Author's Note: This is by far in my top ten favorite yaois EVER. I'd been planning to Amazon buy it (read: buy it cheap and used), but read what I assume was the whole volume on MangaFox, and boy. GREAT. So, this inspired this little bit of fanfiction, that I reeeallly wish would have been addressed in the manga (if there's a fuller version that goes into more detail, let me know plz). I suck at angst and drabbles, so if the few readers this gets would review, I'd very much aprec--- -goes into tears- That ending was epic, and just way, way too short.

Italic bits spoken by Dallas briefly in chapter 2 and 3.

He's haunting in a way. Everyone knows it. He walks past you and your eyes follow. He looks at you and you freeze. He breathes and you're mesmerized. His tongue moves against his teeth when he talks and you're seduced. His body sways and you're paying me two paychecks just to touch it. But I own it.

It's mine, from the moment he found with me, past the moment he swallowed that tag, and even in death his body's mine.

People have tried to take him away from me, but I never let them. It always started out innocently, and always ended the same. I let them get him attached before moving though, because lessons wouldn't sink in any other way. Then it changed.

"That thing around your neck is his, isn't it? Give it to me!"

The first one to try to take him wasn't too clever, but Lawr hadn't been smart enough then either. It had ended with the man's head on the cement, eyeball stuffed in his hand and kneecaps shattered. Lawr's head had been in my lap, eyes blank and hair gripped so tightly in my fist it was slowly ripping out. In the car his head stayed in my lap, but his eyes looked up at me. He was naked except for that coat, the one I bought him with the fur lining. Arrogance swelled and I made him sit back, expose himself, and watch me watch him.

"Run away from me...."

I had sex whenever I wanted, and no woman compared to him. Just like no man compared to me. A feminine hip didn't compare to the arch of a thin back, and the bulge of an over eager client didn't compare to the hope for a brother's love. Smooth skin didn't match the soft, creamy feel of his, the small hands touching mine with calloused tips but too soft palms; the rapid thrusts and grabbing hands didn't match the feel of teasing thrusts and hands that he'd touched all his life, that knew exactly where to touch him.

"Let me show you now...."

The unspoken rule of "you don't touch him without my say so" had been known by everyone. He would walk past me with a customer, look me in the eye, and the softness showed he knew that he belonged to no one else but me. Then he left with that killer, he stayed with that killer, and he was "free".

"that you'll never be able to escape my grasp!"

He never defied me before.....

His lesson was going to sink in, no matter what.

That Adrian Clay and Lawr can think they got "freedom", but he's always been mine, and he'll always be mine. He'll never escape me.