I felt a twisted sort of satisfaction mixed with a twinge of pain when I saw E- his face when I called him a monster. That is what he was, a monster, because of him I killed, I tortured, and I could no longer feel. That is what a monster does, relieves you of your feelings, the very things that make you human. But that's okay, for my humanity died long ago. My vampire half ate the human half. There was no more left for the pitiful, little Cullens.

"Bella!" My band mate Trey called out. I was snapped out of my reverie by the sound of the vampire drummer. I know, odd. My band was all Vampire, for I could not risk the chance of me slipping up and eating one of my band mates. I returned my attention to Trey, who currently had his arm around Bree's waste.

"Bella, we were thinking of going clubbing, you in?" he asked with a smile. I thought about it for a minute. Sure, I would go; I mean I was thirsty after all.

"Ya, let me get my coat. Is Troy coming?" I asked. Troy was Trey's twin brother, and both were made by a vampire with some sick twisted humor, but hey, What else was new? Trey nodded his head in affirmative, and we left without any words spoken thereafter.


After my angle had sung, I was entranced. Questions swirled around my head. Would she take me back? Had she found someone else? What had happened to her? Did she truly hate me? My emotions must have been out of control, because I felt Jasper desperately trying to calm me down.

"Edward, I swear, I will sedate you if you don't get your emotions under control." My soft spoken brother threatened. I breathed deeply, a habit I had yet to banish. I stole a glance at Alice, who was presently persuading the guard to the popular nightclub 'Deadly' to let us in. We had heard that Bella often went here, so it was a start. Sure enough, about five minutes later the pixie came walking to us with a big smile on her face.

"Come on! It's the moment of truth!" Alice cried out gleefully. I took her happy exterior as a sign that things would be alright. I knew I was wrong as soon as I entered the club and saw Bella dancing with another man.


I decided who my new victim was going to be as soon as I entered the club. I started dancing closely with the man, making him blush even in the darkness. I leaned close to his ear.

"And what would your name be?" I purred.

"R-Ryan" He stuttered. I smirked. This would be easy.

"Well Ryan, how about we have fun?" I whispered to his lips, then attacked them. I gotta admit, he wasn't a bad kisser. I broke the kiss and dragged him to one of the secluded corners of the large club, then pushed him into a wall. I stood there, leaving small kisses on his neck, then bit in, letting the sweet blood intoxicate me. At first Ryan tried to fight me, but soon enough, he became more and more weak. Finally he went limp in my arms, and I released his neck with a satisfied smirk. I licked the remaining blood off my teeth, then started to drag him to the back of the bar, where I knew the vampire who was the bartender would dispose of him. I had just begun to drag my prey when I heard a disgusted cry, and I stiffened. That voice, was the voice of the man I used to love with all my heart. That voice belonged to Him, and I smirked as I turned to see his horrified face.

"Why hello Edward, how are you?"


I could not believe my eyes, my sweet Bella, killed a man without a care. I was horrified, appalled, angry all at the same time. And then she turned to me with a smirk.

"Why Hello Edward, how are you?" How was I? I wanted to cry, I wanted to laugh! All was right with the world, and yet all was wrong. Her voice made me jubilant, but her blood red eyes made me somber.

"I-I don't know." I replied truthfully. She laughed a cold, harsh laugh.

"Is that so? Oh poor Edward, so lost, 'like a sinner caught unawares'" She quoted. I flinched, she knew my weaknesses. "Poor manipulative, perfect Edward, how I weep for your misfortune! How I bleed for your sorrows-NOT!" I was stunned as she suddenly appeared right in front of me, her lips, the same lips that gave her victim the kiss of death, were mere centimeters from mine.

"I would love to stay and chat, but I must be going." She whispered, and was gone.