She had kissed Sheldon.

Why had she kissed Sheldon?

Sure, they'd been spending more time together recently. They'd had a lot of fun, too. He might be annoying as hell sometimes, but other times he could be really sweet. So long as they were doing something they both enjoyed, that is.

But just because they shared popcorn, ice cream, and watched endless hours of Firefly doesn't mean she should kiss him.

Except that she already did and it was too late.

She kissed him.

Sighing, she plopped onto her couched and closed her eyes. Why couldn't she have a successful male friendship? She always did something to screw it up. It didn't help that the guys she usually attracted were dumb jocks. They took one look at her and thought she was a stereotypical blonde and an easy lay. It's hard to be friends with a guy when you sleep with him. It's even harder when you meet his girlfriend the next morning. It didn't matter though because most guys weren't interested in being her friend any more then she was interested in being theirs.

That is, until she met her four nerds. They were smart and there was little chance of her dating any of them (well, except for that whole Leonard thing which she preferred not to think of). And none of them had girlfriends to get jealous.

Things were great.

So why had she thought kissing Sheldon would be a good idea? She hadn't thought that was the problem. She woke up in his lap and saw the way he was watching her. She saw the way he watched her as she stretched and the look on his face when she talked to him. She didn't know what had possessed her to do it, but she had this indescribable urge to see what it would be like.

Who was she kidding? She knew what had possessed her. It was the same thing that had possessed her to find his most ticklish spot.

She liked him. Really liked him.

A sharp rap on the door interrupted her thoughts.

Rising from her spot on the couch, she walked over and opened the door.

"Sheldon," she said in surprise.

She watched as opened his mouth to speak and then shut it again. She watched him do this three times.

"Look," she said, placing a hand on his arm. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken you by surprise like that. I know you weren't expecting it and you probably didn't want me to kiss you, so…"

Sheldon's mouth covering her own interrupted what she would have said next.

Neither of them saw the three guys staring at them from the stairwell.

Nor did either of them see Leonard drop the Thai food on the floor in shock.

In fact, they were far too busy to see anything at all.