June 1984

Hinamizawa was a peaceful little village with a population of roughly 2000 people. Of course this village hid a deep dark secret. Every year, for four years since the building of the dam, during the night of the Watanagashi Festival, one person had died and one person had gone missing each year. This was known as the Curse of Oyashiro-sama.

The story itself would've focused on the following characters: Keiichi Maebara, Rena Ryuugu, Satoko Houjou, Rika Furude, Hanyuu Furude, Mion and Shion Sonozaki. However, that would not be for our story would focus on a new character who would likely change Hinamizawa forever.

"Dad, he's waking up."

"OK, Rena. Just keep him warm, alright?"

He groaned as his eyes slowly fluttered open and he found himself looking at a girl with chin length brown hair, blue eyes, and a halo of light around her head. It was actually the light from the ceiling above her but it still looked radiant.

"Am I in Heaven, coz I see an angel…" the boy uttered, causing the girl to blush.

"Oh…" the girl was speechless. Nobody had ever called her an angel before.

The young boy, a teenager, sat up in the futon and sneezed. The girl gave him a tissue and he blew into it. "Arigato."

"I'm glad to see you're awake," spoke an older man with glasses as he came into the room. He slowly got down on his knees. "We were worried."

"Thank you," the boy spoke. "Where am I and how did I get here?"

"You're in our house in Hinamizawa," the man said. He introduced himself as Mr. Ryuugu. "And the one who found you is my daughter, Rena."

"I was on my way home when I found you lying in the rain," spoke Rena.

The boy blinked. "You carried me home, alone?" She must be strong.

"Well, it's not very hard," Rena stated, blushing modestly.

"So, what were you doing out in the rain?" asked Mr. Ryuugu.

"Um…" the boy's eyes darted around. "I don't remember…" He looked down at himself and saw that he was bandaged. "Where are my clothes?"

"When I brought you back, we took off your clothes because they were soaked. We found a lot of bruises on you too," said Rena, blushing. "And we tried to look for any identification but we couldn't find anything."

"We think you might've been mugged," said Mr. Ryuugu. "And then beaten up."

"I guess," the boy said. He had trouble remembering anything for some reason.

"What's your name?" asked Rena.

"It's…It's…" the boy tried to recall until a name came to mind. "Shinichi Sanban."

"Well, Sanban-kun, welcome to Hinamizawa," said Mr. Ryuugu. "We'll call the authorities to see if they can help you, but for now you are welcomed to stay with us."

"Thank you," said Shinichi gratefully.

Mr. Ryuugu called the police to try and help Shinichi find any family he could contact, but they couldn't find anyone matching Shinichi's description, and without any identification, they really didn't have anything to go by except for his name. He only remembered his name and some minor details, but the rest of his past was a mystery. With nowhere else to go, Rena and Mr. Ryuugu took Shinichi in.

Shinichi stayed with the Ryuugus and slowly became part of their family. He wasn't a freeloader, however, and helped out around the house as much as he could. He would clean and even cook sometimes. Mr. Ryuugu did have to buy Shinichi new clothes since his old ones were ruined from the mugging, but he was happy to do so for the young amnesiac.

Shinichi mostly stayed in the house and rarely ventured outside, except at night. When Rena asked him why, he just told him that he loved the peace and quiet which was accompanied by the soft chirping of crickets.

Shinichi also learnt that Rena had a strange obsession for things she perceived as cute and wanting to take them home. Shinichi asked if she had brought HIM home because he was cute, which she responded by blushing and then smacking him.

Shinichi also went to school with Rena and had befriended her group of friends as well. At first he felt strange by sitting in a classroom with kids of different ages and grade levels, but he got accustomed to it quickly.

He'd even joined the Gaming Club at Rena's insistence. Actually, everyone insisted he join. Keiichi was just glad he wouldn't be the only boy anymore in their club.

He remembered the day it happened...

"OK, today we officially welcome Shinichi Sanban into the Club!" announced Mion.

"Huh?" blinked Shinichi. "Me?"

"Well, you do hang out with us a lot," said Satoko.

"And I won't be only guy here anymore," added Keiichi.

"All in favour?" asked Mion. Everyone raised their hands. "All opposed?" They dropped their hands. "Welcome, Shin-chan!"

"Hey, don't I have a say in this? Crap," frowned Shinichi. Before now, he just watched from the sidelines. The Punishment Game rule seemed both cruel and unusual. He'd seen Keiichi lose a few times before and didn't want to end up cosplaying as a maid or something even more humiliating. He felt Rika tugging his sleeve and looked over to her.

"Nipah," she let out with a bright smile.

"OK, I'm in," said Shinichi with a sigh.

And, today was just another day in Shinichi's new life in Hinamizawa.

"Hey, Shin-chan!" Mion greeted loudly as she slapped Shinichi in the back. He yelped in pain as he was thrown forwards.

"Dammit, Mion!" Shinichi cried. "Do you have to do that everyday?" He frowned.

"Aw, I just like messing with ya," the girl laughed.

"Good morning, Shin-chan," greeted Shion, Mion's identical twin sister. Unlike her sister, Shion wasn't a tomboy. However, since both looked identical, they sometimes liked to mess with people by switching places and it was impossible to tell the apart when they did.

"Good morning, Shion," Shinichi greeted back.

Rena giggled and then waved at Keiichi Maebara as he walked over. "Keiichi-kun, let's go to school together!"

At school, they met up with the three younger members of their group. They were Rika, Hanyuu and Satoko.

As soon as Keiichi walked through the door, Shinichi warned, "Watch your step."

Keiichi caught the warning too late and tripped on a wire, activating several traps aimed at him.





At the end of it, Keiichi was covered in flour, had water poured over him that made the flour wet, and covered in feathers. "Sa…To…Ko!" Keiichi seethed.

"Haha!" the blonde prankster laughed. "Once again, Keiichi-san got caught in one of my traps!"

Everyone else couldn't help but laugh as Keiichi stomped out of the classroom to get himself cleaned up.

For school, Shinichi wore something similar to Keiichi, save for that he wore a scarf around his neck and a black vest. When Rena asked him about the scarf, he just shrugged and told her that it was something he wanted to wear.

In appearance, he was fairly average looking with indigo hair and matching eyes. His hair was cut short and parted in the middle. Two strands of it stuck out at the top of his head like bug antennae. There was a scar above his left eyebrow but it was hidden by his bangs. Oddly, it was shaped like the Roman numeral 'XIII'.

The final bell rang and all the students returned home, save for the Gaming Club. "What are we gonna do today?" asked Shinichi.

"How about Old Geezer?" suggested Mion.

"Excuse me, but I think those cards can't be used, since you can all correctly guess what's on them," pointed out Shinichi.

"So, what do you suggest?" asked Shion.

"How about a NEW deck?" said Shinichi as he slipped a deck of cards from his vest pocket. Mion blanched. New cards meant no markings to differentiate them. That meant the senior club members didn't have any sort of advantage. "Unless you're scared…"

"Hah, no way!" Mion accepted the challenge. "Bring it on!"

"Mii-chan is fired up," giggled Rena.

Everyone was out of cards and it all came down to a confrontation between Mion and Shinichi. It was Shinichi's turn to pick. If he picked wrong, then Mion would win when she picked his card. He just needed one more pair to win.

"Heh, heh, heh," snickered Mion. "Which one is it, Shin-chan?"

Shinichi glowered and then glanced up at Mion's blue eyes. With a smirk, he then picked the right card and paired it up with his own. "I'm done."

"WHAT!' shouted out Mion.

"You lost, Mion," chuckled Keiichi. "Now Shinichi can make you do anything he wants."

Mion grumbled and then blanched as she saw Shinichi snickering. "OK, what do you want me to do?"

"The Watanagashi festival is coming up, right?" asked Shinichi. He'd heard about it from the locals and it sounded fun.

"Yeah, and we're gonna go together," said Mion.

"Well…" Shinichi crossed his arms thoughtfully as he rocked back and forth on his seat. "Hm…"

"Hurry up already!" Mion said impatiently.

"I want you, Mion…to kiss Shion, on the lips, at the festival," Shinichi challenged.

"WHAT!" the twins shrieked.

"Nice one!" snickered Keiichi.

"Twin sisters kissing…" Rena imagined it with starry eyes. "So cute…OMOCHIKAERI (I wanna take it home)!"

"With tongue," finished Shinichi. Shion and Mion blushed crimson.

"You are one sick and twisted bastard, Shin-chan," said Mion with a growl.

"Hey, if I'd lost you would've come up with something even more humiliating," Shinichi said with a shrug. "I'll bring a camera to take a picture for posterity." He winked.

For the following days reaching up to the festival, Shinichi was feeling a little anxious. He had a feeling like something bad was going to happen. He didn't dare tell this to Rena and Mr. Ryuugu since he didn't want to worry them. Maybe he was just being paranoid…

But…he just felt sick to his stomach for some reason as the days counted down to the night of the festival. He could sense that, deep down, something horrible was going to happen.

He dashed those worries away as he adjusted his camera. It was an old one Mr. Ryuugu had given to Shinichi. It hadn't worked in years but the boy had been able to fix it. On the night of the festival he was going to take a picture of Shion and Mion kissing.

"Hm…twincest…" grinned Shinichi perversely. "Oh, I can't wait." While Rena liked cute things, Shinichi liked perverted things. Mostly, he could be caught staring at Shion and Mion's breasts. Rika would always be the one to catch him doing such a thing.

It was the night of the festival and Shinichi joined Rena as they went to meet up their friends. Rena was wearing her cute white dress with the matching hat. As for Shinichi, he was wearing a sleeveless red hoodie with a grasshopper on it, denim shorts that came down to his knees and some comfortable sneakers. Hanging from his neck was the camera.

This was the first festival he'd ever been to as far as he knew. Most of the memories of his past were gone but he was making new ones with his camera. He himself was taking pictures of the festival grounds as they all played the games and ate the food being sold there.

"OK, Shin-chan!" announced Mion as she stood at the shooting gallery. "Take your best shot!"

Shinichi picked up the rifle and took aim at all the prizes lined up in front of him. "Hm…which one…?" He noted cute little doll that Rena may like and also a teddy bear. There were some smaller prizes too. "Which…?" He squinted.

Suddenly, a flash of images invaded his mind causing him to drop the rifle and clutch his head. His friends were shouting to him but their voices were muted as he fell to his knees.

Dark figures prowling around and surrounding a figure with large green eyes. The figure attacked in a flurry of movements, showing no mercy to the figures. He used a brutal pattern of punches and kicks to subdue those surrounding him. Then, he was facing a large figure…

"Shinichi-kun!" Rena cried out as Shinichi caught her voice. "Are you okay?"

The teenager rose up to his feet and flashed a smile to Rena, in an attempt to relieve her. "I'm fine. I just had a headache."

"Hey, maybe you should sit down and-" Mion suggested but was cut off.

"And miss you twins smooching? Nuh-uh!" Shinichi wagged his finger. "You're not going to get away THAT easily." He gave a devious smirk and wink. "One way or another I'm gonna catch you two kiss."

"Lousy blackmailer…" growled Mion. "I hate you."

"Aw…don't be like that," said Shinichi, mocking sadness.

"I liked you better when we first met," said Mion.

Shinichi frowned. Back then he'd felt lost and confused, opening up only to Rena. It was because of his friends that he developed a more cheerful personality…even if it was completely obnoxious to some.

"Well, people change," said Shinichi with a huff. He licked his lips. "So…anybody up for some cotton candy?"

"Oh, no!" Mion interrupted. "You gotta win a-"


"We have a winner!" the man at the shooting gallery announced as he handed Shinichi a teddy bear. Mion gawked as Shinichi had taken the shot without looking.

"You were saying?" smiled Shinichi.

"Lucky bastard," muttered Mion. Shinichi then handed her the teddy bear. "Huh?"

"Hey, you look better with a smile anyway," said Shinichi as he raised up his camera. "May I?"

"OK, sure," nodded Mion. He took a picture of her.

"Shinichi and Mion are such good friends," observed Shion.

"Yeah, they are," agreed Keiichi.

"Aw…so cute…" Rena giggled.

Rika and Hanyuu, however, were wearing serious expressions on their faces. Shinichi's sudden headache must've meant something, but what?

Dark figures were approaching the village, moaning nonsense as they marched like zombies. What were they and what did they want? Nothing good, that was for sure.

Shinichi took pictures of Rika as she performed her dance at the shrine. To see such a young girl play the part of the shrine priestess was amazing, and her performance was simply breathtaking. It was hard to imagine that she was so young and yet so competent. Well, after the death of her parents maybe she had to take up some responsibilities, this being one of them.

"Rika-chan is amazing, isn't she?" asked Rena.

"Yes, she is," nodded Shinichi. "Of course, something even more amazing is gonna happen tonight…" He leered at the twins and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Shion and Mion blushed. Mion herself was just wishing she could wipe that smile off Shinichi's face. It was so annoying.

With balls of cotton in hand, the entire village went to the river to send the cotton balls drifting down. Seeing all the floating balls of cotton drifting down stream gave Shinichi a feeling of peace. It was like any sins he might've committed in the past, which he didn't remember, had been sent away.

"OK, girls, pucker up!" said Shinichi to the twins. He raised his camera. "And make it a nice, long and wet smooch."

"Oh, shut up, you perv!" Mion snapped. She faced Shion who was blushing nervously.

"Oi! Oi!" encouraged Keiichi. "Hurry it up!"

"I'm gonna do it, okay!" snapped Mion. She leaned in close to her sister, closing the gap between them, as their friends leaned in close. Shinichi got ready to take a picture when all of a sudden…


That snapped Shinichi's attention away from the twins who seemed relieved before panic overtook them. Dark figures were approaching them and despite their silhouettes in the dark, they weren't human. They looked like skeletons covered in human skin and had sharp fingertips and toes. They had sunken eyes and their mouths were wide open as they moaned.

A few unlucky villagers were attacked and killed by the things who tore open their throats with their claws and teeth. Many villagers fled but not all.

Shinichi was rooted to the spot as he stared at them. One word came to mind, "Darklings…" Gripping his camera, he went to confront the things despite his friends' protests.

"Shin-chan!" shouted Mion.

"You guys go! I'll hold them off!" shouted back Shinichi. He aimed his camera at them and flashed them with the light. They all howled. "Light hurts them." How did he know that?

Rena was being dragged away by Keiichi but she was reluctant to leave Shinichi behind. She wrenched her hand away from Keiichi's and ran towards Shinichi. "RENA!" shouted Keiichi.

"Come on!" encouraged Mion. "We gotta go help." At her command, the other Club members followed. Of course, how were they going to help.

Shinichi continued to flash the Darklings with his camera. It didn't hurt them all that much, just slowed them down. He then heard a familiar shout, "Shinichi-kun!" He whipped his head around.

"Rena! Baka, get away!" he snapped. This moment of distraction allowed one of the Darklings to slap his camera away.

The Darklings surrounded Mion, Shion, Satoko, Rika, Keiichi, Hanyuu and Rena.

Seeing the Darklings about to attack his friends, made Shinichi yell out in anger, "LEAVE THEM ALONE!"

Shinichi saw himself, standing in a circle of Darklings. He was dressed differently, sporting a black jacket and blue jeans. Next to him was a hi-tech looking bike that was colored black and white with 13 stamped in the front. "Darklings, be sent back to the darkness." He placed his hands in front of his waist where a strange belt was wrapped around it. He then called out, "Henshin!"

Shinichi did the same and shouted out, "HENSHIN!" The belt in his vision appeared and it released a bright light that caused the Darklings to scream out in terror and back away from the group. Keiichi, Satoko, Shion, Mion, Rika and Rena stared.

Once the bright glow dimmed, they saw what appeared to be jigsaw puzzle pieces coming together over Shinichi's body. He now was completely clad in a suit of armor that was colored black and white. The bodysuit under said armor was white.

The torso armor was black with a white chest. White gauntlets adorned his forearms as black boots adorned his legs. Black armor plating covered the sides of his arms and legs. The number 13 was stamped on his left shoulder.

His head was completely concealed under a black helmet with a white strip of metal running down the middle. A pair of insect antennae poked out from his forehead in a 'V'. There was a silver mouthplate with horizontal stripes on it. Finally, to complete the insect-like look was a pair of large green eyes.

Around his waist was a belt with a green crystal in the centre. Within the crystal was XIII, the Roman numeral for '13'

"Let's Ride: Showa!" announced Shinichi.

Showa…that was his new name in this form.

His friends were stunned by the transformation and were rooted at the spot as Showa faced the Darklings. "Heh, this won't take long," he said cockily.

The dark figures, Darklings, shifted their attention from the three teens and towards the armoured man. He charged at them as they clumsily tried to attack him. His fists flew through the air as he smashed them into the Darklings, striking them violently in the chest and head. He swung his legs and kicked them away brutally. It seemed awfully violent, but there was no room for mercy when it came to Darklings.

He backhanded one Darkling but then they all tackled and started to dog-pile him. Rena yelled out, "Shinichi-kun!"

The Darklings were then sent flying as the armoured Showa tossed them off him and he threw his arms into the air. He then ran at the scrambling Darklings and leapt high up with a shout out, "RIDER JUMP!" before coming back down with his feet out shouting, "RIDER KICK!"

The kick slammed into one of the Darklings and into the rest of its comrades. However, the kick had contained Showa's power and it was transferred into the Darkling. Once it touched the others, the energy in his kick transferred. All the Darklings glowed before they vanished into nothingness.

Satisfied, Showa was ready to go back to his friends when he sensed that something was off. He looked over and saw a pool of darkness growing from the spot where the Darklings had perished. He stepped back and watched as something big rose up from it.

It looked like a giant statue made of wooden logs. Its main body was made up of logs that were joined together in segments and so were its arms and legs. It had several eyes covering its body and the logs that made up the arms were sharpened into wooden stakes.

This was no mere Darkling. This was a Darkloid.

"Not good," gulped Showa as the 10 foot tall monster lumbered towards him. It swung at him, prepared to impale him on the stakes. Showa leapt backwards but was backhanded hard in the chest, sending him tumbling along the ground. He stopped rolling and looked up to see his friends concerned faces. "Guys, get away!" he ordered.

"No way!" protested Mion. "As your Club Leader, I'm not leaving you behind!"

"Damn it, Mion! This isn't a game!" snapped Showa as he got back to his feet. He had to protect them. They were the dearest friends he'd ever known.

"Well, there's something we CAN do," said Mion. She whipped out a flashlight and turned it on before pointing it at the Wood Darkloid. It hissed out in pain as it backed away from the light. Keiichi and Shion also had flashlights and were shining them on the Wood Darkloid. Rena hands were holding Shinichi's camera and she was flashing at the monster too. Hanyuu, Rika and Satoko only tossed rocks at the monster.

As stubborn and stupid as he believed his friends were, they were loyal. They were true friends, which was why he had to protect them.

A new memory flashed in his mind and Showa called out, "Let's Ride: RX!" His entire body flashed and when it died down his armor had changed. It was green and black and like before resembled a bug because of the large red eyes and antennae. His friends just gawked at the change but recovered from their shock quickly to bombard the monster with light.

Reaching down to his belt, a sword handle came out from the crystal and he gripped it. With a cry of, "REVOLCANE!" Showa pulled out a sword with a glowing blade and then narrowed his eyes at the distracted Wood Darkloid. "Keep it up, guys!" encouraged Showa before he dashed straight at the monster. He then leapt up high above it and came back down to saw it in half with the blade of his weapon. He sliced it all the way through as he landed on the ground with his knees bent.

Once he slid out his blade and hefted it on his shoulder, the Wood Darkloid toppled backwards into separate logs which then faded away like the Darklings had before.

With the threat gone, his armor vanished in the form of jigsaw puzzle pieces that fell away from his body. The belt still remained on him, though.

Shinichi turned around and looked to his friends. He would need to explain this, but not today. A lot of people had died tonight. With a snap of his fingers, the crystal in his belt glowed bright as he called out, "Return to the Past, NOW!"

At his command a pillar of light formed. The pillar expanded, engulfing anything and everything. The last thing everyone saw was a bright white flash.

Shinichi found himself back to earlier that day, walking home with his friends as they discussed what they would do at the festival. Shinichi smiled, relieved. He'd gone back in time before the Darklings attacked and it was likely that they would not be a problem anymore.

He had remembered who he was when the Darklings showed up. He was from another world and time, and had been given a great gift. He inherited the powers of 13 legendary heroes who fought against evil for good, righteousness and justice.

He was Kamen Rider Showa.

Time had reset itself to several hours before the festival. It gave Shinichi a chance to enjoy the festival again without trouble. Of course, there was one thing he needed to do. He strode forward to Mion and Shion. "Hey, Mion!"

"Yeah?" the girl questioned.


Shinichi had smacked Mion in the back and she fell forward towards Shion who caught her. Both sisters fell to the ground and their lips touched.



"And I got my picture!" grinned Shinichi. "Can't wait to develop this." He then felt an aura of death and looked to see Mion and Shion glaring. "Um…"

"Shi…Ni…Chi!" the twins screamed.

"Gotta run!" Shinichi saluted before running off with two angry twins chasing after him. Despite the seriousness of the situation, he had time to make an inappropriate comment, "Hey, I got two girls chasing me! And their twins! I'm lucky! Hope they follow me to bed!"

"GET BACK HERE, YOU PERVERT!" Mion and Shion screamed in unison as Shinichi laughed.

"That Shinichi," chuckled Keiichi. "He just loves making Mion mad."

"He could make a good prankster," stated Satoko.

"And he's so cute too," gushed Rena.

Rika and Hanyuu were watching Shinichi oddly, though. Of course they were aware of what'd happened and Shinichi was no doubt the centre of it since they remembered the suit and his ability to turn back time with a snap of his fingers.

'Who are you, Shinichi?' the two girls thought. Did he know who he really was either?

"MION, I GOT HIM!" shouted Shion.

"GOOD, NOW HOLD HIM DOWN!" Mion replied.

"ARGH! MERCY!" screamed Shinichi.