My first wrestling fanfic! Disclaimer: I do not own WWE, Vince does. I wish I did, but oh well, we can't all get what we want. I don't own Edge, or Jeff Hardy, and I have prayed with all my might that God might allow me to, but he thinks I'm crazy.

First off, this story takes place after the Friday after Armageddon. Edge is a desperate man, and they do desperate things. I am carefully following some of the storyboards and fucking up others. Warnings will come to let you know. This is Slash, M/M, dude wrestlers on dude wrestlers. If you don't like it, I don't care, you won't like what I do to Jeff anyway. I am an Edgehead, I am a Hardy Fan, but it will seem like I totally hate them, sorry. There is adult-napping, rape, abuse, language, violence, sex, bondage. If I forgot anything, sorry. Oh, and Randy and Jeff are single in my story (they have to be for it to unfold the way it does), Edge is miserably married to Vickie-- there will be as little of her as humanly possible.

Read and review. Don't hate me, it's just fanfiction, it's just a made-up story conceived by a very bored fangirl (that's like the most dangerous thing ever).


Chapter one/ 'Over the Edge'
Rated/ M; L,S,V

Jeff groaned, blinking open his eyes. The room was kind of dark and his vision proved to be fuzzy as his eyes fluttered. A sharp pain in the back of his head caused him to reclose his eyes, even though that didn't help. He didn't remember much, except he was leaving the arena, walking to his car after the taping of Smackdown, then all had went black. His head hurt too bad to try and figure it out right now.

"Mhmm.." he groaned again. He tried to lift his hand up to rub his head. But he couldn't, finding his hands were cuffed behind his back. He opened his eyes and stared around the room.

"What the..." He wasn't at a hotel, he wasn't at the arena, in the locker room, or at home. He didn't recognize the room at all.

He was laying on the bed on his side. And he wasn't sure where the hell he was, or how he had gotten there. But he had a bad feeling he was in deep shit. Not watching, not thinking he rolled over and out of the bed right on the floor with a hard thud.

"Oww, shit." That didn't help his head.

Then he heard noise. Laying as still as death he listened and waited. Silently hoping maybe Matt, or Shannon was playing a sick joke on him. He looked around the floor cautiously and was about to attempt to get up when the sound of the door opening stopped him. He wasn't on the side where he could see who came in, but he felt nauseous as who it could be. Who would want to do this to him? Well, lots of people. And knowing who they were didn't give him an easy feeling. He laid quietly, holding his breath, maybe they will think he got away and leave to look for him since he wasn't sure why they were taking so damn long coming in to find him. His heart pounded wildly in his chest, mostly from holding his breath. It needed oxygen. Slowly he exhaled, if they heard it, it didn't matter they probably heard his heart through the floor.

He heard the soft crunch of footsteps on the gray colored carpet. Jeff closed his eyes, he'd know soon enough.

"Hey there, Jeffro."

Jeff opened his eyes, this was bad. Edge was bent leaning back on his toes, his signature grin plastered on his face.

"Edge, what the hell... where am I?" Jeff winced as Edge placed a hand on his back holding himself up and Jeff down at the same time.

"Oh, you're fine, Jeff. You're in a real safe place. I assure you. I just needed you out of my way."

"So, it was you who took me out in the stairwell before Survivor Series, Matt was right?"

Edge only smirked. "That was just a warning, Jeff. Just to tell you to stay away, and leave well enough alone. Because of it, I got inserted into the three-way, I won the championship. That title was mine! You stole it, you little shit!" Edge's voice held psychotic anger.

Jeff shook his head, Edge sounded sick in the head. "What are you planning on doing with me? You're already a suspect in that hotel incident, they'll find me." Jeff reminded.

"They don't know where you are. They can't prove I took a piss in that hotel, much less attacked you."

"You can't keep me here." Jeff didn't have to be a genius to figure out that Edge wanted him out of the picture, maybe permanatly.

"You'd be surpised at what I can do." Edge quipped. He had released pressure on Jeff's back and began walking his fingers up Jeff's leg to his thigh lingering and dancing them provocatively on Jeff's side.

"This is too far, even for you, Edge." Jeff fliched from Edge's touch.

"No. I shoulda done this years ago. Now, let's get you off the floor. Shall we?"

Jeff squirmed, the pain in his head was intense.

Edge stood erect looking down and watching Jeff. He liked seeing Hardy helpless. Edge bent back down and grabbed two handfulls of Jeff's shirt and yanked him up to his feet. Edge studied his face, watching as his eyes rolled around in his head trying in vain to fully focus. The younger Hardy was drousy, confused, and in pain. Jeff wished he could remember how he go there. So, he braved asking.

"How the fuck did I get here, Adam?" He slurred groggily.

"Suppose it wouldn't hurt to tell you. First, I tried drugging your water. That failed me miserably. So I waited until you left the arena, followed you into the parking garage and hit you with a lead pipe. Oh, but don't worry, I just knocked you out. I checked your head, there was no laceration. A slight bump, but you'll live." Edge held Jeff up, lacing his arms aroung Hardy's waist. Their hips were a little too close for Jeff's comfort, but Adam seemed to enjoy it.

Jeff's eyes darted around then rolled back forcing him to close them.

"Are you gonna kill me?" Jeff asked, he may hate himself for asking it.

"Now now, Jeff. If I killed you, we couldn't have any fun." Edge smiled. He was really proud of himself.

Hardy opened one eye and looked at him. What did this sycophant have planned? Did he want to know?

"Please, Edge. You'll lose your job, you'll go to jail." Jeff tried reasoning with him, since his limbs didn't want to much function.

"No one's ever gonna find you here, Jeff. You're mine now." Like licked his lips. He liked the sound of that.

Jeff shuddered at the meaning of that. Then Edge shoved him down on the bed. He fell back on his arms, wincing as the cuffs cut into his wrists. Whatever Edge had used to drug him obviously wasn't failing anymore. Jeff felt weak and powerless. He gazed up at the ceiling. Damn fan and light was spinning, and there was three of them. All spinning, making him dizzy.

"Edge, let me go. This is insane..." He stopped when he felt Edge tugging at his pants. "What the hell?" he slurred.

"Shhhh... just relax, Jeffy." He managed to get them unfacened.

"Wha ar' y' gon' rape me?" Jeff's words were barely whole. Was that the drug, or were they just too hard to say?

"If I'm gonna keep you here I'm gonna get some good use out of you. Do you know how fucking lousy Vickie is in bed? My dick hasn't had a good fuck in months." Edge informed, not giving a shit what Hardy thought.

Jeff's heart pounded, his mind trying in vain to will himself to get up and fight through it, but his body was having none of it.

Edge forcefully turned Jeff on his stomach, getting more excited as Jeff grunted. He took his time as he rubbed his hand up Jeff's back under his shirt and back down to where his unzipped, and now twisted, pants met his skin concealing his ass. The light touch of Edge's fingertips sending unwanted chills all over Jeff's body. Edge grabbed both sides of Jeff's pants and pulled them down past his ass taking underware with them.

"Edg..." Jeff slurred. He wished he would hurry up and pass on out, but he was in between r.e.m and it sucked.

"Relax, Jeffrey.. it won't be as bad if you just relax." The sound of Edge's zipper coming down didn't make him relax.

The bed dipped as Edge got behind him positioning himself overtop of his captive. He pushed his jeans and his underware down past his hips, out of the way.

"Please, Ege.. y' don' wan' this.." Begging made him feel like shit, but it seemed to be his only hope.

"That's where you're wrong, Jeff. I've been wanting to fuck your tight ass since the E&C New Brood feud." Edge let his fingers slither between Jeff's cheeks teasing him, enjoying him squirming what little he could. He pushed down on Hardy's back with his left hand holding him in place as he slipped two fingers inside without warning.

"Oh, fuck!" Jeff winced as loudly as he possibly could. His eyes clinched tightly together as Edge roughly stretched him.

Edge only smirked. Virgin ass?

"You like that don't cha, slut?" Edge taunted.

"G' to hell, Edge."

Edge retracted his fingers. He was wasting time. Taking his cock in his hand he positioned it at Jeff's back door, pushing slowly, methodically. It only made him harder when Jeff cried out in pain.

"Wha 'd 'y want, Edge.. ples.." Jeff begged weakly.

"I want you to shut up and hold the fuck still so I can pound you ass."

With that Edge shoved himself the rest of the way in earning himself a painfilled scream and an agonized moan from his captive.

"Yeah, oh, yeah. You're so fucking tight. So fucking tight." Edge taunted.

He pulled almost all the way back out before plunging back inside as deep as he could go. Jeff managed to scream louder.

"What's the matter, Jeff. It doesn't feel good getting screwed in the ass?" Edge smacked at his head, toying with him as if they were in the ring and Edge had the upperhand. Edge did have the upperhand was the cold, hard fact.

Edge grabbed a hold of Jeff's cuffed hands as he thrust into him a couple of more times eliciting more agonized screams from his victim.

"Scream, Jeff. I like it when you scream in pain. Makes me wanna come in you. Let me hear you." Edge taunted in a psychotic rant.

The pain was mind-numbing as it shot up Hardy's back. Edge's cock was buried so deep in him as he pounded in and out stabbing his insides, he could feel it in his abdomen each dip inside. Pulling and pushing his guts, tearing him up. Then there was the feel of lubrication, Edge hadn't used lubrication so, Jeff assumed it was blood. His asshole already burned and ached with every one of Adam's thrusts.

He could hear the sicko grunting and moaning and it made his blood turn cold. Edge was shouting taunts and insults that he had managed to tune out. The man delibertly managed to hit Jeff's prostate a couple of times. He tensed up hating and cursing his body for liking it if only slightly.

"You fucking like that? Don't you, Jeff. You like me fucking your ass." Edge panted. He only got rougher, thrusting into him harder. Until, finally he came inside of the younger man.

Edge collapsed on top of Jeff, laying there, breathing heavy, sweating on him. Edge moved the hair out of Jeff's face and wiped the tears away from his eyes. Hardy wasn't even aware he had been crying.

"Awww, there there, Jeffrey. The first time is always rough. It'll get easier as you get broken in, I promise." Edge kissed the side of Jeff's face a couple of times before kissing his lips, softly at first, then harder. Unwanted, uninvited. Jeff wanted to pull away, but between the drug and just being wrecked, he just laid still. He vowed silently to himself if he lived through this, Edge was a dead. He would kill him with his bare hands.

Edge liked when Jeff whimpered as he slide his tongue inside his mouth. Edge broke the kiss, pecking him lightly on the lips once more before raising up. He pulled out no more gently than he had entered receiving another cry from Jeff. He heard Edge pull up his pants then facen them before he pulled Jeff's back up. At least the snake wasn't gonna leave him naked. Edge patted Jeff on the hindend.

"Nighty night, Jeff." Edge replied beofre he made his exit, shutting the door behind him as he left.

Why do I feel like a total bad guy? Okay, I was reading some fanfics on here and one of my faves is about a family of psychos ala 'Devil's Rejects', which is my favorite movie. So, that prompted me to watch 'The Devil's Rejects'. And between that and what's been going on with Smackdown and Jeff, and thinking maybe Edge should go back to being a total psycho, I came up with this. Wanna know what's gonna become of poor Jeffy? Stick around and give me feedback. I'll say it again, even though I'm torturing Jeff and making Edge a complete dick/sycophant, I still love and admire both of them.