Hello everyone,

First of all I'd like to apologize- I've been near computerless these past few months and havn't been able to get to a computer. I was, however, under the impression that I would continue writing on a regular schedule once I got full computer access back, and school had started.

Another 'unfortunately', my schedule has become insanely hectic this semester. I have four subjects in school, a night course and an online course, two extra curriculars that I'm heading, two other extra curriculars I'm apart of, I need to write and direct another play this year that will go on to compete with other schools in my district (hopefully!), I'm trying to start an improv team at my school (I recently found out they have competitions in my region), and while doing all that I have a part-time job that I work 4 shifts a week at, and of course studying for my SATs on Nov 7th. (Yes, I am in Canada, but I'm applying to some schools in the states therefore require them)

So, as that entire paragraph was not a hyperbole or an exaggeration, I'll have a little bit of trouble juggling two stories. (I still plan to do my best on Dare To Care though) but I won't be able to continue this fanfic.

So, as we come full circle and with irony- I had taken over this fanfic because dreamskribbler wasn't able to continue because of school- now she has graciously offered to do the same for me.

I thank you all for reading this, and accepting me as the new writer when I was- not I'm sure you'll be contented to read her wonderful work again. The link to her profile can be found on my profile.

Happy reading,