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Lover Her Not

Chapter 5

"A Cold Dinner"

Shannon was sweating when he finally managed to arrive at their house. He was having a heavy breathe as he was standing there at the door, then he took a deep sigh of relief before he twisted the knob.

"Pacifica?" he called softly as he stepped inside. It was six in the morning and he knows that his sister is already awake at this kind of hour. When no one answered, Shannon did wonder. It was only normal that Pacifica would welcome him with her usual grunts like, "You're late Oniisan!"

So when there were no signs of Pacifica coming to him, Shannon deduced that she might be at the backyard, hanging some wet clothes he had washed last night. Before going out to work yesterday night, Shannon did the laundry first—since he is, a multitasking D-Knight. Geez.

Since when did Pacifica do the washing of clothes anyway? As far as he's concerned, Pacifica's special ability is to eat mouthful of omelets. Besides being a lazy brat, his 'foster' sister complains a lot. And other than her pretty face (as she always does insist) there's nothing else that's good about her. So what's with her that he has fallen in love with?

Her sweetness? God, she's just sweet to him when she needs something! Her face? He swears to God that he has met many girls that are much prettier and sexier than Pacifica! Her attitude? She's nothing but a stubborn brat!

If he couldn't think of any believable reasons as to why he loved Pacifica, then why does his heart beat so fast whenever he sees her? Eventually, love is something you can't predict, he has concluded.

He was about to take off his coat but was stopped when he realized that he's not wearing one. He's wearing a white sleeve with a back vest, and a slack. That's right; he almost forgot that he's working as a waiter inside a bar. And because of his sudden realization of his love for Pacifica, he left the bar as soon as his shift ends, without even changing his uniform. Unbelievable. This wasn't he at all.

Despite his mind wanders at the moment, Shannon then remembers where his sister Raquel could possibly be at this moment. But anyhow, he doesn't think much since he knows that Raquel can take care of herself. He went to his room to change clothes but, he was surprised when he heard a loud thump on the floor.

He immediately ran into the kitchen, where the sound came from, and to his surprise, he saw Pacifica lying on the floor. It was she who fell from the chair!

"Oi, Pacifica! What are you doing?" he went to her and it was then he noticed that she was actually sleeping. Why is she sleeping here in the kitchen?

Shannon shook his head as he sighed, then he carefully lift Pacifica and took her within his arms. "You sleepy-head." He hissed.

"You're late, Shannon-nii…" she mumbled on her sleep and he was taken aback.

Don't tell me she's waiting for me? Ugh, you brat, didn't I tell you not to wait?

"Shannon-nii…" she nuzzled her face on his chest.

"Yeah yeah, I know. You're having an old omelet dream thing and you want me to serve it to you." Shannon replied as if she could hear. Then he carried her inside her room.

He laid her on the bed and when she was settled comfortably, she mumbled again, "Shannon-nii.."

"What did I do this time?" he whispered against the morning air.

Before I could forget, I was going to confess my feelings to her. But…can I really do that? He sat beside her on the bed and he went to caress her cheeks. Seeing Pacifica this close proves him one thing, that his love for her is not brotherly love at all. He was having a hard moment wondering why he had fallen for her, but now, he knows why. It was just so simple. He loved everything about her.

But loving someone isn't that easy. Especially if that someone sees you as her brother ever since she's young. Perhaps, after all, he can't just go and confess to her. He's certain to his feelings, however, he cannot ruin their current relationship jus because of his one-sided love. But he can wait. If it's about Pacifica then it's okay to wait. But most of all, Pacifica's happiness is much more important than his own feelings.

"Casull!" Shannon was startled when he heard someone shouting outside. When the shout was then accompanied with rapid rapping on the door, he knitted his brows. Then he stood up, clenching as he exited Pacifica's room.

"Coming! Just please don't shout!" You're disturbing my sister's sleep! I'm gonna rip your bones with my sharp sword if you happen to wake her up! Shannon fumed inside.

He opened the door and was bewildered when someone from his work showed up. His name is Touji if he might be right. But he was more surprised when he saw the drunken girl customer clinging like a wilted flower onto Touji's neck. She was completely waster. The type of girl he disliked the most.

"How dare you shout in front of my house, Touji. And what is that girl doing here?" Shannon started, his brows almost meet. He can't even remember the girl's name. The hell, he doesn't care.

"She's Shima, your customer, remember? I'm sorry for this Casull, but she's too drunk. She was muttering your name and she claimed that she's your girl." Touji explained while assisting Shima in standing up straight.

"What? She's drunk and you believe her?" Shannon was massaging his temples.

"It's not like that. I mean, she's creating unnecessary behavior inside the bar so we needed to take her home."

"This is certainly not her home." Shannon replied, almost raising his voice. "How did you find this place, anyway?

"Someone from work knows this place. Anyway, Boss said that, for the meantime, you need to take care of her. He'll give you bonus thrice than your salary."

"Tsk. That bartender pays so much attention to this customer. Why doesn't he take her instead? She's not welcome here, I have two sisters and we only have two rooms." Shannon informed. He was about to close the door but Touji was fast enough to grab his arm.

"Casull, just this day, please! Boss said that he'll fire me if I failed to deliver her in your home!"

"Then find another work coz I'm not taking her in." Shannon answered just in time Shima opened her eyes, then she was sparkling in a sudden as she saw Shannon.

"Ahh~ darling!" Shima exclaimed as she went to cling on Shannon's shoulders, the D-Knight was then dumbfounded, then he sneezed at the smell of the alcohol.

"D—don't you cling into me!" he sneezed again. He looked back to Touji, but he was already running away.

"Touji! Come back here! You forget something!" he shouted.

"I can't! Just take care of the Boss's sister, Casull! Their house is under renovation that's why he can't take her in! He will reward you if you'll be good to her. Well, have a nice day ahead!" Touji shouted back before he was completely gone.

"Shannon darling!"

"What the hell? This isn't nice at all!"

Pacifica rubbed her eyes as she woke up. She had blinked many times when she noticed that she's already inside her room. But then she smiled. She was overwhelmed in excitement knowing that Shannon is at home already, and he's the one who carried her into her bed. Who else could it be anyway?

She had waited for him last night and she was quite disappointed when Shannon didn't manage to come home—even when it was already past in the midnight. Dawn came and she was overpowered by sleepiness. And she's certain that it's already morning when her brother arrived.

Glancing at the wall clock, hanged above her door, Pacifica was even surprised to know that it's already ten o'clock in the morning. So she hurried and fixed her bed then she went to do her morning routine.

After that, she walked towards her brother's room then she knocked—but no one answered.

"Shannon-nii, I'm coming in!" she said before she opened the unlocked door.

She was appalled however, when she saw her brother lying on his bed, and he looked so dead tired. This was the first time she saw him in this state. Back then when he was desperately fighting for their lives, Shannon wasn't as tired as now even when he had fought against the feared peacemakers. But Pacifica assumed that, apparently, her brother isn't still used to live in a simple, normal life, after all.

She went to sat on his side, then she unconsciously uttered, "Shannon-nii…it's scary when you closed your eyes."

"Uhm, ahh….Shannon." Pacifica was startled when she heard a moan, and it surely was not Shannon himself! It's a woman's voice!

With that, she realized the shape under her brother's comforter. Her hands were shaking when she grab the comforter, gathering all her strength, she pulled it. And a girl clad in a very provocative dress met her fuming emerald eyes.

Shocked as she was, she screamed angrily, "Shannon-niiiiiiiiiii!"

The D-Knight was then awakened then he immediately fumbled his side to grab his sword, but was disappointed when he remembered that his sister confiscated it due to his work. He saw Pacifica then asked, "What is it, Pacifica?"

Shannon was appalled when Paciica glared at him, as if she was a lion preparing to attack its prey.

"You idiot! Stupid Shannon-nii!" Pacifica yelled while punching her brother's chest.

"Pacifica! Hey-stop. What's with the sudden rage?" Shannon said as he grabbed her hands. Pacifica pushed him hard, as if she was disgusted to be touched by him, and then she was crying in anger the next moment.

"How dare you bring a whore inside our house, Shannon-nii? And what is she doing in your room? Were you two slept together?"

"W-what are you saying? I-its not like what you thought, Pacifica!" Shannon stuttered. And when he was standing up, Pacifica took several steps backward, anger and other unexplainable emotions are all written on her face.

Shima woke up when she heard Shannon's voice. She yawned before she jumped out from bed, then she possessively embraced Shannon from behind, "Ahh, Shannon darling, good morning!" When she went to kiss him on his right cheek, Shannon was stupefied while Pacifica was screaming.

"How dare you let your younger sister witness this shameful flattery?" Pacifica fumed, then she heavily stomp her feet on the floor before she exited the room.

"Pacifica, wait!" Shannon called but she already banged the door closed.

"Who's that scary girl, Shannon darling?" Shim asked, still clinging onto his arms.

"Go—" Shannon was narrowing his eyes, but his shoulders were dropped down, "—out. Leave my house immediately—and don't you call me darling again!"

Shima freed his arms, "Hey, hey, why so mad in a sudden? I call every man my darling."

"And that excludes me. Look what you've done, she's not going to talk to me for several weeks again."

"Is she your wife?"

"She's my sister."

"Huh? Sister?" Shima was agape, then she elicited small laughs, "Eh, don't you think she's overreacting?" When Shannon didn't reply, she added, "Or is it you?"


"Ah okay. I guess your sister is a very jealous person. But sooner, she'll be used to it." She grinned.

"Look, I did only allow you to sleep here because you were wasted, and that stupid Touji left you here. And I can assure you that nothing has happened between us."

"Ah, such a waste. But I like you more." Shima giggled.

"Please leave." Shannon opened the door.

"Just one thing though, please tell your sister that I'm actually a good girl, ahaha."

"Too bad, my sister thought you're a whore."

"Pacifica, let's talk." Shannon knocked.

20 minutes later…

"Pacifica, open the door."

50 minutes have passed…

"Pacifica, don't just sulk there. At least let me clear my reputation. I'm not really leaving this door unless you open it."


An hour later…

"I can't imagine why I'm explaining things when in fact, I've done nothing wrong. Do you think it's easy for me? Do you really think I'm that kind of person, huh Pacifica? Oh come on, don't be so stubborn."


"Fine. I give up. If you're not going to open this right now, then I'm not going to talk to you either. I have had enough of this Pacifica. I can't imagine how stubborn you have become. If you want something then talk to Raquel, from now on I'm not giving you anything." With that, Shannon left.

It was evening on that day, and Shannon was the one who prepared the dinner. His shift starts at eight anyway. And he was even surprised when Raquel came home, it has been four days since he last saw his older sister.

He was preparing the table when he asked, "What keeps you so busy, Raquel?"

"Uh—ahh, what's with the broken voice, Shannon?" Raquel said with a smiling face.

"Just answer my question. You can't blame me if I worry."

"Well, I've been busy at work. But the pay is good! Now, now, we can finance sending Pacifica to school. She'll be glad!" she exclaimed as she sat on the chair.

Shannon was silent for awhile. Then after preparing the food on the table, he seated as he rested his chin on his knuckles. He stared at Raquel, "I have this feeling that you're hiding something from me. It's not all about work that keeps you so busy, am I right?"

"Ah, you're so keen Shannon. Sooner, I'll tell you anyway. Ah, you must call Pacifica so we can eat!"

"You call her. She'll be glad to know that you're already here." Shannon answered.

"Okay." She smiled before she went towards Pacifica's room.

Not few minutes later, Raquel and Pacifica were back and were seated; Shannon sat at the top center as he served as the head of the family. They were all silent as they eat, and there was an odd ambience around the table which Raquel didn't miss to notice. But she didn't think much.

"By the way Pacifica, your brother Forsyth sent you a letter. Here." Raquel broke the eerie silence, sliding the letter towards Pacifica's direction. "It says you should open it by tomorrow."

"I see. Thanks Raquel-nee." She took the letter and pocketed it. Shannon wasn't talking and he just sit there while he eats, but it seemed that he wasn't there. Pacifica behaves the same.

"Did something happen here while I'm out?" Raquel asked, unable to resist her rising curiosity. No one answered.

Raquel sighed. "I've been out for just four days and now when I came back, everyone is suddenly strange?" she turned to look at Shannon, "Don't tell me Shannon that you two had a fight again?"

"It's more likely a misunderstanding Raquel." Shannon replied. "But I don't have to explain it to her any longer. She knows she's wrong but won't admit it."

"Someone brought a whore inside the house, Oneesan." Pacifica retaliated.

"I can't believe that the sister I've been protecting for many years has misjudged me so easily. If you're in my position, I tell you, it's not quite easy at all." Shannon said, he was looking to Raquel but his words were meant to Pacifica.

"He's saying things as if he knows my feelings, but he does not! I'm not judging anyone, I'm just mad the fact that I saw it on my very own eyes. He should at least consider my feelings as his sister."

"She doesn't know the whole story yet." Shannon replied back, "In fact, she doesn't even want to hear my explanation."

"Who needs an explanation when the evidence was so clear?"

"Oh shut up you two! What is this? A lover's quarrel? Or am I living with two kids here?" Raquel butted in.

The two was then silent. Then she added, "Aren't we a family here?"

"I'm the only one who's not part of the family." Pacifica said while bowing her head.

"Pacifica! How can you say that? Of course you are." Raquel reassured.

Shannon stood up, clenching, "Fine. From now on I don't have a younger sister. Someone who is narrow-minded and so stubborn isn't my sister at all. The sister I know isn't like this at all." He declared in a rough tone then he turned around to walk away, "I'm done with my dinner."

"Shannon! Shannon!" Raquel called but he gone already. When Raquel heard Pacifica's sobs and cry, she went to her and embraced her for comfort. "I don't know what happened while I was gone but, I know that Shannon didn't mean it. He must be so tired, perhaps he has a problem on his own that he could no longer control his temper. So don't cry."

"I hate him now."

"You should never say that, Pacifica. If there's anyone here who loves you more than anything else, it is Shannon. In fact, he is even much closer to you than me. But sometimes, you should reconsider his own feelings too, especially since he does intentionally hide it from us. He also has a pride and you know that."

"He hates me now, doesn't he?" Pacifica cried again, remorse was written on her face.

"As far as I know, he couldn't hate you. If you say sorry to him he will succumb. For now, let us give him a time for himself somewhere. Then he'll be back with a cooler mind again. I know, since your brother loves this family more than anything else."

"I'm not a good sister after all."

Raquel did just sigh.