Invincible to me

Deadly to his enemy

Rebel to our father

Deaf to wisdom

Mute to loving words

Emotionless to feelings

Stone cold heart

The strength of us four

The passion of a thousand

Loyal beyond words

Doubted for actions

Trusted with my life

These can all describe my brother

So full of life

So full of dedication

Dedicated to good

Able to see the single light in the dark city

But not anymore

I sit here by the upturned earth

Tears dampening the mask that I hide behind

My brother's try to console me

Try to comfort, even though they too hurt

Try not to shed tears

But it's alright

He went down in a fight

His body frozen against the bullet

The bullet for me

Even as blood fell

He fought with the strength of an army

Even as his breath shortened

He drove on

Even as life slipped away

He was determined to hang on

To be the last one standing

Even if it was his last stand

With the blood now free

Claiming the earth I stood up

All lay dead at his feet

His blood

Their blood

Mixing into rivers

His sai held blood

For the last time

Held by his hand

I will never forget

The drop of the weapon

The fall to his knees

The peaceful smile as he slipped away

As he died in my arms

Words could do nothing

Words could change nothing

Fate claimed my brother

Now as I kneel by his grave

His mask in one hand

His sai in the other

I can always remember

The whip of his mask

The blood dripping from his scars

The fabric wrapped upon his sai

Even though I may never see his face

Even though we battle still

As the blood drips from us

As it pours from our enemies

I can never forget him

For every time I battle

I see red

And red was his favorite color