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It was just a few words that pushed him over the edge…

"You are a little wide over the chest Mr. Bolton..."

"Yeah Ms. Darbus I work out everyday…"

"Well we have to make the suits bigger for you!"

His personal hell begins!

"You want more Troy?"

"No thanks mom I am fine…"

"Buts it's your favourite Troy…"

"Really mom, I am fine!"

~Troy leaves the table and goes to the bathroom~

~Shows him throwing up~

At first no one notices!

"Are you not eating more then that?"

"I am not very hungry… I had a big breakfast"

"Okay if you say so…"

"Don't worry Zeke, okay? I am fine!"

His best friend does notice his friend's behaviour!



"When was the last time you ate something?"

"This morning?"

"No you didn't!"

"Chad I already have my dad here so back off!"

His parents find out..


"What's up Chad?"

"I am worried about Troy…"

"And why is that?"

"I haven't seen him eating anything for the last months and I am really
worried. Since he is my best friend and I care about him I thought I should
tell you!"

"I talk to him Chad, thanks for telling me…"

He is diagnosed!

"Anorexia Nervosa!"

"I thought only girls could have that…"

"No Mrs. Bolton, about 10 % is boys... And since the last check up Troy
lost a lot of weight. He weighed 180 pounds and now 110 and I believe that we
need to get him in a hospital!"

"I am fine! I am not sick! I just lost some weight!"

"Troy! 70 pounds is not a little bit of weight! You weigh 110 pounds! -
It's dangerously low for a
boy your age and with you training schedule, it's far from healthy!"

"I promise I am fine!!"

"Troy this minute you could die of the lack of nutrition, if we are lucky
you'll be in by the end of this week!"

He is furious with Chad.

"You got me in here, now you will get me out!"

"No Troy! They put you in here because we care about you!"

"If you cared you would never had put me here in the first place! Cause I. Am. Not. Sick!"

"So what do you call yourself? Healthy? Then maybe you should look yourself in the mirror! Because I am scared to touch you, because you are only skin and bone and maybe you'll break if I touch too hard!"

"I'm not sick!"

Truth will come out…

"I love you Troy.. and I mean more then as a friend."

"Not now Chad, I can't… I have to focus on getting out of here…"

"Yeah I know I just wanted to say that…"

"It's not that I don't feel the same way because I do but I can't be involved with anyone now… I am really trying to get better and out o fhere…"

"I will help you get better…"

His psychiatrist has to much interest in his patient!

"Mom please don't make me go to him! I beg you!"

"And why is that sweetheart?"

"I don't like him, okay!"

"He is one of the best Troy and we will only give our baby what's best
for him."

"Troy Bolton! You're next!"


"I pick you up in an hour!"

~Troy walks in to the room~

"Hello Troy!"

"Please don't hurt me!"

"Why would I hurt a boy like you? I love you, remember?"

"What you do isn't love it's insanity!"

Watch Troy's journey with many twist and turns and bumps in the road..


Fragile Boy…

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