The young man was in his early twenties, probably a college student, wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Standing before him was a creature. Its body was covered in chains and metal balls. It had muscles that looked like they were either dead flesh or metal plated. Its face was covered in an obsidian black mask that had white teeth and beady yellow eyes. Chains came from the mask and were bolted into the skin of the head. Unafraid, the young man took out a strange dagger and it was revealed that he was wearing a strange belt with a circular buckle and a crescent moon on it.

With a cry of, "Henshin!" the young man slid the blade of the ceremonial dagger into a slot on the right side of the buckle, causing the crescent moon to glow and release a brilliant shine.

The image of the young man could be seen, but it was all black. Around the white orb, silver sections of armor appeared in the air. All the pieces looked like they belonged on the body of a samurai. Even more brilliant, the pieces appeared to be made of silver that was almost reflective, but as bright as the moon. As the light began to die down, the armor began attaching to the figure in the orb.

As the light cleared, the true form of the figure could be seen. He was covered by a black bodysuit which left no flesh to be seen. The torso was covered with silver armor that had wolf designs on the sides. His shoulders were covered with silver wolf heads while his forearms were covered with silver gauntlets which covered his hands. Around his waist was his belt which he had been wearing before. His legs were covered with silver boots that depicted crescent moons near the knees. His face was shielded by a helmet that had a samurai design to it. His eye pieces were perfectly rounded and a deep sapphire blue. His mouthplate was plain, but looked like it had wolf fangs etched on the sides.

The strange creature growled angrily as it eyed the new form of its opponent. It felt an ancient power coming from this human. A power that it did not like at all.

"I am the outcast who wields the blade of the moon and shall cut down all evil," the man spoke. "Ore wa Ronin! Kenzan!"


Kaoru Hanabishi wasn't one considered to be a complex person. He lived his life simply in a small apartment and went to college like most people did his age. He had the usual money troubles so he tended to watch what he spent.

This was why he used the public trains rather than a car of vehicle of his own. It was just cheaper in the long run. He walked along the clean tunnels as he headed for the familiar train that would take him to his home. He did it everyday so he never really expected something to happen out of the ordinary.


Kaoru turned around to the entry gates and saw that a young woman had tripped. She had indigo hair which was cut very short. She was also in a purple kimono which looked rather expensive. She was also on the ground since she had obviously tripped. Ever the gentleman, Kaoru went to help the young woman. He leaned down and picked up her ticket before turning to the woman herself.

"Are you all right?" he asked in concern.

"Um…yes," the woman answered as she looked up. Kaoru had to admit that she was very attractive. "I'm sorry for troubling you."

"Oh, don't worry about it," Kaoru answered with a smiled. The young woman gently took his hand and he helped her to her feet. She took a moment to brush herself off as Kaoru noticed something about her. "Oh, your sandal strap popped out."

"Hm?" he young woman blinked as she looked down. "Oh, how troublesome. I don't know how to fix it."

"Well," Kaoru offered. "If you don't mind leaning on my shoulder for a moment, I think I can fix it."

"You can?" the young woman blinked in surprise. "Um...o-okay." The young woman placed her hands against Kaoru's shoulders and watched as he knelt down to fit the stray back in.

For a brief moment she recalled a similar event which had taken place in her childhood but was brought back to the present when she heard Kaoru say, "I'm done." She took her hands off his shoulders and he stood up. She bowed gratefully.

"I owe you my thanks, kind sir," the young woman said.

Kaoru, never having been thanked much in his life, blushed and rubbed the back of his head. "Oh, it's nothing." He then asked, "You know, it's not everyday you see someone in a kimono. Where are you headed?"

"Oh, I'm off looking for someone very important," the young woman said with her lips turned up in a tender smile. "Someone dear and special to me."

"So, do you have their number?" asked Kaoru.

"Oh, I do not," the woman replied sadly. "I just know where to find them, that's all."

"Do you have their address?" asked Kaoru. The young woman handed Kaoru a slip of paper. He didn't recognize the address but it was close to where he lived. "How about I help you find the place? How does that sound?"

"Oh, that would be great," the woman said with a smile. "Thank you, kind sir."

Kaoru and the young woman boarded the train that would take them to where he lived and then he would help her from there. It was a little strange to see a woman her age dressed so traditionally but she appeared so lovely in the kimono.

"So, who are you looking for?" asked Kaoru.

"Oh, someone special," the young woman answered.

"Is it a guy?" asked Kaoru cheekily.

"H-Hai," she answered with a blush.

They made light conversation as they rode the train. It made a few stops so it would take them awhile to get to their destination.

Along the way, Kaoru recalled his mother and how lovely she used to be in her kimono. He then felt a weight against his shoulder and turned her head to see the indigo-haired woman with her head resting against his shoulder. She'd fallen asleep. Kaoru sighed and then took time to gaze at her. 'She looks really cute when she's asleep.' He then scolded himself. 'Oh, come on! Like you have any chance with a girl like her!'

When they reached their destination, Kaoru roused the girl awake and she yawned. "Hm? Where are we?"

"We're here," he said to her. "Come on."

Using the address as reference, the duo made their way to the spot. Along the way, they made small talk.

"So, how special is this person?" asked Kaoru.

"He…is very precious to me," she told him.

Kaoru stared. She seemed to be dead set on meeting this guy. The guy sure was lucky to have a girl like this love him so much.

Once they arrived at the place written on the address, they froze. Unfortunately for the young woman, what they came across was nothing but an empty lot for sale.

"Impossible," she uttered as she saw the empty lot. She collapsed onto her knees. "Nothing's here." Slowly, she began to cry. "Nothing…and no one…"

Kaoru felt guilty for her as she sobbed.

"What…what am I supposed to do now?" she sobbed. "I wanted to see him for so long…and he's not here."

Kaoru did the only thing he thought was right. He helped her up to her feet but then she wrapped her arms around him and sobbed into his shirt. He was stunned by her reaction but calmed her down nonetheless. "Hey, don't cry," he consoled her.

"But…" she continued to cry.

"Come on," he told her as she backed away from him. She wiped her tears away with the sleeves of her kimono. "It's going to get dark soon. Let's go."

It was already late. The sky was dark and it didn't look safe for someone like her to be walking around. Of course, could he really ask her to stay with him? A young man and a woman alone would just cause gossip but it wouldn't feel right to just leave her alone, especially when she could barely find her way in the first place.

"Thank you," she said. "I'll be off now." She was about to leave when Kaoru called to her.

"Hey, wait!" he exclaimed. She stopped and turned to him, blinking. "It wouldn't be safe for you to be walking alone at this time. How about you crash in my place and then tomorrow morning you can find the place."

"Oh, are you sure? I wouldn't want to trouble you," she said to him.

"It's alright." Kaoru smiled. "Come on, follow me."

The two soon came across a small apartment building and Kaoru opened the door to his apartment, letting the young woman in first before entering himself. "It's not much, but it's cozy," he told her.

"So, this is how a college student lives," the woman said in fascination at the small space.

"Well, I don't have much and this is all I could afford with a bathroom and kitchen included," spoke Kaoru. "Come on, I'll make some coffee."

He made the coffee and they both sat at the table. She didn't touch her cup. She was still heartbroken about not being able to meet her special someone.

"So this guy must be very special if you came this far to find him," Kaoru commented as he made tea.

"Yes. He was my first love," Aoi sighed dreamily. "When I think about him, I feel so blessed to be in this world."

'That guy sure is lucky,' Kaoru thought to himself. 'Wish I had a girl like her.'

"I haven't seen him in a very long time, but I know he's a good person," the young woman smiled. She reached into her kimono and pulled out a photo. "We were very good friends when we were young."

She placed the photo on the table, allowing Kaoru to see it. Curious, he picked it up and took a look. His eyes widened in shock when he took a look at the children depicted in the photograph.

"No way," he gaped. "This…this is me and Aoi-chan when we were little!"

"Huh?" the young woman gaped. "What did you say? Are you…are you Kaoru-sama?"

"Um…my name is Kaoru Hanabishi," Kaoru answered. "And well…"

"KAORU-SAMA!" Aoi cried. She burst out into tears and leaped at the young man. She gripped him tightly as she buried her head in his chest while sobbing loudly. "Kaoru-sama! Kaoru-sama! Kaoru-sama!"

"Huh? What!?" he exclaimed. Now he was really confused. "OK, can you please tell me what's going on?"

Aoi removed herself from him and sat demurely across from him. "Kaoru-sama, 18 years ago we met and were engaged by my father and your grandfather to be married," she explained. "That is why I came to find you. When I heard that the agreement with the Hanabishis had been broken off I just couldn't believe it. So, I came looking for you. Now that I've found you, we can go back to the Hanabishis and-"

"Please, leave," Kaoru said suddenly and coldly. He'd heard enough.

"Kaoru-sama?" she questioned. His voice was so cold now, unlike the warmth and kindness he'd shown her earlier.

"I don't want anything to do with the Hanabishis anymore," Kaoru said, maintaining the coldness in his voice. "Please…just go."

Aoi gasped in shock but he refused to meet her eyes. As elegantly as possible, despite her broken heart, she stood up, bowed, and turned and left the apartment. Kaoru ignored the quiet sobs she was letting out. He didn't need the Hanabishis coming to bother him again. He'd left them for a reason and it would stay that way. Now, they were using a girl who said she was his fiancée to come and get him.

"Like I'll be so easily tricked," muttered Kaoru.

He then recalled the heartbroken look on her face and hissed.

"Damn it…" Kaoru cursed. He'd just chased off Aoi, his childhood friend and the girl claiming to be fiancée. "I don't need to feel guilty about this. It's just another one of the Hanabishi family's ploys to get me back, that's all."

Kaoru looked out the window to see Aoi and he sighed. He chose to ignore her. He barely knew her so he shouldn't really care. Still, something inside him told her that taking his anger out on her had been wrong.

Aoi sighed sadly as she waited outside. For what, she wasn't sure yet. She just needed to get her mind and heart into order again. She had wanted to see Kaoru again so badly, but he rejected her. It seemed that her guess was right after all, Kaoru left his clan because he didn't want to marry her.

"I suppose," she sniffled. "I should go back home."

Before Aoi could take any actions, she heard a scraping noise. Looking up, she saw something moving just beyond the light that the street lamp gave to her. Confused, she took a step forward to see what was there.

"Is anyone there?" she asked, trying to see what it was.

"Krrrrrrr," something growled back.

Stepping towards her, Aoi's eyes widened in fear as she saw what was moving. It was a humanoid monster that had pale skin and was partially covered with metal that looked like it was part of its body. Black chains with round weights hung from its body almost like hair. A black mask with white teeth and yellow eyes covered its face with even more chains that were bolted into its flesh.

"Ahhhh!" Aoi screamed as she backpedaled away.

"Krrrrr!" the creature growled again as it started walking towards her at a faster pace.

Aoi felt her body stiffening as the monster came into the light. She could see its gruesome features even more clearly. The monster seemed to be almost smirking as it began to reach out with its metal hands to grab her.

"AOI-CHAN!" a voice shouted out.

The monster stopped before it was suddenly tackled by Kaoru himself. Aoi felt her heart begin to beat rapidly as she saw Kaoru come to her rescue. Kaoru kept Aoi behind him as he shielded her from the monster which was getting back to its feet.

"A Spirit," muttered Kaoru.

"Huh?" Aoi blinked. 'Kaoru-sama knows what that creature is?'

"Aoi-chan, run!" Kaoru shouted as the Spirit lumbered forward.

"But-" she began to argue.

"Run and get back inside!" he continued to shout. She reluctantly obeyed and ran, but she didn't go inside. She took cover and watched as Kaoru faced the monster.

Kaoru was relieved that Aoi was okay. He shouldn't have let his temper get the better of him. His anger at the Hanabishi clan got the better of him and he sent Aoi away into the night. He knew that monsters roamed the streets and he still sent her away! Resolving to feel guilty about it later, Kaoru reached into his pocket and withdrew an ornamental dagger from his pocket. He then raised his shirt to reveal an ornate belt with a silver buckle which held a crescent moon on it.

"Henshin!" Kaoru called as he inserted the dagger into the belt.

Kaoru's body was surrounded by an orb of white light as several smaller orbs appeared around him. Inside the small orbs were silver pieces of armor. The orbs then flew into the major orb before the light died down.

"I am the outcast who wields the blade of the moon and shall cut down all evil," Kaoru spoke. "Ore wa Ronin! Kenzan!"

Aoi's eyes widened in shock at what she just witnessed. Her Kaoru-sama had suddenly turned into a silver warrior. It was like something out of the old stories that her mother used to tell her when she was little. The noble samurai would come to the aid of the maiden in danger and protect her from the vile demons.

The Chain Spirit wasn't impressed. Instead, it roared loudly and drew one of the chains from its body. A large iron ball rested on the end as the monster prepared to fight Ronin.

Reaching down, Ronin grabbed the handle of his dagger and pulled and instead of the short blade of a dagger, it was now the full length of a katana. He gripped the sword and waited for the attack.

With a roar, the Chain Spirit threw the iron ball at Ronin. Aoi gasped as she was it coming at him but was relieved a little when she saw him roll to the side. The Chain Spirit was already pulling back its weapon as Ronin ran over and swung his blade down on the chain. The Chain Spirit fell backwards as Ronin approached him

Suddenly, the Chain Spirit unleashed several chains at Ronin and they tied around his waist, neck, and left wrist. Ronin struggled as the chains tightened and Aoi watched in horror as Ronin was thrown about by the Chain Spirit and smashed against the ground, making craters on impact. He was being thrown around and manhandled like a rag doll and there was nothing she could do but watch.

Ronin groaned in pain from the last smash but managed to recover quickly and slash down on the chains binding him, breaking them and freeing himself. The Chain Spirit lunged for him once more and he leapt backwards. He then charged forward once more, deflecting chains using his sword before getting up to the monster. He jumped up and smashed his feet into its masked face, sending it stumbling backwards before he unleashed a flurry of slashes, swinging his sword around as he cut into the Spirit's skin.

Aoi was entranced as she watched the young man she'd held a candle for so many years fight against a monster to protect her.

"Moon goddess, guide my hand," Ronin prayed gently. A white light emerged from his hand before a crystal was revealed with a kanji for moon in the centre. Gripping the crystal, he brought it to his sword. The handle opened to reveal a small chamber in the hilt. Placing the crystal inside, Ronin raised the blade again. The blade of the sword flashed with bright light before emerging as a giant blade with grooves etched in it. Like water, white energy filled the grooves. Ronin spun the blade in a counter-clockwise circle before holding the blade up. Ronin's eyes then flashed with white power.

"TSUKUYOMI!" Ronin bellowed as he charged forward, his armor beginning to shine like the moon.

Ronin sped forward like a flash of light. The Chain Spirit didn't get to move before Ronin flashed past it. Aoi wasn't sure, but she knew that something had moved in the instant that Ronin moved past the monster.

"RAAAAAAAHHHH!!" the beast bellowed as it suddenly began falling apart with a diagonal cut appearing across its body. The cut was glowing with white light, making it very obvious. The monster then exploded in a flash of white light, before the white energy compressed itself into a kanji for 'seal',

As the mark faded, Aoi could see Ronin standing a few feet behind the spot where the monster once stood. Seeing him stand proudly with the faint glow to his armor made Aoi's heart clench. Everything that happened between finding Kaoru, him getting angry at her, and then seeing all this; it was all too much. Finally, Aoi fainted with a soft gasp. He heard her and turned to see her passed out on the ground.

"Aoi-chan!" Ronin cried as he dashed to the young woman's side.

ZK: Chromedragozoid: Alright, another Kamen Rider fic set in an anime. Now, I questioned myself what it would be like for Kaoru to be a Rider so I wrote this. I hope you enjoy it.

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