So I know its been a while, like a really long while but I do have good excuses. Like my computer breaking and just recently getting a new one for starters. So this one's not gonna be really long or anything, as usual, but I figure I'll do something. So here goes:

I don't know how long I slept for. It felt like minutes but based on the amount of light coming from the window it had more likely been hours. I woke up to a gentle tapping at my door.

"Come in" I managed to call. It was Alice who opened the door. Her eyes were puffy and red, her normally straight posture was distorted and hunched up and for the first time since she discovered it, she was wearing no makeup. She looked miserable, probably the same way I looked.

"Hi, I came to ask you to come out of your room. Now is a time where we all need to support each other and locking yourself away from us is not going to help any of us." Her voice was hoarse and her words slower than her usual fast paced tone. I felt bad for her, though her words got on my nerves. "I also came to give you this." She handed me a manila envelope. It had no address on it, just my name in blocky letters. For a second my curiosity over came the sadness, then immediately went right back.

"Thanks Alice. I'm just…tired" I replied. She nodded understandingly then turned towards the door.

"Just remember, you're not the only one who lost someone Edward, we're all here for you." Then she stepped out of the room, shutting my door silently.

I stared at the envelope in my hand. I had no idea what was inside it. I wasn't expecting mail; I mean who sends mail anymore anyways? Once again my curiosity got the best of me and I opened it up.

Inside there was a map of town, on it were a bunch of tiny Xs. I stared at the Xs and tried to make a connection. I got nothing from them.

I flipped it over and saw a letter in handwriting I knew all too well:

Dear Edward,

I sent this to you because I did something horrible. Something completely unforgivable and you have every right to hate me for it. I'm sorry for doing this to everyone, but I'm especially sorry for doing this to you. You were always a good friend to me and I'm so, so sorry that it had to turn out this way. That being said I want you to follow this map, because I know that you are probably wondering why I did this. And for me to properly explain that I need you to follow the Xs, to be in these places while I tell you my side. First go to the park, in the toy shed there should be an envelope just like this one. You just might have to do some breaking and entering. I'm sorry again, I hope this will help you forgive me.



I never thought I'd ever hear from her again, it was like having a piece of her again if I went to the places and read more of her letters.

I grabbed my coat and car keys and rushed out of my room. I hurried past my family towards the front door.

"Where are you going Edward?" My mom called after me

"To meet up with an old friend"