Bitter Sweet: Chapter 1

"It's impossible! He's gone through more nannies this week than I've gone through prada bags this year!" The teal eyed woman complained to her right hand man, sighing as she dropped into her tall, black leather chair.

"Calm down, Mikira-san, It'll be fine. There must be someone out there that Youichi will accept." Narumi, right hand man and best friend of Mikira Hyuuga, replied, trying to sound assuring. The woman sighed, and shook her head.

"I doubt there's anyone on the Earth. I'm his mother, and I can't even handle him." She sighed again, resigned. Massaging her temples, she tried to think of a solution.

"He's just a bit of handful, is all." Narumi soothed, moving behind his dear friend and rubbing her shoulders, trying to calm her.

"A bit?" Mrs. Hyuuga questioned seriously, raising one fine eye brow. Narumi sighed, and shook his head, giving up.

"Okay, okay. He's a little monster. Happy? I just hopes he spares us." Narumi said, slightly sarcastic, though half-way serious on his last comment. Mrs. Hyuuga moaned lightly, placing her face in her hands.

"All I need is someone whose able to cook to a certain degree, clean... she needs to be smart and still have a young, fresh mind... Someone who's beautiful, and isn't too stern, but can handle You-chan..." Mrs. Hyuuga shook her head, hopeless. "But there's no way that there's someone that convienent around." Silent minutes ticked by slowly, until-

"I've got it!" Narumi suddenly roared happily, smiling in an overley-cheerful manner. "I know someone who meets those standards! She just slipped my mind, but yesterday someone called and briefly mentioned her." His facual expression fell, though, becoming glum. "But she already has a job. She's working for an orphanage a little south from here, a few cities away."

"Well, if she can work here instead of little old orphanage, then it should be fine, right?" She asked, and added, not giving time for an answer, "Just bring her here by tomorrow morning at ten."

"But, she grew up in that orphanage. I don't think she'll be too eager to leave-" Narumi interjected, only to be cut short.

"Just go and see. If not, come back. It's not a lost cause until we try-- anyway, we're desperate, now, anyone who can fill the position properley- to some extent- will be fine!" Narumi sighed, but nodded at his friends selfish request, sweeping out of the office, the Hyuuga corporation building, and then into the cold night.

-:-.-:-Tuesday, April 2, 2008- 9:56a.m. Tokyo, Japan-:-.-:-

"Mi-kan-chan! C'mon, you don't want to keep Hyuuga-san waiting, now do you?" Narumi chirped cheerfully, dancing his way out of the elevator and onto the top floor of the Hyuuga Corp. The Auburn haired teen slowly exited the elevator, the doors closing behind her automatically.

"N-ne... Narumi-sensei, maybe this wasn't such a good idea." Mikan said shyly, taking a step back towards the elevator. Narumi rolled his eyes.

"Mi-chan! C'mon, we can't be late! We have one more minute. And if your late, she won't give you the job! She's big on punctuality." Narumi informed. Mikan yelped and rushed to his side. He smiled and grabbed her wrist, pulling her along the corridor to the very last door. A golden plack above it had a name engraved in diamongs: Mrs. Hyuuga.

"Ready?" Mikan reluctuantly nodded. Narumi smiled reasurringly, and knocked on the door firmly three times.

"Come in," A voice called. Narumi turned the nob and entered, jesturing Mikan to follow. She did as told. "Sit," A voice said. Mikan couldn't see the speaker- the back of the leather chair was towards them. Slowly, the leather chair began to turn. Mikan scrambled and quickly took a seat, but Narumi stood behind her chair, a hand on the back of it.

Mrs. Hyuuga was a rather stern looking woman, with silver glasses that squared her dark, murky eyes. Her black hair, which was in a neat bun, left down a few strands of lone hair which danced around her angular face in the breeze produced by the minature white fan pointed in her direction.

"Mikan Sakura?" Even her voice sounded stern, and had a sort of sharp edge to it. Mikan folded her hands and set them on her lap,

"Yes, Mrs. Hyuuga-sama."

"Just call me Mrs. Hyuuga," The woman ordered.

"Hai, Mrs. Hyuuga." Mikan automatically chirped, sitting up straighter.

"Good." The woman nodded, "Now, let us get right down to buisness. Please answer me the following questions. Are you capable of cooking?"

"Hai, ma'am. I was taught when I was young to prepare all meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner." Mrs. Hyuuga nodded approvingly.

"And, I suppose you can clean, hm?"

"Yes, ma'am. I can wash dishes by hand, mop, shampoo carpets, vacume, dust, sweep, wash windows... basically, anything, ma'am." Mikan assured.

"Do you have any other skills?"

"I don't know if you'd consider them skills, ma'am..." Narumi placed a hand on her shoulder as a signal to go on. "Well... I can draw, make clothes, and play a large variety of instruments. I can also sing... but that's it, really... ma'am." Mikan added the last word hastily, seemingly nervous that she had momentarily forgotten to put it in.

"And do you want this job?"

"Certainly, ma'am." She answered immediatley.

"Exactly what I wanted to hear. You're hired, Miss Sakura." Narumi beamed at his student proudly. "Narumi, show Miss Sakura to her room. It will be the one with the studio's, for she seems to be interested in those types of things."

"Yes, ma'am." Narumi gave a mock salute, much to Mikan's amusment, though she wouldn't show it, and proceeded out of the room, Mikan on his tail.

"Thank you, Mrs. Hyuuga," Mikan said quickly, before bowing and shutting the door.

"Hm..." Mrs. Hyuuga looked in a file and added bits of information to what was already there.

Name: Mikan Sakura

Age: 16

Height: 4'8"

GPA: 4.3

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brunette

Bra: 36 C

Special Skills: Culinary, dancing, singing, acting, designing, instrumental, drawing

Personality: Kind, Forgiving, Thoughtful, Intelligent, Stubborn, Shy?

In no time at all Mikan was in the Hyuuga manor. Narumi lead her to a room on the second floor, and explained some things on the way.

"The studios Mrs. Hyuuga was talking about was an art, designer, and music studio. They're build into your room. But your room is more like an apartment," He informed. Mikan squeeked in excitment.

"Now," Narumi said, opening the door to an extravegant room/apartment. "There should be some boxes in the kitchen on the counter. Open those, and put one of the maid uniforms on. Look around first. Be in the family room in fifteen minutes," Without leaving time for questions, Narumi left her in the apartment.

Mikan's POV

Wow! This place was amazing! It was so extravegant... so beautiful! I was standing in the rather spacous living room that was tastefully furnished with shades in cream, maroon, and navy blue. The leather sofas and chairs were extremley confortable and at exactly the right angle for a perfect view of the flat screen television. The mohagny coffee table was large and held saucers to set drinks on as well as place mats to eat on if wanted. Minature side tables were built in at the perfect locations, and held two saucers each. The drawers on the side-tables held even more saucers and folded place mats.

I walked down a cream-colored hallway with a wooden floor and stopped at the first door to the right- the library. It was filled with rows and rows of shelves holding every book imaginable. Comfortable chairs, sofas, minature tables, and lamps were placed around the middle of the room. The lighting could be changed swiftly from bright to dim with a flick of the wrist or the simple gesture of clapping your hands. It was brilliant! Even the atmosphere was set into a comfortable mood.

Next was the Study, which was furnished with a desk, sufficient lighting, side tables, and a mini fridge. There was a computer, laptop, and other electronic devices that I couldn't even put a name to! After that, the room was a bright and shining bathroom with white tiled floor and a large marble bathtub that could have been a pool. But the best part- there was a build in Jacooze!

But what I really wanted to see was the studio that Narumi mentioned. I rushed from the bathroom towards the next door. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and pulled the door open, then let the breath out. I opened my eyes and gasped. The desk looked as if it belonged to a professional artist. Perfectly organized, the supplys that the desk held, perfectly organizer, are the following: A White Paper Drawing Pad, 1 Roll of Masking Tape, Two Kneaded Erasers, a Blending Stump Variety of Drawing Pencils, 1 Pencil Sharpener, Scissors, Charcoal pencil, Colored pencils, Markers, Oil Pastels, A basic blank journal, and 3 Pieces of Compressed Charcoal Cone Crayons in White, Brown, and Black. Besides that there was an easle with a blank canvas on it, and several more behind it. There was a sewing machine on a seperate desk with small cabnet's built in holding a ton of fabric. This was beyond amazing! There was everything in this room having to do with clothes making and art. There were even three confortable chairs and a recliner to sit back in while you worked. It was just... wow.

But there was still one more room at the end of the hallway, besides the kitchen. I slowly approached it, and opened the door, peeking in. And I nearly died. A beautiful, shining grand piano... an electric guitar, bass guitar, violin, electric keyboard, drums, three microphones, a stero, and five racks of Cd's. It was the music studio- all music, all the time! All just beautiful, wonderful, breath-taking music! I think I'm in heaven. Why would I possibly deserve all this just to take care of one little kid?! Oh, crap! I was supposed to be in my uniform and in the family room in less than five minutes!

I rushed to the kitchen, which wound up being spacous and fully-stocked. There was a table with six chair and tons of cainets- heck, there was even a bar! This was so amazing! I was so nervous going to the interview, but so glad I made it. Because this is defiantley heaven!

On the counter, where Narumi said it would be, were two card board boxes. One had a minature dvd player, a cell phone, a pager, an ipod, a carmera, and a bottle of strawberry perfume in it- my favorite! The other box had at least seven different uniforms in it. A note was on this box, saying to wear to top. So, without really looking at it, I rushed into the bathroom with the strawberry perfume and put it on. I examined myself in the mirror.

The uniform was one word: Frilly. It was a red off the shoulder gown that exposed most of the back and ended two inches above mid-thigh. A white abron was tied around the middle and a black frills were everwhere. Black leggings stopped two inches below where the dress ended and the shoes were white flats. The choker was a red piece of fabric with black frills. A white ribbon tied back my brunnett hair, contrasting with it. The final touches were a spray of perfume, and I was out of the bathroom in seconds flat, heading towards the door, not wanting to be late. And that was when I realized it: Narumi didn't tell me where the family room was. Great. Sighing, I stepped out of my room.

"Hey, Mi-chan!" I jumped at the voice, and turned to Narumi. "I've come to escort you on the orders of Mrs. Hyuuga," He said with a bow. I giggled at his 'gentle-man-like' curtosy, but put my arm in his, and went along with him down stairs and to a large white door. He knocked three times, and the door was opened by Mrs. Hyuuga. She was dressed in a black gown and had on white gloves and a sweet, friendly smile.

"Oh, good, it fits. It looks wonderful!" She said happily, examining my maid uniform. Oh, so it was her idea? God, I hate frills. Oh well, she's the boss.

"Yes, ma'am, thank you for the uniform." I said, bowing.

"No need to be so formal, Mikan. You don't need to put ma'am in every sentence and bow every five seconds," Mrs. Hyuuga scowled. That's what I'm supposed to do, your the boss, lady.

"Yes, m-, erm... hai." I said. She rolled her eyes at me. What in the world, wasn't she using the formalities less than twenty minutes ago?

"Okay, well, let's introduce you." No. Please no. I don't want to meet new people. I suck with new people. No! "Everyone, this is Sakura Mikan." Great, now you've done it.

"Mikan, this is my eldest son, Natsume." Mrs. Hyuuga gestured towards a raven haired, crimson eyed teen that looked to be my age. I looked towards him, and my eyes caught his. I quickly looked away.

"And beside him are his band mates." I looked around Natsume and saw a blue haired teen, a blonde haired teen, and two dirty blonde-haired teens, one with glasses. "The one with blue hair is Tsubasa, the one with blonde hair Ruka, the one with glasses Yuu, and the other one Koko."

"Nice to meet you," I mumbled quietly, looking at the ground, embarrassed. Gosh, I suck with new people. Really bad.

"And this is Youichi." A boy with silver hair and teal eyes glanced up at me from his... what was that he was playing? Well, I don't know. But he set it down and stood up, making his way over to me. Is it me, or did the room just get really quite. I locked gazes with Youichi's teal eyes, and found myself unable to look away. I felt like I was melting into them. He stopped walking when he was in front of me. He grabbed my hand, that was limp at my side, and pulled me down to my kness, onto his height. I stared at him, mesmerized by his sparkling eyes. He broke our gaze and put a hand on my cheek. I felt myself gasp lightly. His hands were freezing. He looked into my eyes again, and I stared unblinking back.

"You smell like strawberries," He said in a low, soft voice. I blushed and broke my gaze from his. What do I say? What do I say?

"I... like strawberries... Youichi-sama." I whispered quietly. He pulled his cold hand away from my cheek and grabbed my hand, and tugged it in a direction. I quickly stumbled to stand, and trailed slowly behind him.

"I want to watch a the Full Metal Alchemist movie," He told me, dragging me along.

"H-hai," I replied... glancing back at everyone, who was staring at me and Youichi in shock. Everyone but Natsume, who was just staring at me without a look on his face. I caught his eye and this time held the gaze. Why could I lose myself in both Youichi and Natsume's eyes?

Natsume's POV

I stared at Youichi as he placed a hand on that girls cheek. After a minute of staring at her, he declared that she smelled like strawberries. That was his favorite, probably why mom put the perfume in that box. Her cheeks flushed and she said she liked strawberries two in a voice lower than a whisper. Then he dragged her to her feet and away from us, towards the door.

"I want to watch the Full Metal Alchemist movie," He said. I blinked a few times. Was he really excepting this new maid just like that? What was he planning. I turned my gaze to the maid and stared at her. She caught my eye and didn't look away this time. I didn't either. Her eyes were deep chocolate pools, and her hair was a shining shade of auburn. She wasn't all over me, either. Interesting. The door snapped shut.

"He... excepted her." I heard my mom mutter. I glanced at her, and her frown turned into a large smile.

"Mrs. Hyuuga, I think you owe me twenty-dollars." That gay, pink-wearing freak said. Mom frowned.

"Damn it, I lost the bet."

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