I grasped Jacob's hand, with one hand, and massaged my (hopefully) pregnant belly. We were in Carlisle's office, which had recently been acquainted with a large, bulky ultrasound machine that filled most of the room. I wanted to have a baby with Jacob before it was too late, and this was my first ultrasound. Carlisle was in the other room, getting ready.

Over the past few weeks, ever since we found out that I was pregnant, Jacob and I had drawn oodles of pie charts and Punnett squares, trying to figure out what the composition of our baby would be. We had deduced that he or she would be three quarters human, one quarter vampire, and, when the time came, they would become a werewolf. Jacob and I were excited, and hoping dearly that we would have a beautiful, happy baby within a few months.

Carlisle entered then, holding some medical equipment that I couldn't find any sort of name or use to. I knew nothing about medicine. Carlisle stepped up to me gracefully, and began to apply a strange gel to my abdomen. I had seen it on television, and once when I'd visited the hospital with Carlisle, but I had no idea what it was for. I looked at Jacob, who gave me a reassuring smile. Carlisle was now studying the X-ray, a small crease above his forehead. He frowned, but kept perusing the rounded trapezoid of light on the screen. Finally, he sighed and put his ear to my stomach. After listening for over a minute, he finally stood up, his golden eyes an ocean of sorrow.

"I'm sorry, Nessie," he said. "There's nothing there." And then, I was crying, and Jacob was holding me, as if I were days old again. Now, I could never have a baby, because my seven years were nearly up. I would never, ever be a mother. I kept sobbing, until I wept myself to sleep in Jacob's arms.