. Sasuke rolled his onyx eyes and wondered what was so good about signing a contract.

So Uchiha Corp. was going to be turned into Hyuga & Uchiha Co. Big whoop. The Hyuga chick (he had forgotten her name what with all the Miss Hyuga and Mr. Uchiha) hadn't even buttoned her shirt back up. Instead, she took the jacket off and walked around with enthusiasm, further getting Fuguka and Itachi's favor. Damnit, she was good.

Yeah, and somehow, everyone walked out happy. Except for him. Sasuke never did like sharing what was his.

Sakura gave him a flirty smile, tilting her head to show off her glossy pink blowout. "Congrats, Sasuke-kun."

"Whatever," he sighed, sliding into the seat.

"This calls for a celebration!" Naruto pulled out his wallet with a grin. "Order whatever you like! I'm paying!"

"Shut up dimwit," Sasuke scowled, aware that the female population and many little children were staring right at him. "I can not afford to be mobbed today. I've had enough stress for the whole goddamn day."

Sakura shot a glance at a passing waitress. "Don't worry Sasuke-kun. You're in safe hands."

"No where is safe for me," Sasuke muttered under his breath.

"What was that Sasuke-kun?"

"Nothing. Just order so I can eat and get to sleep."

"Jeez teme!" Naruto slapped his shoulder, earning a glare. "PMS-ing is going to get you no where!"

Sasuke cracked his fingers, a menacing air around him. "Hit me one more time and I will show you what PMS-ing really means."

Sakura giggled, watching as the two really went at it. And they hadn't even ordered yet.

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