Christmas that year for the boys was a happy event for they were not aware of the plans going on around them. Remus and Severus had decided they would wait until after the holiday before they had told Harry that they were moving to France. Lucius had sure enough arranged a position for Severus heading research and development for the potions labs at St Fracois' Hospital in Marseilles and Remus would continue teaching Harry and writing text books as well. The Malfoys had supplied them with a home down there where they could stay, in a wizarding community where there would be children for Harry to grow up around. Severus had Lucius looked into Harry's money, having not only inherited the sizable Potter fortune but also while Sirius was in prison, he had control of the Black estate as heir. Lucius assured his brother that Albus had not been able to touch either inheritance other then the Potter trust fund, the bulk of the estate Harry could not touch till he graduated from school, the Black as well. Only Harry's legal guardians could and the small amount Albus had been able to touch had been to pay his relatives for his care but it had only bee minimal. Lucius made sure that the banks recognized Severus and Remus as guardians so that what little access he had in the past was over.

The plans were all set but Christmas was about the boys and Severus watched happily as his son went to open gifts with Draco. There was still some reluctance but nothing like at his birthday. Harry had a visit the day before with Arabella who had been brought to the manor since Harry had refused to leave. She had been told they were taking Harry to France and had wished to see the child first. Harry's favourite moment of gifts was giving the ones he had bought, especially the books for his Uncle and Daddy. They had not purchased them because of the kidnapping but Franks Blotts had seen the ones intended and had sent them on for the boy. Harry smiled with such pride as he handed the gifts to his dad ad Uncle.

They spent the day building snowmen and playing with their new toys and eating all day. Severus wished that the day could go on for them but it ended and he knew the time had come the next day for them to tell Harry they were going to move to France. Harry took the news as bad as they had expected he would.

Harry started sobbing and clung to his Daddy. "Daddy don't send away, please Daddy. I'll be better. Please I don't want to go away from Daddy."

Severus kissed his son on the head. "Daddy and Uncle Moony are coming with you sweet heart. The three of us are going to be living in France together."

Remus helped him explain about the new house and town they would be living in. They gently reminded Harry of the scary man who had taken him when in town and of the headmaster who still scared him. They wanted him to be safe and thought if they moved to France Harry could have a proper happy childhood there and would not have to worry about anyone taking him.

Harry looked at the Malfoys though. "I never see Uncle Luc and Aunt Cissy again? Or Draco, he's my brother? Or Charlie?"

Severus smiled. "Your Aunt and Uncle come to France all of the time prince and I promise they will come to visit you. Charlie you can write to all of the time."

Though he was still upset about not having Draco around very much and only getting to write to Charlie Harry calmed a bit and settled into his arms. They started telling him stories about the house they would be living in and about the town. Though his Uncle would continue to teach him there would be plenty of kids in the neighbouring tow. The first real smile came when Lucius told Harry there were stables at the manor and a pony there as Harry had quite taken to his lessons.

Severus hugged his son to him. "You will be safe prince, and never have to worry about the bad men who tried to take you from me. I promise."

Author note: I have already written the first chapter of the sequel "Guarded Souls". It will bring us to Hogwarts at the time of Harry's first year and will see the return of Harry from France to attend Hogwarts.