E.T the Extra-Terrestrial.

"Elliot!" Shouted Mr. Byrne, Elliot's Maths Teacher.

Elliot was in a trance, looking at the meaningless Algebra inside a triangle scribbled on the blackboard, until his teacher brought him back down to earth.

"Yes, sir?" He replied, with a start.

"I have asked you this question several times now."

"What's that, Sir?" He asked.

"What is A if B and Z are 50 degrees?"

"Umm..." He said blankly, "Is it A for Algebra?"

The whole class erupted into a state of screams and laughter.

"QUIET!" Screamed Allan Byrne.

The class fell silent within seconds, apart from the odd giggle and mock.

"What have I been talking about the past half hour, young Elliot?" Hissed Byrne.

"Uh… Triangles and numbers?"

"Detention." Said Allan, Gritting his teeth.

"What? You've been talking about detention for three fourths of this period?" Asked Elliot, sarcastically, not bothering if he got into more trouble because he already had detention lined up.

The class broke out into another spasm of laughter.

"Way to go, Elliot!" Shouted Ricky, A boy two months younger than Elliot and had moved up next door to him just a few days ago.

Elliot grinned while Mr. Byrne wrote out a detention slip.

"I will see you this afternoon." Grumbled Allan.

"Yeah." Said Elliot, taking the slip out of Mr. Byrne's hand, "Thanks."

The classroom was still in a huge laughing fit, but deep inside Elliot felt horrid.

It had been three years since E.T had left Elliot staring up at the clear night sky in his Halloween costume, with his younger sister by his side. Each day from then on Elliot had longed to see his one true friend again. He felt he had a strong bond with E.T. Each day Elliot kept on thinking about what E.T said to him before departing into the Galaxy.

"I'll be right here."

The words never left him. Although he knew E.T was still in his heart, Elliot was beginning to become mad with not being able to physically see his best friend again.

Elliot resumed his usual position in Maths class and stared blankly through the board.