HE didn't want me, no, HE never wanted me. I was just a toy, a bead that HE strung on an elaborate bracelet. Whatever I was, I wasn't important. HE made that clear. I knew it was impossible for HIM to love me, I knew it, but why do I hurt so much now that I know for sure? Why is it my tears never seem to stop? I started to run to la push. I didn't care that HE told me not to go into the woods by myself. HE wasn't here anymore, HE couldn't stop me. Stumbling on vines, I trekked on with my blurred vision making me more prone to trip. Without warning I was throne back into a tree.

"What do we have here?" A sickly sweet voice flowed into my ears. Victoria. Oh God, no. Her very presence reminded me of HIM. "Oh, seems I found a little lost lamb. I wonder, who does this lamb, belong to?" she goaded.

"No one." I replied through my pain. I could swear that a couple of my ribs were fractured, if not broken. Victoria growled.

"Makes no difference. You die either way." She snarled. Walking over she took my arm, and snapped it like a twig. I screamed out, my tears falling down my face. Victoria smiled beatifically. I was so close to drifting to darkness. The world got fuzzy, and slowly dimmed.

"Oh no, looks like the prey is dieing. Can't have that, now can we?" Was the last thing I heard. Then came the burning, but I didn't have any power to scream. My energy went dry, as I heard sounds of growling and snaps. At that moment, I faded into oblivion. Sweet, wonderful, peaceful OBLIVION.

After Victoria's torture, I woke up, alone, scared, and thirsty. I realized I was what I wanted to be, yet somehow, it wasn't as fulfilling as I had hoped. I reached into my pocket and found a note.

To the Cold one,

You are not to set foot on the reservation. EVER. You do, and we destroy you like we destroyed the red haired female. Never come back to Forks. You would bring back more pain than your worth.

Always watching,

The Tribe.

I already knew I would never be able to go back, but the rejection hurt me. Poor Jake. He would never know what happened to me. I would contact him, but I already knew the golden rule: humans do not belong in the world of vampires. I had learned that the hard way. My thirst hit me full force when I smelled a human hiker. He smelled so delicious, I wanted a taste. A part of me argued that it was wrong to kill a human, but the other part disagreed. Whatever, now that HE was gone, there was no point in becoming a 'vegetarian'. I was now a monster, and by whatever God there maybe, I would act like it. My love would turn to hate, liquid and strong. Never bending, I would be everything HE was not. Only then I would show HIM exactly what HE had made, what He had caused. I was one toy that would not lie down and die. HE could be sure of that.