I don't know how this story's going to work out, but I think it's worth a try. So here goes it


"Edward, you have to tell her today." Emmett complained to the backseat. He was referring to my best friend (and secret love of my life) Bella Swan. He's been trying, to no avail, to get me to tell her that I liked her as much more than a friend.

"Emmett, you've been trying to tell me that I 'have to tell her today' for the past 3 months, and I keep telling you, I'll tell her when the time is right."

"And when will the time be right? When she's off to Dartmouth and you're off to Juilliard?" Alice piped in.

"I don't know, when I feel like the time is right." Luckily we pulled into the school before they could say anything else.

Emmett went off to look for Rosalie and Alice for Jasper. I went off to find Bella at her locker.

Rosalie and Jasper were Bella's half-sister and half-brother. Our parents are good friends, so it was almost expected that we started to like each other. Emmett and Rose started going out almost 4 years ago, Alice and Jasper a year after, so of course I've been crushing (hard) on Bella for two years.

I didn't find Bella at her locker, so I went to home room; I knew Bella would be there.

But she wasn't, Emmett and Alice sat alone and I walked over to them.

"Where are they?" I asked. They both shrugged. "Maybe they'll show up late."

They didn't. I expected them to come by lunch, they didn't. By fifth period I was really starting to worry. They had never taken so much as a sick day. Where could they all be now?

It was sixth period that I found out.

"Edward, Alice, and Emmett Cullen please report to the guidance office immediately." The usually bored sounding secretary had a slight hint of emotion in her voice now.

Great what did Emmett do now?

I grabbed my things and hurried down. Emmett and Alice where already sitting on the chairs outside her office, fidgeting nervously.

"What'd you do Emmett?"

"Nothing." He said defensively "I think." He muttered

"You can come in now." A voice called. We stepped inside. The lady looked nice. She was a middle-aged woman with laugh lines on her face, brown hair, and she was maybe a little taller than Alice. I'm sure she would look warm and gentle and trustworthy when she smiled.

She was not smiling.

It was more of a frown, the kind of look someone had when they were about to do something particularly unpleasant.

"Sit down, make yourselves comfortable." We sat obediently. She sighed and began.

"Now, you are good friends with the Swans-Hales, correct?" We nodded. Oh no, something bad happened, had they moved, were they in jail? The guidance counselor sighed again. "I wish…This is the part about this job that I hate. Well Isabella…"

"Bella." I corrected automatically

"Yes, Bella. Well, Bella has decided to…" I wanted to know, so badly, but could I handle it. How bad could it be? "She's decided to end her own life." That bad. She looked at us, as if we were about to spontaneously combust. But we just sat there, shocked, frozen in place. It was Emmett who ended the silence.

"IS THIS SOME KIND OF SICK JOKE?!"He boomed, so loud that kids passing by in the hallway had to cover their ears.

"I'm…I'm afraid not." The guidance counselor said, shaking her head slowly.


"They were at the hospital all night and this morning, she wasn't announced dead until this afternoon."

Alice sobbed at the word dead. "Its…all…my…fault…I'm…supposed…to…be…her…best…friend…and …I…wasn't…there for her." She choked out between cries.

"Dear, you shouldn't blame yourself. Bella was unhappy with her life. It's not your fault." Alice just shook her head and cried more. I even saw Emmett tear up a little. I just continued to sit there in shock.

"You, are allowed to go home, we don't expect you to go through the rest of the day. If I were you I would go and offer her family your condolences. We will be offering grief counseling, if you need it. The rest of the school will be informed in an assembly tomorrow; the family wanted you to be the first to know." We all just nodded.

Emmett went and started the car. Alice stood next to me bawling. I still hadn't said a word.

I couldn't believe it. I had so many opportunities to tell her how I felt, and I blew them all. She would never know how I felt, and I would never know how she felt. All the opportunities, all the chances, they were gone.

She was gone.

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