What Elliot saw when he entered the white tent was totally what he expected to see; plastic curtains hanging all around in different areas, tubes and wires hanging everywhere above and below him, and, greatest of all, There, in the centre of the room, Was E.T.

Elliot rushed up to the clear medical curtains and ripped them down off their rails above, before nearly practically jumping on his long gone friend which he had found again. E.T looked pale.
"It's okay." Elliot whispered, looking up and down at his friend's frail looking body, "It's okay." He repeated.

Elliot put his index finger on E.T's greyish chest. It was cold to the touch. He slowly retracted his finger back to his side and stared at E.T for a brief moment before devising a sketchy plan to get him and his friend out without alerting anybody, or at least, getting out in one piece and back to his house safely.

What did that word mean? You could never be safe, within reason.

Shaking his head to clear his mind, Elliot began to carefully push the metal framed medical bed that E.T was on through the tent, bumping over many wires in the process. Cords and electrical items that were attached to E.T slowly fell off or peeled away. Elliot just hoped that those things were for monitoring alien thoughts and not to keep E.T alive.
No. E.T wasn't alien.
He was Elliot's friend. Equal.

Once Elliot had wheeled E.T over to the entrance of the canvas tent, he peered outside cautiously. Damn. The two men were now sitting on a pile of canvas tents that were not put up; just one chucked on top of the other messily. They were facing in his direction.

What could he do? He most certainly not make a dash for it, they would be on top of him before he knew anything else. And if he did make it away, there was always the driver of the van.


Elliot left E.T where he was and ran over to the opposite end of the tent.

There was another doorway.

Where it went, Elliot didn't know. But it led somewhere and anywhere was better than here.

He peered through it. It looked like a normal backdoor, just leading out into the forest. It could be a good thing.

Elliot shot his eyes over to a tangle of electrical cables near where E.T previously lay in the plastic curtain area. Sparks.

He ran over to his friend, E.T, and began dragging the bed back towards the cables. E.T made a groaning like sound.
"It's okay." Elliot whispered, it seemed that was all he could whisper.

Finally, Elliot slipped his hand under E.T's cold head and abdomen, then gently placed him on the cold floor. Then Elliot tipped the bed onto its side, then realising that the bed had a tank below it, which looked explosive, Elliot grinned a devilish grin. Once the bedsheets were spread over the floor equally everywhere, Elliot took a handful of wires and a basin of water.
"Let's just hope this works." Elliot said through gritted teeth.