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Rating: M (I finally have an M rated fanfiction.)
Pairing: Rufus and Sephiroth
Warnings: Male sex and slight back-stabbing, mentions of child abuse

Rufus let his coat pool behind him, unbuckling the harness, stroking his fingers over the leather covering the general's crotch. He let out a little moan of appreciation as he felt the shape of the other's body. He raised his head, guiding Sephiroth's hands to his own pants, letting the other finish undressing him. He kissed him deeply, slipping a hand into the other's waistband and pulling down the leather. He gasped a little at the pale skin that was revealed. Sephiroth was so gorgeous, so perfect for him. He couldn't imagine the great general ever being like this with anyone before. He would be his first.

Sephiroth looked curiously at the young man before him, letting the other claim his lips. He stroked his hands down the other's thighs, making him moan slightly. Carefully he parted the young president's legs, reaching to stroke him.
"Do you have anything to make this easier?"

Rufus blinked in confusion, then realizing, shook his head.
"Sephiroth, no, you don't get to top. That's my job. I am the most powerful man in the world." He kissed Sephiroth very deeply, ignoring the momentary distress on the other's face. He stroked his shoulders, kissing his lips repeatedly. He frowned, looking at Sephiroth, waiting for him to agree and accept his demands.

Sephiroth nodded slowly, body tense. He couldn't do this, not again. He was better than that now, stronger. He was the great General, the demon of Wutai. He had managed to remove the old scientists who had previously made him suffer this. He could remember their hands and scalpels over his skin, sending shocks of agony running through him. He was so tense. He couldn't face the idea of letting Rufus penetrate him, couldn't relieve that torture. He'd been able to cope with the idea of being the one in control, being the one to take Rufus, but he couldn't deal with this. The arousal that had been caused by Rufus's touches and kisses had disappeared.

Rufus reached to stroke him, frowning at the way the other had frozen. He caressed the cascade of perfect silver hair. This wasn't how it was meant to be. It was meant to be incredible, fireworks, his gorgeous silver general sprawled out before him, moaning his name. Like he had in his dreams since they had first met. Sephiroth shouldn't have looked so uneasy, he should have been in total bliss.
"Sephiroth? Is something wrong?"

Sephiroth couldn't reply, didn't trust himself not to ruin his chance by saying the wrong thing. He closed himself from the situation, and concentrated on his breathing, gasping softly as Rufus gently brushed his lips against Sephiroth's, softly exploring the other's tongue with his mouth. He blinked as Rufus wrapped his fingers around his shaft, stroking him slowly.
"It's alright Sephiroth, my General. Relax, I will make sure it feels good for you..." He tried to focus on those gentle words, hoping that it would help. It did a little, and he felt the walls that had shot back up begin to melt.

Rufus smiled, continuing to stroke him. He wanted to enjoy this. As he felt Sephiroth react, he relaxed. This would be as perfect as it was meant to be. He began to slowly prepare the other, damp finger rubbing around his entrance before slowly pushing inside. He pumped the finger slowly, watching the other's reaction. When Sephiroth gasped slightly, he smiled.

Sephiroth still felt uncomfortable with this happening, but it was necessary. It had become part of his plan, and it wasn't that bad, the initial small flare of pain quickly giving way to pleasure. He moaned softly, even though he felt embarrassed, thrusting back against the other's fingers in the way that he knew he was expected to behave. Rufus continued.
"Tell me when you're ready Sephiroth..." He was stretching him slowly, kissing at the start of his neck. "You taste nice..."

Sephiroth closed his eyes, and then nodded. Rufus smiled, withdrawing his fingers and slowly pushing inside, stroking the other, kissing him deeply. Sephiroth had to lean down to reach the other's lips, but he did so, rocking his body against the other, snatching back some control that way. Rufus sped up, moaning loudly, panting. He'd never thought that it could be this good. He stroked the other faster, kissing his neck again. It was just like the fantasies he had been having since he first met him...well, almost. In those dreams Sephiroth had been far more eager, but this was more than adequate. He moaned as Sephiroth clenched, speeding up his stroking.
"I'm close Sephiroth..."

The next thing Rufus knew he was moaning the other's name, speeding up his frantic thrusts as he climaxed inside him, hand continuing to pump the general until he too climaxed, though far more quietly than Rufus.

Rufus pulled out and wiped them both clean with a tissue, enjoying the peaceful, almost blissful expression on his General's face. He cuddled up against him, kissing his face and stroking his hair. He smiled. This was so much better than he ever could have hoped for.

Sephiroth returned his kiss, then tried to get to sleep.

It was time. After months of waiting, months of kissing and touching, months of working together, Sephiroth would finally be able to kill Rufus. He hadn't been able to sleep the night before, he was so nervous and excited about this moment. The company would be his, the world would follow his orders, and he would be untouchable. Sephiroth watched the other resting.

Rufus turned over, cuddling closer to him, and Sephiroth held him tightly, running a hand up Rufus's arm and resting it on his throat. It would be so easy for him to squeeze it and kill the other, and then the world was his. He increased the pressure of his hand slightly, watching the way the other's breath responded. Those small, soft lips that had kissed him so many times parted a little. Sephiroth snatched his hand away from the other's throat, leaning to kiss him.

Rufus smiled as he woke up, kissing him back. He cuddled up against Sephiroth, holding onto both of his arms, stroking his manicured fingers over Sephiroth's sword-calloused ones. He looked up, ice blue eyes shining into emerald green ones.
"I am glad that you didn't kill me." He kissed him again.

Sephiroth froze, unable to process what had just been said. As it began to sink in, he moved away from the other's kisses.
" did you..." The other couldn't have known, it didn't make sense. If he knew, Sephiroth would have been dead by now.

Rufus leant up for another tender kiss, laughing slightly as he released Sephiroth's fingers and cuddled closer.
" beautiful Sephiroth...did you really think I was that blind?" At the other's stunned expression, he continued.
"I had a few suspicions since you asked what would happen on the event of my death. Since then, I had become more certain that that was what you were planning..." He kissed Sephiroth's fingertips, smiling a little. "But I also came to trust you more. You had already killed for me, and I watched the way you acted around me. My gorgeous lover...." He smiled, then held Sephiroth's hands firmly. "Of course, from now on, I will be the one controlling ShinRa's army, and you shall focus on being my lover. Any future attempts on my life will be taken seriously."

Sephiroth nearly choked at the other's expression.
" could you trust me with your life?" Rufus smirked.
"Oh, I didn't..." He whistled, and three Turks stepped into view, out of their hiding places in the en suite, cupboard, and under the bed. "If you had tried anything, you would have been killed." He yawned slightly, and smiled at the Turks. "You may leave." He cuddled up against Sephiroth and closed his eyes. "Wake me when I need to go for work."

Sephiroth watched the three retreating figures and held onto Rufus, stroking the other's blonde hair. He thought through what he had just learnt, that their entire relationship, the past six months... Rufus had been plotting against him just as much as he was plotting against Rufus. He watched the President sleeping peacefully, and wondered if he would ever be able to truly relax again. He wasn't even sure who had been leading these power games, but it was clearly Rufus who had won.