A/N: I do not own Twilight, et al. Thank Mrs. Meyer for it. I know it is short and I may continue it later on. I was a very feelings-oriented person the night I wrote this. They were too strong to go into much of a background on what happened.

It was a lonely day. A day which I was not fond of. I could not be around my family today as much as I would love to, need to. It pains me to stay away but even more to stay around them when they feel this way. Esme's and Edward's pain is the worst. They were both so close to Carlisle. We all were, but those two especially. Esme had found her soul mate in Carlisle. Edward had found a best friend and a father figure.

I could do nothing to calm them. I seemed to have lost all feelings but anger and grief. They were already bountiful enough.

No one knew Carlisle had such an enemy. It didn't make any sense. Someone hated him so just because of his way of life. He had, on his own, never killed a human and had led so many into his lifestyle. He had done so much for me and I wanted to mourn for him with my family, but I could not bring them more grief. I mourn alone for the man I called "father" in this existence.