A/N: Sorry for the wait. I needed a little hiatus. Now where we left off, incase you forgot, Renamon was wondering whether or not she should tell Guilmon her feelings. So we will find out right now.

Chapter 5: to confess or not to confess

"Hurry up Guilmon" yelled Terriormon from below as Guilmon was climbing the 40 foot tall tree.

"Shut up" replied Guilmon, "this is high". Guilmon continued to climb the incredibly tall tree. When he looked down he noticed that Renamon had just arrived.

"Hey Terriormon" said Renamon

"Oh hi Renamon," replied Terriormon, "you must be looking for Guilmon"

"Yeah, is he around?"


"Where is he?"

"Up the giant tree"

"Huh? What is he doing way up there?"

"HELP ME RENAMON!" yelled Guilmon

"He's trying to get the kite that he lost in the tree" said Terriormon


"Why aren't you up there?" asked Renamon

"You kidding, I'm afraid of heights" said Terriormon


"But you use to jump off of planes to sky dive for a living" said Renamon

"And how do you think I developed that fear? That shit was crazy" said Terriormon


"Guilmon stop making friends and get back to work"


"Well I hope he'll be ok" said Renamon a little nervous that Guilmon might fall.

"Don't worry he'll be fine"

"Hey let me ask you just a quick question. Why didn't you guys use the ladder?"

"What ladder?"

"The 45 foot ladder that's propped up against the garage"

"Oh I guess I didn't see that. Oh well too late now"

"GOD DAMN IT TERRIORMON," yelled Guilmon in anger, "I SAID SHOO YOU GOD DAMN BIRD". After five minutes Guilmon finally reached the top of the tree where the kite was in. "Ok I got the kite I'm sending it down to you now" said Guilmon as he dropped the kite and it fell down to earth. "Did you get it?"

"Yeah we got it," replied Terriormon, "come back down"


"The same way you climbed up"

"Ok I'll try" Guilmon slowly put his right foot on the branch below him, but the minute he did the tree snapped and Guilmon was now falling.

"Oh no he's fall," said Renamon "quick you use to jump out of planes give him some advise"

"Oh right. Guilmon you should never do that for a living the pay is horrible and the food is terrible" said Terriormon

"No, advise on how to land"

Oh right. Guilmon what you want to do is…" but before he could finish the screaming was turned to a big splat on the grown, but Terriormon didn't notice, "…tuck and roll at the last minute. That changes your kinetic energy into inertia and reduces you Ker-splat probability"

"Um Terriormon I think he's down already"


"Ow" said Guilmon in pain

"Renamon you are observant" said Terriormon. Renamon carried Guilmon inside and placed him on the couch. She grabbed a clean wash cloth and put it in some warm water in the sink. Terriormon was still playing with the kite outside. Renamon went back to Guilmon and placed the cloth on top of Guilmon's forehead.

"Thank you Renamon" said Guilmon still in pain.

"You're welcome" said Renamon, "you have to be more careful Guilmon."

"I know I'm sorry" Renamon finally whipped off the last bit of dirt on Guilmon's forehead. When she finished she looked deep into his eye and just started to blush uncontrollably.

"Should I tell him? I mean it's obvious that he cares a lot about me and there was that time when we almost kissed, but I don't know if he loves me like I do for him." Without realizing it she was her hormones finally kicked in. She started to ease her way to Guilmon. She got closer and closer to him and was now just an inch away from kissing him. Guilmon was confused on what Renamon was doing.

"Um…Renamon…you're getting pretty close" said Guilmon trying to snap her out of it, but Renamon wasn't paying any attention to anything. Soon there lips finally met. Guilmon was completely baffled by what Renamon was doing. The kiss only last a five second as Renamon finally realized what was going on. She quickly pulled away. "Renamon are you ok?" asked Guilmon.

"Yes I'm fine" answered Renamon

"Are you sure? There's nothing going on with you?"

"Yeah don't worry"

"Ok, just remember you're my best friend. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable around me" after that the phone rang. Guilmon tried to get up but was in pain still. So Renamon got up to answer it.

"Hello," answered Renamon, "Oh hello Agunimon… yes…ok…wait are you serious…but…yes…ok I'll tell him…thank you…goodbye."

"What is it Renamon?"

To Be Continued…

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