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Oh well, why would I bother with the original ending, anyway? If I'm not contented, then, I'll make my own ending! fwuahahahaha! (menacing laugh) And because I'm rooting for Shannon and Pacifica since of the beginning then of course my fanfic will be pair by the two! gyahahahahaha moe! moe! moe! Oh crap just never mind me now, I'm just in the middle of exaggerating fwauhahaha! (fangirl mode)

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"A New Beginning"

The sun shines highly up in the cloudless-blue sky, the surroundings are refreshing, and the essence of summer breeze is everywhere. Everything now is alright, the war between humans and peacemakers finally ended. Finally at peace.

This world is now living with peace. No need for me to hide and I won't be traveling from place to place anymore, there are no soldiers nor Grendell's followers that will haunt me. No one would want me dead now, no more to be scared of.

The prophecy finally revealed the truth behind my existence and I was thankful that during those times of despair, Shannon – nii and Raquel – neechan stayed by my side, always protecting me. Always.

I don't need to hide my identity. And finally I could make friends as many as I can. I can go to school just like a normal girl would do. I can eat fried omelet as much as I can and everything else. I have now my freedom. And at last, the dream that I have been craving for so long was granted – to live happily. And live a normal life together with my family: Shannon–nii and Raquel–neechan.

And of course my friends–Leopld Scorpse, who's in the middle of training to become a fully grant knight and, Winnia. Ah ~ she is now living happily together with Christopher Armalite, and actually, they're having a second baby. All of them are busy in their life but still they manage to pay a visit on us.

My twin brother Forsyth is currently the king and was crowned last year. I'm totally happy for him. He invited me to live with him in the palace but… I refused. Because I prefer living in a normal life and I want to stay at my foster brother and sister's side. Though we are living in a small peasant house, for me, it's a paradise…a great paradise.

Fresh air, greenly grass, and a peaceful place. This is now where I live, a new life…a new beginning.

"Oi Pacifica! If you're done with the clothes then COME and help me with these!" it was my brother, Shannon who is probably cutting lumbers at the back.

"Owright! Coming!"

Shannon was perspiring all over and was seen holding an axe. Packs of wood that have been already cut to small pieces were seen scattering in the ground at his side. The golden-hair pouted her lips and complained,

"Shannon–nii, don't tell me you want me to pile up those woods?"

Shannon glares at her and said,

"Isn't it obvious? If you like, you cut these woods and I'll be the one piling those scattered pieces. You choose."

"Ugh! It's a man's work Shannon-nii! Why won't you do it yourself?"

Pacifica frown her brows and rested her hands on the waist. Shannon just took a deep sigh after seeing his spoiled sister's reaction. As usual, he couldn't rely on her. He'd ask her many times for little help but at the end, he will do whole chores and works.

A lazy, stubborn princess. He uttered.

"OKE! Oke, just go and get some refreshments Pacifica!" he shouted and decided to get back to his work.


She smiled as she saluted then went off inside the house. Since her sister Raquel is not around, (she went off searching for new herbs and magic ingredients), Pacifica has no choice but make the refreshment alone.

She lazily opened the wooden drawer at the kitchen and saw a pack of lemons, and nothing else was there.

She looked around to find something new but – gosh – it seemed her brother hasn't gone to market yet! Leaving her no choice, she went back to where the drawer is and picked up the lemons. She prepared the table and searched for the knife.

'Oh well ~ how am I suppose to start? I'm not use to these kind of stuffs, gezz..'

She knew that lemons need to be cut but she cannot use the knife so well, just simply because she isn't the one doing the chores. Well, Shannon does.


Pacifica started cutting the lemons, dividing it into two. The moment she is going to cut the second one, it then slides from the slippery knife and poof~the lemon jump off from her hands and fell on the floor.

She pouted her arrogant lips while her eyebrows almost meet.

"Ugh! This knife is stupid! It scares the lemon and jumps off!" (Uh – oh, who's the stupid one here? Te-hee!)

She picked another lemon and she held it tightly now, positioning the knife and then…

"Pacifica! You're too slow! Where's my refreshment?"

Her brother shouted from the back in a sudden, startling her, and because of that she clumsily slides the knife at the wrong way. Instead for the lemon, she cut herself in the middle finger.

"Ouch!" she burst and then blood came out.

'I'll sue you for this Shannon – nii.' She demanded while licking her cut finger.

And so, minutes later…

Shannon had finish cutting the lumbers and was now standing firmly; his left leg was resting above a piled woods. He used a white towel to fan himself. As he sighted Pacifica going towards him, holding a tray of refreshment he has demanded awhile ago, he smirk.

Uncontrollably, he focused his vision at her lovely sister. Her golden curly hair is shining under the bright sunshine and it really suits her angelic-innocent face.

'Angelic? FAh ~ only her face,' he uttered.

He couldn't possibly believe that his sister grew up to such a beautiful lady. He himself will admit it, that his sister Pacifica is such a beauty. And he is proud of it.

"Shannon – nii…"

Pacifica called as she was now in front of him. But apparently, her brother's mind was flying elsewhere, so she called out again, closely to his ears, "Shannon –niiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"

"Aw! You don't need to shout Pacifica!" he exclaimed while covering his ears.

The golden-spoiled brat then answered,

"Here's your refreshment but you aren't hearing anything. So I shouted, what's wrong with that?"

'It's because these damn eyes were looking at you thoroughly. Damn it why!'

He picked a glass of lemon juice on the tray and said,

"Nothing. I'm just seeing something, that's why."

"Seeing what?" she asked and he chuckled.

"An unbearable ugliness in front of me."





A huge silence…





An extreme silence




Then the wind blows suddenly…whoosh~

"You – ugly what?"

She exclaimed. As she recovers from deep shock, she points her right hand angrily at him. She added, "How could you say that to me Shannon-nii!?"

He chuckled as he sipped the juice.

"Why? It was just an honest compliment from an honest brother."

"You call that a compliment? Eeeh !~ give me back my refreshment Shannon – nii! You don't deserve any at all!"

Pacifica's anger echoed as she was trying to grab the glass of juice from her brother. Shannon lifted it laughingly but she kept on trying to reach for it, although she could not. In occurrence of that matter, Shannon saw the bandaged finger of Pacifica, unintentionally. A frown was seen on his face,

"Did you cut yourself Pacifica?" he asked, grabbing her hand.

She quickly grabbed it back and hid it at her back,

"It's nothing. Just a scratch Shannon – nii."

"Let me see." He said reaching her hand.

"No, why would I? hmp!"

She pouted stepping few steps backward. Actually, it's not a big deal for her; she was just playing hard-to-get because she was piss at him, saying that she was ugly.

"I'm serious Pacifica! If it is not treated properly, it will cause infection. Come here!"

Pacifica just smiles teasingly and stuck her tongue out at him. "Bleh!"

"Pacifica!" Shannon shouted.

He runs off towards her…

But the moment he grabbed her hand, he stepped over a rock and fell.

Yet he managed to control his weight in order he won't land hardly on Pacifica. However, their faces are now just inches away from each other, causing Pacifica to blush for slightly. And she does not understand why she would.

'Ah' is the only word he could utter.

He didn't expect that this kind of scenario will happen, in any chance; he blinked his eyes but seemed he was still fascinated by the girl's innocent beauty. He was mesmerized. ENCHANTED.

He cannot move and same goes to Pacifica. It turns out that the world and time had stop from revolving, their eyes were glued to each other, staring with each other.

Shannon felt a sudden thump on his heart but pain enveloped him afterwards.

'She is my younger sister, Pacifica Casull…'

She knows very well that she is blushing, at first she wondered why. She thought her brother was just too attractive, but now that he was this close to her, she would definitely blush and somehow feels……..embarrass?

The wind blows again…and it slowly swayed Shannon's black and long pony-tailed hair, as if dancing together with the wind. Somehow, the two of them are likely frozen mannequins; they didn't even realize that someone's arrival.

"Pacifi – ca?"

A brown-haired man who was standing beside them uttered mixed with of little confusion. He has white linen clothe wrap around his forehead and wears a fascinating armor of a knight and with a sword under the sheath on his waist. A white horse is seen a few distances away.

Well, he is no other than but Leopold Scorpse – Pacifica's loyal till death suitor. Or something likes that.

He was (a moment ago) standing there but the two haven't notice his unexpected arrival. He saw that Pacifica blush and he felt really jealous because of that, though he knew there was no need to feel such way. However, a sudden confusion and somehow rivalry pops on his jealous mind when he noticed and saw the way Shannon was staring at Pacifica.


As they heard that familiar voice, both of them were startled. Shannon quickly stood up and upon recognizing that it was Leopold, he frowned.


Pacifica yell cheerfully as Shannon help her to stand.

"It's good to see you."

"Ha ha err – needs to tell you something. But first, here – beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady." He handed the bouquet of red roses at her. She thanked him afterwards.

"Leo! Pacifica! It is more convenient inside the house." Shannon said and turns to his sister, "And I still need to check your cut – you brat!"

Pacifica chuckled and then went away to get the tray of refreshment she placed above the piled lumbers.

"You love her, don't you?"

Leopold asked all of a sudden. Shannon stiffened for awhile but then answered him calmly with a smile. Whether it was fake or not, Leopold couldn't tell.

"Of course, she's my sister."

And without waiting for reply, Shannon then turned to walk away.

'That's not it…that's not what I meant.'

Leopold with a gloomy face, uttered within.

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