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// TURN 01 : We have visitors! //

"Race you downstairs!"

"Well look who wants to be beaten!

Two pairs of hurried footsteps thundered down the long staircase. The brown-haired woman in the kitchen smiled knowingly as she prepared breakfast in the dining table that morning. A teal-haired man occupied one of the chairs, reading the headlines of the newspapers. Beside him sat a little pale pink-haired girl, sipping tea peacefully.

"Sayoko, dear, that smells delicious." the man peeked over the paper and glanced at his wife. The woman had her back turned to him, still busy with her cooking.

"Well, you and Rollo-kun both like omelettes." Sayoko giggled a bit. "It's his turn for today."

"Eggs again." the little girl, Anya mumbled ceremoniously.

"HAH!" a voice made father and daughter cringe. "BEAT YOU AGAIN, NII-SAN!"

"YOU RUN TOO FAST!" another one.

Two panting young men in their pajamas came bounding inside the kitchen. The taller one, 16 years of age, had raven hair and violet eyes, fair skin and handsome features. The other boy had the same eyes, albeit a bluer shade of violet than his older brother's. He had short brown hair and a 12-year old face.

"Lelouch-kun, Rollo-kun, where might Nunnally-chan be?" Jeremiah, the man reading the news headlines, asked - although he had a good idea on where the girl might be. He just always had to remind them that they 'forgot' their younger sister. He and his daughter readied themselves with another bout of morning routine of the siblings.

Lelouch, the older brother, whirled around to shout at Rollo. "You left Nunnally?!"

Rollo looked up at his brother with the same shocked expression. "I left Nunnally?!"

"Yes, you left Nunnally!"

"Oh no, I left Nunnally!"

"Go get Nunnally!"

"I better get Nunnally!"

"I just said that!"

"You just said that!"

"You're repeating what I say!"

"I'm repeating what you-"

"See, you're repeating the part where you're repeating what I say!"

"Nii-san, did you just plan to repeat the part where you're repeating that I repeated the part where I'm repeating what you say?"

Twitch. Twitch. "That was long."

Only Rollo could do that, too.

"I'll get her!"

Lelouch sighed. He simply eyed as his younger brother ran upstairs to get Nunnally. He sat on his usual seat on the table, greeting his housemates. "Good morning, Sayoko-san, Anya, Jeremiah-san."

"Hn." Anya mumbled.

"Good morning, Lelouch-kun." Jeremiah graced the teen a friendly smile. "Your parents dropped a call late last night, by the way."

Lelouch's curiosity perked up. Call from his mom and dad? Strange - two days early, unlike the synchronized usual schedule.

Their family is one you could call busy. His mother and father manage their business from other parts of the world and are both constantly, if not always out of the house. As a result, their children - Lelouch, Rollo and Nunnally were left to Jeremiah's care. Jeremiah, a close cousin of their mother, married a Japanese woman - Sayoko-san, and they had a daughter - Anya, although they did wonder why teal plus brown became pink.

When the family immigrated to Japan, Marianne and Charles decided it fit for their children to tag along, since it is a very innovative country, like Brittania. It was a marvel to many people how Sayoko and Jeremiah managed to raise four kids of roughly the same age group and still accomodate their little companions' little friends at most times, but everybody just attributed this to Sayoko being supermom with patience and so much love, and Jeremiah being... Jeremiah - someone compassionate and a really trusted friend of Marianne.

Lelouch was 16. Top student and top gym-class-absentee. Chess gambling titan, student council viceprez and many many more, but still the loving brother that he is, and the perfect son for such rich busy parents.

Rollo and Nunnally, 12. Twins, fire and ice. Intelligent students nonetheless. The brunettes may have contrasting personalities, but they stick to each other, anyway. Rollo might not show it, but he's protective of his crippled sister.

Anya, 14. The quiet cousin. She is mischievous in her own way. For some reason, she is a photo-holic and a dedicated blogger. Never envious of her parents' dedication to her cousins' welfare too.

Going back to the phonecall, Lelouch was curious as to why their parents called earlier than usual.

"What's it about?" he asked, while preparing a sandwich for himself.

"Friends." Anya mumbled again, and then let her father elaborate.

"Well.. They say that they have some.. friends.. coming over. Those friends will be staying here for the meantime. They're both quite close to your parents." Jeremiah explained. "Those friends will be arriving here this afternoon. So, your parents want you and Rollo-kun and Nunnally-chan to welcome them warmly. I think this is also about business. Get what I'm saying?"

"Got it." Lelouch nodded. He somehow knew the drill. As eldest son, he's used to welcoming corporate VIPs occasionally. He just had to be prim and proper, anyway... to close some business deals and show the person how trustworthy his parents can be. "I'll go tell Nunnally and Rollo about it."

The four people downstairs flinched as they heard slamming and bouncing and tripping and crashing along the staircase.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Rolloooooo-chaaaaaannn!!!"


A few moments later, ragged breathing were heard as Rollo entered the room, looking battered, carrying his crippled twin sister in his arms, who looked terrified. Nunnally looked just like a feminine version of her twin, sporting blue-violet eyes and long curly brown locks.

"Onii-saaaan..." the girl tearily eyed her older brother. "Me and Rollo-chan almost fell off the stairs.."

"Are you alright?" Sayoko and Lelouch asked in the same time.

"Well, we did fall off, you dummy." Rollo muttered darkly. "You didn't tell me Arthur was in there!"

Nobody saw Anya grin to herself when she heard that. Her-friend-and-Lelouch's-best-one-Suzaku's cat was wreaking havoc lately. Since Suzaku was out of town for the week and her-other-friend-Gino's fish eats cats... Arthur was left to them for the meantime.

All attention was turned to the twins now.

"I-I.. I didn't see him either!"

"I told you to look if the coast is clear!"

"..I didn't know that Arthur is included to those dangerous objects you were warning me of..."

"Yes, but we're going to walk along that way, and Arthur is in that way so that way is clearly dangerous and so the coast is clearly not clear but you said that it is clear so it's your fault!"

Whimper. Whimper. "That was long, Rollo-chan.. I didn't understand..."


"Oh, Rollo-chan, Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyousomuch, please don't hate me..."

Lelouch's eyebrow twitched. Nunnally was too fond of Rollo, whilst Rollo was too fond of Lelouch, whilst Lelouch was too fond of Nunnally. "Come on, Rollo. Just put her down."

"Hai, nii-san."

Rollo finally put his sister down and they all started breakfast.

"Visitors?" Nunnally looked up from her homework. Rollo did the same, but he did not look up from homework. He looked up from his improvised origami jungle diorama. "We will have visitors this afternoon?"

"Yes." Lelouch said, sitting on a nearby couch in the activity room. "I bet mom and dad are trying to close a business deal, so..." he looked at both of them and gave a stern look. "Nunnally, do your best. Rollo, stop using all the conjunctions at your disposal when talking. Okay?"

Both nodded, and then hurried back to their own activities.

A little while later, a bouncing bubbly blonde came bounding in. "Hel-lo, Lelouch, Nunnally, Rollo! Hellohellohello!"

Nunnally was the first one to greet, of course. Being the most well-mannered. And being the kindest as to not just ignore the bouncing bubby blonde. "Hello, Gino!"

Gino Weinberg. 17. The blonde loud burst of energy in the neighborhood. Another rich one, and a far acquaintance from Brittania. He is a particularly really really REALLY close friend of their pink-haired cousin Anya, and so the siblings were not surprised to find the older teen entering their manor as if he lived there too.

The youth strided over to them and grinned at Rollo's latest hobby. "Ne, Rollo, why is there a kangaroo in that jungle?"

Rollo glared. "This certain jungle is in Australia."

Lelouch took a peek and raised his eyebrow. "How about... that's a polar bear, right?"

"W-Well... uh-"

The doorbell rang. Lelouch stood up and tended to the door as Gino asked further inquiries about an origami fish on top of an origami tree.

Lelouch got there and saw that Sayoko had beaten him to it. The woman was now receiving what seemed like ten boxes of family-size Pizza Hut pizzas. She paid the delivery man and smilingly turned around to get back to the kitchen.

"Oh! Lelouch-kun.. You want some? I think this here will be plenty enough." the woman said.

"Ten boxes? For what, Sayoko-san?" Lelouch looked, blinking at the pizzas.

"Your parents said to prepare at least five boxes for our guests." Sayoko walked towards the kitchen. He followed suit, taking the other five boxes to help her. "They said they have this certain... preference for pizza.. and waffles."

"Preference?" Lelouch snorted sarcastically. "I'd think they're obsessed, Sayoko-san."

"I can't blame you on that."

After helping her pile up the boxes in the nearby working table, Lelouch went back and found that yet another person from the neighborhood is in the house.

Euphemia. 16. A distant cousin of the siblings from the father-side, but nevertheless she graced the world with the same violet eyes. The young woman rivalled Nunnally's cheerfulness and Gino's enthusiasm. She was well-liked by both of the twins, and absolutely more-than-well-liked by Lelouch's best friend Suzaku. She just finished putting an origami flamingo beside Rollo's origami fish on top of an origami tree.

"Lelouch!" she greeted enthusiastically.

"Euphie." he smiled back. Lelouch also noticed that Gino is now playing with Arthur and that Anya had joined the little crowd of teens in the acitivity room. Saturdays really were bliss. "You decided to join in, huh?"

"I am really bored without Suzaku." she shrugged. "He really should get back from that training camp! I miss my knight!"

Big brother reflexes caused Lelouch to briefly glance at Nunnally. He knew that sometimes his little sister envied the way Suzaku pays Euphie all attention at times. Nunnally is fond of Suzaku, since they had grown up together. But then, Nunnally seemed to be really in focus of a certain algebraic expression to really pick up on what Euphie had been saying.

"Plus, Cornelia-nee is busy at work. Guilford is out, too. I think they'll be gone 'till late night." Euphemia went on, browsing through Rollo's origami book to find something that would look good using a Hello-Kitty printed paper. "I don't want to just go malling with the girls, either. So I decided to check you guys out!"

Rollo then spoke up, halfway through folding an origami pinwheel. "Then just have lunch and dinner here, Euphie."

Anya looked up. "Mother plans to cook lots anyway. For Lelouch's visitors."

"Ne, really, you have visitors?" Gino said. "Then I want to stay over too! Sayoko-san cooks good food!"

"Baka yaro... They're important visitors. They won't like loud people." Anya retorted, flipping TV channels.

"I'm sure Gino-kun wouldn't mess up that much." Nunnally assured. "Besides, he's part of the family because he's your boyfriend."

"Oi. Do you want my father to kill me?" the pale-pink-haired teen muttered. "And being my boyfriend does not make him part of the family."

Euphie frowned. "But he's halfway through it, isn't he?"

"As I said, my father will kill me."

Gino raised an eyebrow. "But he knows, right? Your dad knows that I'm your boyfriend."

Anya looked up at him questioningly. "But you're not my boyfriend, Gino."

He made a face. "Yes, I'm not. And I know that I'm not. But I think that he thinks so!" By that statement, Euphie, Lelouch and Rollo were already lost.

The girl rolled her eyes heavenwards, thinking. "... I.. think so too. The other day, he did not allow me to go to a late-night photography trip without you coming."

Nunnally nodded. "I doubt he'll kill you, Anya-chan. Right, uh, Rollo-chan?"

Rollo shrugged, putting in his pinwheel in the middle of the improvised diorama lake.

"Rollo-chan, why is there a pinwheel in the lake?"

Everybody peeked at the brown-haired teen's handiwork, raised eyebrows and stared questioningly at Rollo. When he didn't answer, they stared back down at the diorama.

It was silence and scrutiny time when Lelouch suddenly asked.

"Is that Spongebob? Why is it printed Hello-Kitty?"

It was a little past six when Sayoko hurriedly ushered the siblings to go downstairs and meet their guest. Their makeshift mother guided Rollo by the back as Lelouch wheeled Nunnally, who was excited.

And there, in the living room, two individuals sat, already engaged in light conversation with Jeremiah, Euphie, Anya and not surprisingly, Gino. Lelouch and Rollo immediately went to their shared 'scrutinize-and-plan' mode. They were surprised at the age group of their visitors.

These two... are their parents' friends? Important business friends?

One had very long pale blonde hair and violet eyes that almost rivalled the shades of the siblings' own orbs. He looked just a little older than Rollo and Nunnally, if not in some angles younger. He looked like a girl at first glance, but because of his clothing choice - shorts - and male shoes, they got the pick of his gender fast.

The other also had the same long hair, though hers was bright green and tied back in a high ponytail, and her eyes were colored a piercing shade gold. She looked just right about Lelouch's age, with proper curves, feminine body, beautiful features and all. The young woman got Nunnally marvelling - she is really beautiful.

"Those three young people are Marianne and Charles' children." Jeremiah finally introduced, gesturing towards the incoming company.

Nunnally was the one who took no caution, but she spoke with manners. "Hello, I am Nunnally Lamperouge! It is nice to meet you! And this is my twin brother..." She glanced at Rollo who quickly followed up, used to introducing himself along with his sister.

"I am Rollo Lamperouge. Pleasure to meet you." The twins bowed their heads pleasantly and smiled brightly at their guests. Both the young woman and the boy nodded at them.

Lelouch then introduced himself. "I am Lelouch Lamperouge. I've heard that you are great friends with our mother and father." He held out a hand for them to shake. The boy got it first.

"Yes, indeed. Charles and Marianne are good friends." the blonde said, shaking his hand. "We've heard lots about you three." The boy's voice didn't betray his appearance. He really was just around Rollo and Nunnally's age.

The young woman came next, shaking Lelouch's hand as well after her companion had released it. "My name is C.C., and he is my younger brother, V.V." She smiled up at him. "I hope we'll be good friends as well, like your parents and us."

Lelouch hid an eyebrow-raising well, bewildered by their names, but he nonetheless smiled back at the young woman. "Truly. I also hope you enjoy your stay."

He finally let go of her soft, feminine hand and she shrugged his statement off. "Of course. A whole year should definitely not go to waste."

Accidentally forgetting protocol, he let out a little tensed expression and both he and Rollo looked nervously at each other.

'A year?! So they're NOT just guests, are they?'

"I know that expression." V.V. said slyly. "Yeah, we'll be staying with you guys for a whole year. Or maybe more."

"Don't scare them." C.C. frowned at her brother patting his head, then turned to Sayoko and Jeremiah, smiling pleasantly. She looked innocent, graceful and she had a mysterious aura around her that brought Lelouch staring. He really was naturally suspicious. "So are there any plans for dinner? I smell Pizza Hut and it's coming from the kitchen."

// End of TURN 01! - To be continued... //

In TURN 02: Dinner is served!

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