Alright, So this story was originally started by dreamskribbler. However, after thirteen chapters she became too busy due to school, and decided to hand the story off to me. So, for these first thirteen chapters they are the lovely work of dreamskribbler (There will be a link to her in my profile, asap)


Is this class ever going to end? I swear Tuesdays are the worst. It is bad enough that I am stuck in this God awful World-Civ class that lasts almost two hours taught by a professor that defines teaching as reading the power point slides to us, but it is only made worse because he is in this class too.

I cannot stand Edward Cullen. He is the most selfish, egotistical, gorgeous-in the way that he knows, and flaunts it- jock I have ever seen in my entire life. I cannot stand the way he just casually strides around campus with his own personal flock of girls who follow him around like lost puppies. And what does he do? He pretends he doesn't even notice, he acts like they don't exist. He probably thinks that no girl short of a super model is worthy enough to be seen in public with him.

I don't just hate him for things that don't technically relate to me. One time when I went to pick up my brother Emmett from a party that he and the rest of the football team were attending, Edward Cullen made the most disgusted look I have ever seen when he saw my truck, and I do NOT take well to people offending my truck. I am so sorry Mr. Cullen, not all of us can drive shiny Volvo's like you…Jerk. Ugh…He makes me sick.

Emmett gets on my case a lot because I never actually "gave Edward a chance." Ok, so I have never actually "met" him, why bother? I have seen all I need to. Not that I don't think that he is the most attractive person I will ever see in person for as long as I live, but I really feel no need to meet him. Emmett thinks if I do I would "really like him." HA. NO. Sorry Emmett, you may be best friends with the guy, but that doesn't mean I have to be too.

I looked over at the clock at the wall. 1:15…ugh…wasn't it just 1:20? Is time going backwards?

I decided to scan the classroom to see what my fellow classmates were doing, since I had already printed my notes and read the chapter leaving me with no reason to be listening to Dr. Derham's lecture.

I sat near the back by the door, so I could make a quick get away, so I could see most of the class. In the front were the few people participating in class, asking questions, taking notes, writing down every word that came out of the professor's mouth. I could not imagine working that hard for just one class. A few people had their computers with them, most of them were on the internet, on various web pages. Some were checking on items they had purchased online, some looking at someone's profile on one of those networking sites, and of course there were some guys looking at some…well…lets just call it male entertainment sites. Some of the other people were reading books, like my best friend Angela, she had just gotten addicted so this series about vampires, others were sleeping. Over in the right corner is where he sat with Emmett. Emmett was struggling to keep his eyes open, while Edward looked genuinely interested in every word the professor was saying. Of course they didn't sit alone; they were surrounded on all sides by their entourage of girls, who were alternating their stares between the two boys. Gag.

I couldn't help but find myself glaring at the back of Edward's strange messy brown hair, didn't he own a hair brush? Or was he just too lazy in the morning?