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Chapter 1: a rude awakening

It has been 10 years since the D-Reaper's defeat. Our friends Guilmon and the other digimon decided to stay and live in the digital world and visit their tamers once a while. By now everyone on earth now knows about the digital world. There are 4 continentals that try to live together just like all the countries on earth. The countries on earth decided to help out the digital world by providing them with new buildings, parks, neighborhoods, pluming, electricity, furniture, and other stuff. The digital world was even given military weapons like guns, air crafts, war ships, bombs, and nuclear weapons. Each continent was funded by curtain countries. The Northern Continent was supported by the U.S.A and Great Britain. The Southern Continent was supported by Russia. The Eastern Continent was funded by Italy and Germany. Final the Western Continent was funded by France and Libya. Though high tensions have been arising through the continents, and there is an 85% chance that East and West could declare war on North and South. The digimon have been blessed with good fortune as they try to live a good life. Our story takes place in the Northern Continent which is where Guilmon and the others live now.

At Terriormon and Guilmon's new home

Terriormon and Guilmon decided not to separate from each other. They both bought a house and are now living together in a city called Tucks City. They still stay in touch with every one else. Guilmon and Renamon have gotten along much better since they came back from the human world. They would hang out every weekend and talked on the phone 4 times a week. It was a nice time in every ones lives. So it seemed.

It was late in the afternoon. Terriormon was in the living room watch TV while Guilmon was in the kitchen fixing himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, though you couldn't really tell if the sandwich had any jelly on it at all. Terriormon was watching his favorite comedian Chris Tucker on HBO when it was soon interrupted by a digital new castor.

"Guilmon come here quick!" called Terriormon. Guilmon quickly ran into the room to see what was wrong.

"What is it?" asked Guilmon

"Look" Terriormon grabbed the remote and turned up the volume.

"A digital crisis has arisen" said the anchormon, "The East and West Continents pleaded with North and South to claim more land from them to have better resources to use. North and South did not comply with East and West's plea. Now East and West have taken control of North and South continental islands 200 miles of the coasts. In taken control of friend territory North and South have now declared war against East and West."

"What?!" said Guilmon in shock.

"This is messed up" said Terriormon. Soon Renamon called about the news cast.

"Hello" answered Guilmon

"Did you just watch the news?" asked Renamon

"Yeah we just saw"

"I can't believe that the digital world is in a world war"

"I know, but we just have to try to live through this"

"I don't think we can. Don't forget that Cyberdramon joined the army not to long ago. He will have to go to war"

"It's ok Cyberdramon's a strong cookie. He won't die so easily."

"I hope your right Guilmon"

"I know I am. Hey Renamon, are we still up for this Saturday?"

"Yeah we are"

"Ok see you then bye" Guilmon soon hung up the phone while Terriormon heard the whole conversation.

"So," said Terriormon raising and eye brow, "What's going down this Saturday?"

"Me and Renamon are going out this weekend"

"It seems to me you two are going to more then just going out" Guilmon soon turned to him a little upset.

"What's that suppose to mean?" asked Guilmon

"Nothing" said Terriormon, "It's just that you two have been seeing a lot of each other and…" Terriormon was soon interrupted.

"It not like that," said Guilmon, "Renamon and I are just close friends; nothing more, nothing else. Besides she wouldn't be interested in me."

"Then who would she be interested in?"

"I don't know. Impmon, Cyberdramon, someone close to her personality" Guilmon was getting upset, "Don't you have to go to work"

"Oh I got fired" Guilmon looked at him confused

"How do you get fired from a burger place?"


Terriormon was called down to the manager's office. He soon walked in. There sitting behind the desk was a Weregarurumon.

"You wanted to see me sir?" asked Terriormon

"Yes Terriormon come in have a seat" Said Weregarurumon as he pointed to the seat in front of the desk. "Terriormon we've had some concerns that you may have been sneaking food."

"Whaaaaaat" said Terriormon as he tilted his head, "man anyone could be sneaking food."

"Yeah but the thing is we have you on tape." Weregarurumon put in a security tape and hit play. On that tape was Terriormon scarfing down 5 lbs. of fries and 2 burgers.

"Oh come on that could be any one" said Terriormon.

"Your fired. Get out"

Present Day

"It's a mystery" said Terriormon answering Guilmon's question.

"You really are something Terriormon" said Guilmon

"Something you can't live without?" asked Terriormon. Guilmon just rolled his eyes and went back to the kitchen.

Saturday in the downtown area

Guilmon and Renamon were in a café drinking decafe.

"So Terriormon got fired again?" asked Renamon laughing a little, "How many jobs that make it 17, 18?"

"30 actually" said Guilmon as he took a sip from his cup "hay Renamon can I ask you a hypothetical question?"

"Sure Guilmon" Guilmon began to blush a little.

"Say Impmon or Cyberdramon were to ask you out. How would you react?"

"Well if was Impmon I would tell him straight in his face that there is no way that will happen, and if it was Cyberdramon I would let him down gently. I don't really like guys like that. Why do you ask?"

"Oh no reason" soon the TV, that was showing an episode of Grace Anatomy, was soon turned to the news. "One more thing Renamon" said Guilmon, "you know my old friends Agumon and Biyomon right?"

"Yeah I know those two" said Renamon

"Well they're getting married in a few days and I'm invited to the wedding. I was wondering if you wanted to go." Renamon started to blush a little. Lucky for her it wasn't enough to be seen.

"Sure I would love to go. Where's being held?"

"It's being held in Turret City in the Southern Nation."

"I heard the ocean there are beautiful"

"That's why they're having it there"

"Now, onto information on the war" said the news caster. Guilmon's ears perked up and he soon turned his head to the left to see the TV.

"What's going on now?" asked Guilmon

To Be Continued…

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