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// TURN 19 : Back to Regular Programming //

The next day they were all still groggy from Milly's wedding party, and everyone else slept on until almost noon.

But not Sayoko Shinozaki-Gottwald. She got up early to do some cleaning around the house, cook something for brunch and squeeze some oranges for their orange juice. She was still drained from last night's reception, but she always had energy for the mornings. Sayoko is the kind of woman who likes to think that she's doing everything for her husband, daughter and wards - and she's happy with that.

But halfway through orange-squeezing, Marianne had climbed down the stairs, significantly earlier than everyone else.

"Sayoko, aren't you still tired?" Marianne asked as they headed to the kitchen.

"Good morning, Marianne! And no, I like to cook really early. Jeremiah still couldn't stand, though..." she said, worried about her husband. "I think they drank too much last night."

"Ah, don't worry about it!" Marianne laughed, assisting her in-law. "Charles is just in the same state, mumbling some things as he slept... I don't know why he'd mumble 'Don't hurt me, Orange', though..."

Upstairs, C.C. had trudged sleepily towards Lelouch's room. She kicked the door open and pushed Lelouch out of his bed.

The raven-head sat up abruptly, rubbing his head. "WHAT?! DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO KNOCK?! DON'T YOU HAVE ANY MANNERS?!"

C.C. stared down at him, amused on his bed hair.

He bashfully put his hands over his hair - which were sticking up to all directions possible. "W-What do you want??"

She shrugged. "Paperwork."


"It's 10:30, Lelouch. Let's get the job done."

"When are those papers due?"

"Today. They arrived the day before yesterday, but we were so busy about Milly's wedding-"

"I'm going back to bed." - he stood up and was about to go back to bed-

But C.C. was not having that. stuck one foot out and he fell face first to the floor again. She looked down on him when he cursed. "Let's do some paperwork, Lelouch."

He glared up at her, stubborn. "Don't I get to eat breakfast or anything else for the morning?!" - and when she didn't reply, "I'M HUNGRY!!!!"

"I'm having some pizza delivered. Let's go, Lelouch." - with that she grabbed his collar and dragged him out of his room.


Monna, who had been watching the commotion from the bed, simply blinked at them.


The cat meowed, and then went back to sleep.

Lelouch pouted. "What did she say?"

C.C. grinned. "She says that daddy should just follow mommy."

V.V. was drooling over the desk when they arrived. He was sitting on his usual chair, between theirs - with paperwork piled messily on all parts of the table. Some were crumpled, some weren't, and some had scribbles of Waffle Emperor on bright purple ink.

C.C. tapped loudly on the table two times, and the boy bolted upright, groggy. "H-Huh. What. The. WHAT?!"

"Nothing, brother dear. Go back to work." C.C. said, sitting on her chair, to V.V.'s right, and V.V. glared at her for waking him up, scratching his head and grumbling something incoherent about killjoys and slumping down to continue whatever he was working on.

Lelouch grumpily sat on his other side, folded his arms across the table and buried his head in it. Then he proceeded to snore.

V.V. kicked his chair and he fell off.


"Don't sleep on duty." - the blonde said, watching him settle himself on the table again, opening his laptop and grabbing his pen. V.V. handed him his own stack of paperwork, which he grudgingly accepted and started working on right away.

"Geez, I hate this."

"It's your job. Consider it training for the time you inherit the family business." - C.C. smirked at that. "Though by the time, you'll have to do Marianne's and Charles's papers by yourself. V.V. and I will go back to doing our own."

He looked at her with a troubled expression. "I can always get Rollo and Nunnally to help."

They both looked back at him, smiling slyly.

Lelouch gulped. "Can I?"

When Marianne came out the kitchen, she found Gino sprawled like dead on the couch, watching TV. Anya was sitting on the floor, hugging her pink teddy bear and blogging.

"Oh, Anya-chan you didn't tell us Gino-kun was here!" Marianne remarked, poking the snoring blonde. "I don't remember him sleeping over..."

"He didn't." Anya said, nonchalant. She then looked up. "He's here for breakfast. He said he left Suzaku dead on their place and he couldn't cook."

"Oh." Marianne smiled then. "Anyways, I believe those who intend to eat breakfast today would be coming down by now, but since they aren't and the food's prepared, let's go eat now."

"Sure, we'll be right behind you." Anya said, and as Marianne went to assist Sayoko in the dining table, the girl nudged her boyfriend to go wake up. Gino woke up, groggy, and followed her towards the dining table where they both sat properly and began their meal with Marianne and Sayoko.

Nunnally and Rollo came to join them after a few minutes. Same went for Jeremiah and Charles. The teens doing paperwork, however, were faithful with their chores.

While they were cleaning up, the doorbell rang. Anya came to get it and came back bringing five Pizza Hut boxes.

"Oh, that's C.C.'s!" Marianne said, and then looked towards the direction of the staircase worriedly. "She's working so early. Lelouch and V.V.-chan, too.."

"Would you like me to bring the pizza to them?" Gino offered, back in full bouncing bubbly blonde energy.

"Yes, please! Tell them to take a break!" Sayoko said, gratefully. "Gino-kun, if you'll kindly bring it upstairs... and, Anya-chan, please take this tray." - she handed her daughter a tray with a plate containing a mountain of waffles topped with maple syrup. "V.V.-chan would surely like them."

The young couple took the food obediently and did as they were told. Rollo and Nunnally enthusiastically followed.

In the middle of paperwork, V.V. fell asleep again. C.C. and Lelouch simply sighed and didn't bother waking up the boy anymore. He woke up a few minutes later, and they all resumed work.

It was boring.

V.V. then decided to speak up. "Wow. It's as if the crazy field trip and the lunatic wedding didn't happen."

C.C. looked up. "What do you mean?"

"I mean...", the boy pondered for a while. "Isn't this day... Far TOO normal?"

"...Uh," Lelouch thought it would sound stupid, but he asked anyway. "What do you mean?"

V.V. was confident then. "I want something weird to happen."

Both returned to their works. "Be careful what you wish for, V.V."

As if one cue, the door burst open, and Gino came in, shouting - "DELIVERY! PIZZA HUT IS IN THE HOUUUUSE~!!!"

C.C. sighed in relief. "I thought it won't arrive anymore. I was ready to fire their staff." - she watched at Gino put down the five boxes in front of her, take one of their spare chairs and sit in with them. "Thanks, Gino."

"No problem, C.C.!" - and he watched as she opened the first box and took one fresh slice. He took one, too. He liked Pizza Hut.

Anya followed shortly, silently setting the waffle tray on the table. V.V. pounced on it immediately. Lelouch thanked Anya, and then joined V.V. in forking through the waffles. The boy seemed willing to share, or maybe he didn't care anymore, he simply wanted to eat. Anya settled herself on the bed amongst the mess of Waffle Emperor and Cheese-kun plushies, then began pressing buttons on her blogphone again. Nunnally and Rollo greeted their brother when they entered, then joined Anya on the bed, both playfully hitting each other with the yellow plushies.

The paperwork people didn't mind so much. At least, now there was some noise. Maybe it won't be as boring.


anya_chan. it's boring today. tooooo boring.

zerolovedmeFIRST. why is Lelouch not tweeting? Is he awake yet?

the_great_Q1. zerolovedmeFIRST he's probably sleeping over. he should be tired from being a killjoy last night.

justrivalz. hey, everyone! classmates, have you done the homeworks yet? This Physics thing is killing me!

the_great_Q1. ohcrap. right. we have homeworks on all subjects. craaaaap. and school's this coming monday! DX

zerolovedmeFIRST. OMG! We have to go get together! I just checked the History one and I don't know what to do with it!

anya_chan. Gino over here playing with nunna_and_rollo. zerothehero, waffemprocks, luvcheesekun are doing paperwork. I'm bored.


n_einstein. is that realy okay the_great_Q1???

justrivalz. we have no choice! we should get help from the smart people! CC is there too!


waffemprocks. RT anya_chan. it's boring today. tooooo boring. -AND I AGREE.

waffemprocks. WAIT. Who's coming here?

zerothehero. Hey hey hey. I think invading my house is not right...


the_great_Q1. good for you, fabmissprez. Enjoy Hawaii.

the_great_Q1. and wth, zerothehero?! We're already on our way now! MUAHAHAAHAH!

Nunnally and Rollo had resorted to origami on the bed just beside Anya, who had resorted to joining them in paper folding. Gino was chattering right away with Lelouch, V.V. and C.C., who didn't listen, but he still went on anyway.

Suzaku, Kallen, Shirley, Rivalz and Nina barged in a few minutes later.

Lelouch grunted, irritated. V.V. and C.C. shrugged. Gino greeted quite enthusiastically and offered them some pizza, which all of them except Suzaku declined. Nunnally, Rollo and Anya greeted them before returning their attention back to origami.

"What are you guys doing here?" Lelouch asked, putting down his pen for a while.

But Shirley giggled. "Lulu is in his pajamas..." - and Kallen and Rivalz laughed at him.

"Oh, fine. If only SOMEONE," - and he glared pointedly at C.C. "-hadn't kicked me out of bed so early!"

"You're welcome, Lelouch." C.C. chimed in, fakingly sweet, and didn't look up from her paperwork.

"Hey, you guys." Kallen cut the minimal lover's quarrel and sat on a spare chair, just across Gino. "We're gonna study here, is that okay with you? We need REAL help."

"Yeah, you do." V.V. smirked, then effectively avoided being swatted by whatever it was that Kallen tried to hit him with.

"Sure, use the room as you like, as long as you don't break our Cheese-kun and Waffle Emperor gallery." - C.C. nodded in approval, and Lelouch knew he couldn't stop his barging friends now that the room owner has given her veto. He simply stood off and excused himself - he had to change.. oh, and brush his teeth.

As his friends were settling down, he exited the room and headed towards the bathroom. Jeremiah was already there, white cream on face, shaving. Lelouch greeted him a good morning, grabbed his toothbrush, stood beside his uncle, and started brushing his teeth.

Then Jeremiah started singing. "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooooh-oh-oh-ooooh-oh-ohhhhh!"

Lelouch cringed at the tone. But he simply closed his eyes, bowed his head down and resumed brushing his teeth.


Jeremiah was still singing.


Lelouch was still brushing his teeth.

"Gaga, oh-la-la...!"

Lelouch endured. His uncle was having fun.

The the door burst open. Charles' voice boomed. "WANT YOUR BAAAAD ROMMMAAAANCEEEEE~!!!!"

Lelouch abruptly spit out the toothpaste. And then his father joined them in front of the mirror, grabbing his own shaver and white cream. And Jeremiah started over again. And Charles JOINED him.

"Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah...! ROMA-ROMA-MAAAAA!!!! GAGA-OH-LA-LAAAAA!!!!"

Then Jeremiah stopped. "Hey, Charles, Lelouch?"

Lelouch prayed to all the gods he knew and thanked them that they had stopped singing. "Yes, Uncle Jeremiah?"

Charles also looked at the man. "WHAT IS IT, DEAR JERRY?!"

Jeremiah cringed a bit. "Oh. This is about Sayoko..."

"Hm, what about Sayoko-san?" Lelouch inquired, washing his face.

Charles repeated the statement. "WHAT ABOUT SAYOKO-SAN, DEAR JERRY?!"

"DAD, WOULD YOU CUT THAT DEAR JERRY OUT?!" Lelouch shouted back.


"Okay, okay, that's alright..." Jeremiah sighed, and then continued on his statement. "It seems that she's not feeling too well lately."

Before Lelouch could speak, his father was fast to react. "WHAT?! WHY, IS DEAR SAYO SICK?!?!"

Jeremiah shrugged that off. "I don't really know. She seems to be dizzy a while ago but she insisted to prepare breakfast-"


"-and then the other day she was also having some kind of headache-"


"-she was also losing some appetite, though maybe that's just me-"


This time both Lelouch and Jeremiah shouted back. "WOULD YOU SHUT UP?!"

Back in C.C. and V.V.'s room, the office table now not only consisted of heaps of paperwork, but of several laptops, some books, notebooks, pizza and waffles. Good thing they all fit snugly even though the rooom seemed like some kind of cramped office.

Lelouch got back to realize that they WERE in a cramped office.

"This is boring." V.V. complained. Shirley, Kallen and Rivalz could only agree. Suzaku was dutifully doing his homework and C.C. her paperwork. "And y'know what, the whole chapter is boring."

Lelouch slept on his work. Nobody cared anymore.

Then Suzaku's phone rang. The ringtone was Taylor Swift's "Love Story" - which made Kallen's ears bleed.

Suzaku answered enthusiastically. "Yes, sugarpies?! --- Oh, I'm over at Lelouch's, we're all making homework. --- YES, COME OVER HERE, my princess! --- We'll be waiting! There's pizza and waffles and papers... --- OH, I LOOOOVE YOU TOOOOOO!!!!"

They all cringed and went back to work.

"--Okay, get going here now, my love. -- Yes, hang up now-... -- No, silly YOU HANG UP ON ME, okay? --- ..No, you do! --- I won't hang up on you, hang up your phone now, dearie-... --- No, please I'm not doing that-.... Oh, YOU hang up, okay? --- No, YOU do!"

"Just damned put the phone down!" Kallen screamed.

Suzaku put the phone down...

...Then he called Euphie again. "--I didn't hang up on you, sweetmunchkins!"

They all rolled their eyes.

"...You did.. -- No, I didn't! I swear I didn't!"

This time Kallen had pounced on her friend and had strangled him.

A few minutes later, Lelouch was growing frustrated.

Euphie came. She and Suzaku were already lollygagging with each other as they made their history assignments. Anyways, diabetes tolerance rate today was unexpectedly high. Maybe they were all bored. Nina was helping Rivalz out, those two seemed close lately, and C.C. was occasionally answering Kallen and Shirley on their questions. Nunnally and Rollo had joined Team Homework and Lelouch was being Super Tutor.

But the odd thing is, V.V. was left doing the paperwork, but he didn't mind. Anya was helping him stamp Waffle Emperor seals on the paper margins. It looked fun. The stamps came in all colors.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah had joined them. He was in a nearby table (since when was there a coffee table here?) drinking orange juice with Gino. The "soon-to-be-in-laws" (as V.V. teased Anya) were chattering away happilly.

Jeremiah wasn't singing Lady Gaga anymore. Charles, however, had also brought in his own heap of paperwork and was doing it dutifully (and miraculously silently) under the noise of Jeremiah and Gino's chatter.

Marianne and Sayoko were on bonding time downstairs.

The only sound that resounded in the room were Euphie and Suzaku's pro-diabetes propaganda...



...and Jeremiah and Gino's random talk.

"Yeah, so that's how you level up, huh?"

"YES! And then the trick to beating the boss is to cut him in two!"

"Ohhhh. How about the swarm of jumping flowers? I never manage to get through them."

"That's easy! An army of pianos are sturdier and will squish them! I always use the pianos!"

Lelouch bowed his head down and asked his twin siblings. "What are they talking about?"

"Origami Wars, nii-san! You should try playing and beating me and V.V. in it 'cause we're awesome and we'd like to be beaten every once in a while and Gino is right 'cause he's really getting good at it and the pianos are so strong that they squish the jumping flower army flat although I still think the best ones are the origami Pikachu-"

"Alright, alright. I understand, Rollo." Lelouch sighed, and then turned to Nunnally. "You carrying on okay, Nunnally?"

"Yes, nii-san!"


"Yes, I'm managing."

There were some occasional talks here and there.

"Rivalz, may I borrow that eraser?"

"C.C., do you think my equation is right?"

"Go and revise this part please, Shirley."

"Hey Nina, would you mind looking at this?"


"Lelouch, my pen please."

Anya stamped a pure pink Waffle Emperor on the margin of a paper, looking over at V.V. "So is this any weird yet? You were asking for weird."

V.V. pouted, stamping a blue Waffle Emperor next to the pink one. "Yes this is weird, everyone in our room. But it's still boring."

Anya nodded, and stamped an orange seal below the blue one.

"Heeeeey, this is cute!" Shirley squealed, stamping a red Waffle Emperor on her notebook.

"Yeah, me too, me toooooo!!!" Kallen said, pleased, and grabbing the purple Waffle Emperor, stamping it in her paper.

And V.V. entertained both of them, rolling his eyes. "I wish something weird will happen."

"What kind of weird?" Rivalz asked.

"Like someone getting pregnant or something. And then there'll be a surprise baby shower that's too early or something."

"Well," Shirley giggled. "We'll have to wait for Missprez and Lloyd-sensei to go back from Hawaii to know if there'll be another fabulous baby shower!"

They cringed. It could be kind of messy, though.

V.V. continued. "...Or maybe some kind of noisy guy to pop up so I can throw something in his face."

They simply blinked at him.

Then Charles' voice boomed loud. "RAH-RAH-AH-AH-AH! ROMA-ROMA-MAAAAAH~!!! GA-GA-OOH-LA-LAAAAA-"

And V.V. threw a stamp on him, branding a bright pink Waffle Emperor on the man's forehead.

"Okay, that happened."

"Hey, what's taking C.C. so long?" Kallen suddenly asked. The green-haired young woman went downstairs just fifteen minutes ago to fetch herself some drinks-

"Maybe Mom and Sayoko-san dragged her to some girl stuff again." Lelouch suggested. They accepted that suggestion.

But then the door burst open, and Marianne came running in, dragging C.C. in with her.

The woman squealed like mad and raised both her arms in victory, managing to raise C.C.'s arm with her - as if the woman just won a boxing match-

"Marianne?" - Jeremiah was the only one able to say something.

And it was kinda lame, really.

Marianne screamed. "SHE'S PREGNAAAAANT~!!!"

"WOW! THAT'S GREAT!" Gino clapped in congratulations, then... "Wait, what?"

Fwooooosh... A few minutes of silence, blinks and gapes, and then Lelouch and V.V. stood up abruptly, palms slapping against the table, shaking their workplace.


"She's pregnaaaaant~!" Marianne jumped up and down. C.C. sighed.

And they watched as V.V. took Lelouch down by the collar and screamed furiously. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER?!"

"I DID NOTHING!" Lelouch screamed back. "WE HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING!!!"





Then both faced Marianne and C.C., and both shouted. "WHO'S THE FATHER?!?!"

"What are you talking about?" C.C. raised an eyebrow. "Of course it's Jeremiah."

Jeremiah choked on tea. Lelouch and V.V. glared at him.


Thunderclaps, and wolf howls, and more more thunderclaps-


C.C. gaped at them. Marianne giggled. "Hey, you think I'm pregnant?!"

"YOU SAID SO!" - V.V. protested.

Lelouch backed him up. "And you've been eating like a cow!"

"Who's been eating like a cow?" C.C. glared dangerously.

"Ah-.. ah. No one. Hehehehe..."

"I didn't say anything about me." the woman rolled her eyes, slapped her forehead. "Sayoko-san is pregnant."

Now it was Anya who accidentally stamped a green Waffle Emperor on Shirley's cheek.

Marianne giggled again. "Yes! She's downstairs, quite shy to announce it to so many people at once!"


And Jeremiah and Anya went dashing out the room, racing downstairs.

It took them all a moment to register the statement further. Charles broke the ice by slapping Gino on the back. "ANYA-CHAN WILL HAVE A BABY BROTHER! OR SISTER! OR I DON'T CARE, MAYBE IT'LL BE A POODLE PUPPY BUT WHO CAAAARES, DEAR SAYO IS PREGNANT! LET'S CELEBRATE!"

And then Nunnally, Rollo, Rivalz, Shirley, Kallen and Nina broke into excited chatter. Euphie and Suzaku started pro-diabetes baby propaganda. Marianne launched herself in Charles' arms and Gino danced happily.

C.C. bonked both Lelouch and V.V. on their heads before she sat back down on her chair and told them to resume their work.

"What, you really thought I'll be pregnant? I'm with either of you 24/7." - she remarked, almost annoyed, but mostly amused.

"We were just shocked. Okay?" V.V. sulked, stamping Waffle Emperors on his paper again.

"Yes, that's right." - Lelouch is growing a habit of backing V.V. up. V.V. was the same.

Then Suzaku interrupted them. "Ah, Lelouch. How many months have you been together with C.C.? You haven't had a date yet? That's... kinda... erm. Strange."

The couple looked at each other, and then both shrugged at Suzaku. "We don't mind."

"But you have to spend some alone-time!" Euphie insisted.

"We're not a married couple to spend some alone-time!" Lelouch shouted at them, blushing and returning to work.

He forgot that his work was to tutor Nunnally and Rollo. And both talked nonstop.

"Nii-san, nii-san why don't you just take C.C. out? It'll be fun and you'll have a date and you can rest from paperwork!"

He cringed. "We don't really have time. Besides, there's..." - he glanced at V.V., who was deep in his stamping. "There's an issue about V.V.-"

"I don't know what you're talking about." - the boy grumbled.

"Yes, Lelouch. Just take C.C. out!" Kallen encouraged. Shirley, though hesitant, simply nodded at them. "You're such a wimp!"

"Hehehe..." Gino smirked. "Or maybe C.C. could take Lelouch out. Hehehehe..."

And they all sniggered maliciously at the raven-head, who scratched his head and glared at them all. "Why are you all looking at me like that?"

"'Cause you're so stupid." V.V. chuckled.

"What, so you're in for me going out with your sister?"

"At least it's not Mao, you know." V.V. huffed.

"JUST DO IT IN THE NAME OF BRITTANIA, MY SON! GO AND WOO THE GIRL-" Charles screamed, and Marianne shoved a teacup towards his mouth so that he'll stop. You don't want to hear the rest.

Lelouch grunted, and then turned to look at his girlfriend. (WHEN DID THIS START ANYWAY?) - "Hey, C.C. Let's go out tomorrow. They said so."

C.C. huffed, turning away from him and focusing on her paperwork. "Rejected. Next time ask nicely."

Lelouch gaped.

"AAAAAWWWWWW~" - was his friends' reactions for all of one second before they started laughing at him.

V.V. chuckled. "You know, you need a life. And possibly a brain, too."

The next day, Jeremiah accompanied Lelouch, Nunnally and Rollo to go see off their parents in the airport. Marianne hated to go now that she knew that the woman in the house is pregnant - Sayoko might need extra hands - but Anya, C.C. and Lelouch had convinced her that they'll start doing extra chores to lighten up their guardian's load. Gino was always over the house, anyway - and that's an extra pair of hands. Charles was wailing as they decided to leave, stating that he wanted to see the baby, and V.V. just punched him out of it stating that there's NINE MONTHS until the baby.

Nunnally and Rollo were busy clinging on to their daddy just minutes before the flight. V.V. was, irritably, scooped in too.


"..Y-Yeah, dad-..."

"GEEZ, I'm NOT your darling, CHARLES! LEGGO OF MEEEE!!!"


"Hehee, V.V.-chan is short-"


Jeremiah and C.C. excused themselves to buy some drinks, and Lelouch was left with his mother clinging to him as if she'll never come back.

"Take care of everybody in there, okay? OKAAAAAAY, dear??"

"Yes, Mom."

"That's my boy! And go ask C.C. nicely on a date!"

He cringed. "I got rejected."

"Because, I agree with her, you're not so nice!"

Lelouch frowned. "Well-.. Wait, mom. Did she talk about you... about their plans to leave for a year?"

Marianne stared at her son, and smiled gently. "Yes, both C.C. and V.V. did?"

Lelouch faced his mother. "Will they leave?" - he didn't know that his voice shook a bit, but his mother smiled at him again.

"C.C. told me she hasn't decided yet."

"..So, the plan is-"

"-that there's no plan yet."

Lelouch sighed. "Good." - and as an afterthought, he mumbled slowly. "I can still change her mind-"

"What was that?" Marianne inquired curiously. "Change her mind about what?"

Damn, his mother had good hearing.

"A-.. A-About-.. uh. About. Uhm. Secret. Mom."

Marianne giggled. "My, you two are really close! I knew you'd just click together!"

"T-That's not true, it's-.. uh, it's-"

"My boy is stammering! Omigoooosh..." Marianne squealed, causing his son to huff miserably and turn away to hide his blush. "Lelouch, just ask her out!!!"

It took only a few minutes after Jeremiah and C.C.'s return that Marianne and Charles had to go leave for their plane.

"Bye, babies! Take care! Thanks, Jeremiah!"


"Yeah.." Jeremiah waved back, cringing at the volume. Nunnally and Rollo frantically waved their parents goodbye.

"AND REROOOOOSHHOOOO~!!!!" - Charles' voice boomed loud, just several meters away.

"What, dad?!" Lelouch cringed away from the voice.


He gaped, and watched at his mother giggled and his father laughed hysterically. "W-What the-.. What-.."

Both C.C. and V.V. snickered at him.


Jeremiah announced that he was hungry and invited them to eat over at the nearby waffle place. V.V. dashed with Rollo and Nunnally to follow the man, and Lelouch and C.C. walked after them.

He glanced at the silent woman beside him, then coughed a bit.

C.C. looked at him. "What?"

"Ahem." - he scratched his head, then regained composure and smiled at her. "We haven't had our first date yet."

She shrugged. "We spend all the time together."

Lelouch frowned. She had a point. Still, that time together had some friends, or Rollo and Nunnally, or V.V. with them. He wanted to take her out for a while - maybe he'll be able to change her mind and convince her to stay BEFORE she makes any plans to leave.

After all, prevention is better than cure.

And second time's the charm. So he believed. If this fails, then THIRD time's the charm.

"Still, would you like to go out tomorrow?" he asked. "You pick where we go."

She looked at him then, face impressed. "Now we're talking."

He snorted. "You're so spoiled."

C.C. shrugged, now smiling. "Ah, but you like it."

"So what's your answer?" - but in his head, he was praying. 'Don't pick Pizza Hut. Don't pick SHOPPING. Don't pick Pizza Hut Eat-All-You-Can. Don't pick shopping. Don't pick paintball. Don't pick shopping. Don't pick anything dangerous. Don't pick shopping. Don't pick anything girly or I'll die-'

"Sure, let's go out tomorrow. And let's go to the amusement park - there are Cheese-kun mascots there." C.C. said casually, and she jogged ahead of him to walk alongside Jeremiah and the kids.

"Alright." - somehow that was easy. Amusement park with Cheese-kun mascot. That sounded alright enough; this was C.C. we're talking about and of course there'll be Cheese-kun.

Lelouch simply followed them.

Some 'alone-time' wouldn't be bad.


Right. This was just C.C.

Just. C.C. - and when he realized that it was C.C. he was going out with, he prayed to all the gods he knew that tomorrow will be alright.

// End of TURN 19! - To be continued... //

In TURN 20 : First Date

['Hello, this is Milly and I'm on my honeymoon so please fabulously excuse me-']

"MISSPREZ! Lelouch is going on a date!"

"He's inexperienced!"

"And he'll screw it for sure!"

"And.. and he's an epic fail on this!"

['W-Wh-... Wait, what?! TELL ME ABOUT IT! ALL OF IT!!! Shoot, fabulous minions!']

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