Foot Wizard: Shredder found another protégé after Karai. He found a boy in England named Harry Potter. Vernon Dursley abandoned him in a Japanese district in London hoping that the foreign devils would deal with him. Upon seeing the young boy he saw something he liked and had the boy brought with him. The boy is trained to be a Foot Leader, Karai will lead the Japan sect Harry the European Sect when he comes of age. He is trained by the ninja mystics on how to use magic. He is forced to compete in triwizard tournament.

Vernon Dursley sweated as he was forced into the room this was not the way that things were supposed to go the portly man thought to himself. He had become associates to a criminal organization when they had caught him skimming from his bosses at Grunnings. The portly blonde man hadn't had any problems with including the people into his skimming and they even rewarded him from time to time by allowing him to keep some money or to enjoy certain perks. He had been given more responsibilities as his relationship with them had deepened. He had allowed Grunnings to become more and more involved in various things. Money now not only filtered out but it now also filtered in, certain packages were now busy being used for other things, and the occasional industrial diamond tipped drill was missing or misplaced while a robbery was happening in a another town.

Vernon Dursley had it made when it came to Foot and their operations, and then he had learned of the gambling establishments that he had access to. At first he had made some modest winnings usually coming up a couple hundred pounds richer than before and then he had started to really gamble going higher and higher with each and every bet unaware of his shrinking resources. Then he had woken up and found himself with a debt. It seemed that the Foot wanted him to pay them their winnings. At first he had blustered and tried to fight it off. A man had spent two hours sending him flying around through a building leaving him a bruised mess. He had realized then that the good fortune he had become a part of was at an end and that he had to pay his debts. The only problem was that even with all of the extra money he had hidden away in other accounts he could only pay a quarter of the debt that was owed. Tonight he had to pay. The leader of the Foot was going to be here tonight and he didn't like welchers. The man was a foreigner from what he knew but was also dangerous and powerful. He had a possible method but he wasn't completely sure that his plan would work either. It involved the freak after all and he could never be sure with him.

The doors opened and out stepped a figure that made the man tremble. Covered from head to toe in some sort of odd armor the man looked fearsome. He had some sort of helmet that hid his face from view, making it impossible to see anything except for two glowing red orbs. The armor had several dangerous looking blades all over the shoulder pads and the gauntlet looked particularly dangerous. Vernon watched in terror as all of the people around dropped to their knees and knelt before the man. The only person that appeared to be allowed in deference was the Khan man who only dropped to one knee. As the leader of the European branch of the Foot the man obviously had the right to be up higher. Vernon secretly wished he had that kind of power and strength.

"My Lord Shredder," the man greeted.

"Khan," the figure said in a raspy metallic voice that sounded like nails on a chalkboard to the salesman. "What is this quivering fool doing here?" He questioned as he noticed the large man.

"He has been slow to pay the Foot back his losses." The lieutenant explained to the Master of the Foot. "He has few, if any uses beyond what we already have him doing and cannot repay us in extra duties." Khan explained scornfully. "Beatings do not seem to matter to him, so we thought that we would get more serious and since you said having an example for your uses is helpful."

"Very good Khan," Shredder said as he eyed the figure before him with interest. "I may very well take you up on the offer, it has been a while since I skewered someone." The figure said as it eyed the large blades on his gauntlet.

"Thank you Master, My Lord Shredder I introduce you to Vernon Dursley, our man within Grunniings."

"Well worm, what do you have to say for yourself?" The figure questioned as it towered over him.

A terrified Vernon looked up at the figure unsure what to do. His plan had been to talk as one business man to another to the blasted foreigner and prove the superiority of English stock and business deals but this thing was like nothing he had ever seen before. "I have access to a boy, untraceable, I can give him to you." He stammered out at him. "Surely the child has to be worth something to you?" He said hopefully, as he gestured and a small figure stepped out of the shadows.

The Shredder turned to assess the figure that had skillfully stepped out of the shadows. There was something about this boy that the shadows seemed to love if given proper training he would make a skillful ninja. He then saw the eyes of the boy and saw the same hard determination that he had seen in Karai's eyes when he had taken her from the ruins of her home in the street.

The Shreddder turned to glare down at the figure beneath him. He was not one to waste such potential as he saw before him. "I accept your offer worm," he barked at the fool beneath him. "The boy for 15 percent of your debt."

"Just fifteen?" The man questioned in surprise.

"Do not try me fool." Shredder returned, bringing his blades up. "There are other ways that you could be paying the Foot back for."

"Of course not Lord Shredder." Vernon quickly agreed as he bowed even lower to the powerful figure before him. "The offer is more than generous." He couldn't believe it, he had managed to settle a part of his debt and get himself rid of the freak as well this was so much better than he had ever thought was possible.

"What is the child's name?"

"The boy's called Harry, Harry Potter." Vernon wheezed.

"I care not for his surname." Shredder returned kicking the man in the face. "Take this fool away before I do something else to him." Shredder commanded to the ninja who nodded and dragged the portly man away. He then looked down on the boy even as the fat man was dragged away. "Potter you are no more, you shall take your place at my side along with Karai. You shall be Oruku Arashi from this day forth, my little storm child. So the Shredder has said, so shall it be." The boy nodded his head in acceptance of the command. "Come boy follow and listen." The Shredder ordered, as he began talking business with other members in the room.

Shredder spent three hours discussing business with people as he got an overview of the strength and power of the Foot in this part of the world. The entire time he watched as the boy silently stayed nearby at his side without complaint. The boy was underfed and many other things, but he was still young enough that he could fix these problems before they became permanent problems. "Come little Arashi, we shall take our leave." He commanded rising from his seat. The boy nodded and ghosted after him nearly as skilled as a rookie ninja. He would enjoy training this one.

They moved to a van and were driven to a large hotel. While they drove the Shredder began removing the heavy looking armor and showed the proud chiseled face of an Asian man. Once the armor had been removed he replaced it with white and gold robes upon either side of his chest was the three pronged dragon footprint. The van stopped and the pair moved towards an expensive car that rushed them to a hotel. There the two figures entered the Penthouse of the building. "There is a bed over there that you may sleep in." He said to the boy. "Tomorrow we shall obtain suitable clothes for you and burn those rags that you are wearing. After this, we also have to head to New York, I have old associates that have to be dealt with there and you have a new life to prepare for."

The boy nodded and curled up into a small ball and quickly fell asleep. Once the Shredder was sure that the boy was asleep he headed into another room where a odd tube filled with bubbling blue liquid resided. He undid his robes and where his stomach was a compartment slid open showing the pink creature that was the Shredder slipping into the liquid chamber he closed his eyes and rested as well already thinking of what he would do with the young boy that he had collected. He would be a great addition to his forces.

The next day the Oroku Saki rose from his chambers and saw to the boy who awoke at the sound of the door opening. Nodding his head in approval he led the boy out and a quick shopping trip later he had the child outfitted appropriately and had him checked over by a Doctor that oversaw the recruitment of Foot Ninja in this part of the world. While the boy was being checked over he arranged for any and all paper work to be dealt with. Normally these things could take nearly a year to get done but he was the Shredder and such things did not happen he either bribed or threatened his way into getting what he wanted and if that did not work then there was always enacting those threats. Fortunately young Arashi was not the first child he had randomly decided to take in. many Foot Ninja were trained from birth if they showed the right potential. Karai and the boy were special cases though, they had a strength that the others lacked. Once all of that was done the Shredder with his new ward boarded a plane to head for New York. In time this boy would be yet another one of his lieutenants's, just as Karai would be somde day. Once they were in New York, the pair headed for a car and returned to the skyscraper building that served as his main headquarters. As they got out of the car he saw the current leader/ of the Purple Dragons the gang that the Shredder had taken under his wing in his effort to control the street level crime.

"Rocksteady," he greeted the large man that was standing there.

"Boss," the large man said in greeting bowing awkwardly before him. Rocksteady was the Leader of the Purple Dragons he was dressed in beaten military clothing and wore a giant horn around his neck. No one on the street even remembered the large man's name and didn't even bother trying to call him something else.

"Where is my daughter?" Shredder questioned the gang member.

"Hun should be with her, it's his turn to be guarding her. The man said. "If she's on schedule though she should be in the dojo working on her conditioning right now."

"Excellent, inform them that I would like her to report to me as soon as her training is done."

"Right away boss." The man reached into his belt and pulled a communicator from his belt and began speaking into it. "Need anything else boss?"

"Yes a status report." Shredder commanded. "How goes our takeover of crime within the city?"

The street thug followed several steps behind the Shredder as he gave his report. While the Foot had a small numbers only the Purple Dragons were making up for the number problem and were quickly spreading with the help of the Shredder and the Foot to take over much of the crime. So far they had command of most of the fighting and smuggling rings that moved through the city and were working on trying to take control of other parts of crime as well. Still even the Purple Dragons could only do so much. It would take some ten years before they had near complete control of the criminal element of the city that the Shredder wanted.

Once they reached the office, Rocksteady took up his position as a guard and waited. He saw a young Asian girl garbed in a black ninja uniform, a belt with the Foot Clan symbol on its buckle, on her back she wore a sword and her dark hair was held back by a red bandanna. She was being followed by the older teenaged figure of a rising star within the ranks of the Purple Dragons. The large blonde Warlord nodded to his leader as he followed after the girl.

"Ah Karai, you have finished your training for today?" Oruku Saki questioned the girl.

"Yes father," the girl said as she respectively kneeled before him.

"Good, that is what I like to hear my daughter. I have interesting news for you today Karai." Saki said as he stared at the girl before him.

"What is it father?" The girl questioned.

"I have decided that you would do well with a sibling, a brother if you will. Which is why I have brought this one with me." Oruku Saki nodded to the doors and they all saw Harry dressed in black sweats enter the room. "I want you to say hello to Oruku Arashi." He said as he presented the boy to the group. "He will have an official introduction to the Foot Clan when he is older."

The two green eyed children looked each other over curiously. Karai looked her new brother over curiously cataloging everything that she could about him. The boy was about five years of age which made him half her age add in his dark hair in contrast to her own black hair and it almost could be said that they had one similar parent. His features were obviously those of a gaijin though, while hers were Asian. It was an interesting combination that made her wonder.

"Great another brat to watch after," the large blonde gang member muttered in annoyance.

"Be quiet Hun," Rocksteady ordered, slapping the muscular blonde upside the head. Hun glared at his leader before nodding in acceptance at the order.

"Familiarize your brother with the tower Karai," Oruku Saki commanded to the girl whom nodded her head in understanding. "He will observe your lessons for now until the doctors tell me that he is ready to begin his training."

"As you command father," the girl returned, as she quickly rose to her feet and gestured to the young boy to follow after her. "Come brother, we have much to do and you have much to learn." The girl said. The boy nodded and tailed after the girl as she led him out of the room.

"Another kid boss?" Rocksteady questioned in surprise once he was sure that the pair were gone.

"Yes, they have something that impresses me." Shredder returned to him. He didn't tell them that he had plans for the pair that went beyond the usual. He was close oh so close to being free from this miserable planet he could practically taste the freedom. For far too long had he been condemned to this pathetic backwards planet. Once he was free of this place he would need to leave those he felt he could trust to protect his assets on this planet while he rebuilt his empire amongst the stars.

Albus Dumbledore didn't know what to think everything he had planned had gone down the drain. Plans that he had been preparing for nearly 100 years were unraveling before his eyes because of a fat and stupid muggle who couldn't follow his very simple orders. In his youth he had quickly risen as a planner and had begun to plot the way things were to go. The whole business with Gellert when he was younger had been regrettable, but he had come to realize that it was required to push him forward to leading the wizarding world into an age of enlightenment. Since then he had slowly but surely taken control of various governments and people twisting them into seeing things his way. He had become so powerful both magically and politically everything had been going as planned.

Then Thomas Riddle had come to Hogwarts and destroyed nearly fifty years worth of work. His utopian society had been nearly destroyed and had given rise to many people he had nearly managed to drum the violent tendencies out of. They had risen up and had started baying for blood when their friends family and way of life had been threatened. People like Alastor and Bellatrix had been nightmares for his world order. Fortunately he had managed to get Alastor on his side to help unfortunately Tom had managed to get Bellatrix giving them each their own attack dog. For over ten years Tom had torn through Britain in an attempt to take over by force what he had done through guile.

All of his plans had returned to their originals though when the Prophecy had been spoken and Harry had managed to defeat Tom. He made plans to hide the boy away so that he would be ready for when he needed the boy to do his duty. The boy had a schedule he was supposed to keep to, but because of Vernon Dursley that schedule had been destroyed. His blood wards which charged through the boy's magic had begun weakening and he learned that the boy had disappeared before he could hope to find him. the boy had disappeared under the control of some sort of foreigner from Asia and he had sent his people and the Ministry representatives to find the boy. Nothing had been found so far and today things had gotten worse as he had been forced to watch as various charms that observed his health reported a sudden increase in all of the boy's abilities. Someone was making the boy stronger and he needed to find them quickly before he lost complete potential control over the boy and his life. Only under his guidance could the boy become what he needed to be. With unknown influences around the boy there was no telling what might happen to him.

It was two months later when the pair of children were practicing together. The first month Arashi had been forced to go through numerous physicals and tests that had placed the boy back in prime physical condition. Karai had been given the added duty of training her brother up in the skills of a ninja. Oruku Saki was tough on both of his children as he trained them in the arts of the ninja. He gave them the best so he expected for the pair to be the best. He was having them trained in the arts of the shinobi, criminal organization, multiple languages, and basic education as well. The pair would prove to be most useful for him when they became of age. Thanks to the science at the disposal of the Foot Clan, he had several months of healing done in one on the boy so he didn't have to wait around for the boy to regain his health.

Shredder watched with pride and pleasure as the two children went back and forth at each other. The boy was still a beginner but was showing promise and Karai was showing great control with the way that she was holding her attacks back. Yes he would have to see if she was ready to proceed with the next level of her training.

He watched carefully as Arashi then did something completely unexpected. Karai was about to nail him with a kick when he disappeared with a loud crack only to reappear above her with a loud pop. The two children both gave cries of surprise as they both fell to the floor in a tangled mess of limbs.

The two shocked children scrambled back up doing their best to recover from the suprise and began assessing themselves for damage while watching each other carefully. "Brother are you alright?" Karai questioned coolly once she was sure that he had not planned for the attack.

"Indeed I am sister," Arashi returned to her.

"Very well then," the girl said as she performed a spin kick at him.

"Hold," Shredder commanded as he rose from his seat and walked toward the boy. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously as he observed his 'son' with a new fascination.

The two children dropped to the ground on their knee's as the Shredder approached them. "Father?" Arashi questioned hesitantly.

"I believe I know what happened my son, however to be sure I will need to send for some of the Foot Mystics." Shredder returned to the boy.

"The Mystic Ninja?" Karai asked with a sneer. The elemental creatures were not ones that the girl trusted no matter what it was that they could do or how well bound to the talisman they seemed to be.

"No, not them daughter. I do not trust them to tell me everything that I need when it comes to my children." Shredder returned to the girl with an agreeing nod. "I will send for Foot Mystic's and Sage's from Japan. I would hear everything that they can tell me about his potential before we try to continue his training. For now you shall not spar with each other until I can determine the threat that these skills may have."

"As you command father," the pair said with a bow.

Shredder nodded to the Sage as he entered into his office. Shredder had encountered the wizard civilization many years ago and had helped to put their society together in ancient times. Some of the first ninja had actually been of the wizards, and had used their special talents to serve him for many generations. Their magic had worked well alongside of the skills of a ninja. "Welcome Old One, it has been some time since last we saw each other."

"Master Shredder," the man returned with a bow. "The giajin lands appear to be treating you well." The old Sage observed as he examined his lord and his office.

"Yes, I have need of your help as a teacher I have a new apprentice who is in need of training. It appears that he has the ability of the Sage's. Observe," he said nodding toward a screen and the pair watched as the boy seemed to disappear and reappear in the middle of a fight.

"Apparation," the Sage said with interest as he watched the scene replay in slow motion. "Yes there is much that I believe that I can teach this boy many skills indeed there are few who can perform that maneuver until they are nearly 20 that one so young managed it without any ill affects speaks of his potential power. Who is he?"

"He is Arashi, and he is my son." Shredder returned.

The Sage nodded in understanding it would not be the first time that the Shredder had adopted some children to rule over parts of his criminal empire while he was busy in other parts of the world. The pair would be conditioned to believe that the Shredder's word was law by the end and would gladly throw their lives away to ensure that he was happy. One did not serve the Shredder for over a hundred years without learning a few of his tricks. "The training shall be done, I presume that you wish for the training to be here for the time being?"

"Indeed," Shredder returned before turning back to face his work. Running a criminal empire along with a legitimate business took up a lot of his time. He was fortunate that he did not need as much rest as his human underlings did.

Shredder looked down at his two children, over the years they had grown well in strong and powerful ninja. "Karai, Arashi." He said coolly, as he looked the pair over.

"Father," the two kneeling children returned.

"I have come to a decision my children. Karai, I want you to head to Japan and begin taking over our control of the Foot, trying to control the various parts of the Empire like this is too much. You shall be my representative within Japan. See that you do not disappoint me." He ordered to the girl.

"Thank you father," the girl said solemnly, eve as her eyes danced with fire at the chance to prove herself in this new field.

"As for you Arashi I have a mission for you, you are to go with your sister to Japan and study under the Master Sage's and train your skills in this magic that you have. I have seen to it that an agent of the Foot is already within the school and he shall see to it that you keep up with your training. During the breaks you will then report either to your sister or myself for assessment."

"And Europe father? I thought the plan was for me to take over the Foot presence in the United Kingdom."

"When you are older and have finished your mystical training then shall you take your place as the leader of the Foot in that place." Shredder returned to him. "Master Khan can handle the place for now though."

"As you command father," Arashi said bowing his head.

"Good and as parting gifts I give you these. Karai I give you this Katana forged by one of the few remaining true masters of weapons." Oruku Saki said as he passed a simple yet deadly looking sword to his daughter. "For you Arashi you shall take these blades he said as he held up some matching swords. I give you the elemental blade of the wind forged by the goblins and empowered by the ninja mystic of air it shall serve you well in combat the other blade was designed to cut through magic such as wards and allow you to continue on through battling magically empowered obstacles."

Arashi nodded as he accepted the weapons from his father. Each of the children bowed to the father and master in thanks before rising to leave.

Karai bowed to the turtles. "I am Karai, daughter to the Shredder and this is my brother Arashi. We rule the Japanese sect of the Foot Clan and are here to bring the forces of New York back under our heel."

Arashi shook his head as he watched his sister, despite it all he could tell that his sister was enjoying fighting with the Turtle known as Leonardo. He hoped that this was not her idea of flirting. The 14 year old ninja was not interested in his sister making eyes at the one that had defeated their father. Even if Karai's plan of an alliance with the turtles worked he doubted that anyone would be good enough for his sister. Still it was better the blue one than the buffoon in a hockey mask or the orange one. He was interrupted from his musings as a bird landed on his shoulder. Taking the note it offered he read it and barely bit back a curse. It seemed someone had somehow placed him into an European contest known as the tri-wizard tournament. His teacher was trying to find out how a student of his had been registered when he wasn't even in the country at the time. It seemed someone had entered him into a magically binding agreement though. As soon as the problems here were dealt with he would head for the Scottish school and find out what was going on. First they had to see to it that the Foot clan was returned to their former strength and that their father was healed of the injuries he had sustained while battling the Utrom and the turtles. As soon as everything settled down here he would deal with the fools in the wizard world.

Dumbledore frowned as he observed the figure that had entered the great hall. He was dressed in form fitting gray and black armor a pair of swords hung on his back and he was surrounded by similarly dressed figures. None of these people looked like the type that he would want his students dealing with. This was not the Harry Potter that he had been hoping to find. He had hoped for a lost and distraught harry Potter or at the very least one that would be eager to please them all. This boy that strode through the hallways of his school was not the hero that he was hoping for. The collection of weapons that he wore also made it clear that he was a dangerous figure that he would not want to have angered needlessly until he was sure of the skill level that the boy had. Perhaps he would be lucky and the weapons were merely ornamental and he was being worried for nothing. If that was the case he would have Severus show the boy the folly of carrying such things with him.

"Headmaster Dumbledore," the boy said with a frown as he finally approached the table. "I hope that you have an explanation as to why this problem has happened. I was in the midst of some important Clan business when your missive arrived about your foolhardy competition and how I was somehow entered into it."

"Ah Mr. Potter, it is a pleasure to finally see you within the hallowed halls of Hogwarts." Dumbledore said jovially as he rose to greet the new comers.

"The name Harry Potter means very little to me Warlock Dumbledore, it is a name that I have long since discarded for another. I am Oruku Arashi, Son of Oruku Saki, heir to the leadership of the Foot Ninja Clan after my sister, protégé Sage student to Kage Asuma, student of the Daimyo School of Sage's."

"You will have to forgive me then Arashi, I was uninformed of these things." Dumbledore said doing his best to keep up the grandfather façade from earlier.

"They were none of your business." Arashi returned to the old wizard. Several people visibly became agitated at the dismissal of the headmaster. "You have not answered my question though why was my name placed within this mystical artifact of yours? Considering that I was not even in the country at the time I find it somewhat difficult to believe that I somehow managed to slip into your castle to place my name in your artifact."

"Perhaps someone thought it would force you to reveal yourself or at the very least placed it in there as a simple prank." Dumbledore said uncaringly, "I am sure that the matter will sort itself out."

"I see," Harry said with a frown before nodding to one of the non ninja in the group that strode toward the table.

"Director Crouch he said as he laid a piece of paper down before the Director of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. This is an official order from the ICW for you to turn the Goblet of Fire over to the ICW the moment that this contest of yours is over. This is a bill for travel expenses for transporting students and arrange for housing."

"If housing is a problem I am sure that we could find a bed for the boy and his headmaster in the school." Dumbledore offered helpfully.

"That will not be required headmaster we have already begun having our Shogun Quarters to be set up." The ambassador returned curtly before turning back towards the director." Along with that you will find an invitation for a fact finding mission to determine the amount of blame that you, and you're Ministry may or may not have for this incident, or whether you were simply ignorant of what you were doing."

Crouch frowned as he accepted the parchment and began reading it over. He then rose from his seat. "I believe that I should discuss this with Minister Fudge."

Arashi nodded as he looked over the list of students currently enrolled at the school. The records showed names and scores of the various students. Information like this did not come cheap and Harry wondered how much it had cost the Clan to acquire the information. Slytherian House had several of the more interesting names. Malfoy, they were the economic and political powerhouse here, Greengrass, and Davis were politically powerful while Zambini, and Parkinson, economically powerful. In Hufflepuff there was Susan Bones the niece of the head of the DMLE if he could get the girl on his side then there was Cedric Diggory the Hogwarts Champion he had a father involved in the regulation of Magical Creatures another potential asset. Ravenclaw had an interessting assortment of students the Chang's, Patil' and Li's each had a daughter here. These were no ordinary witches though Cho Chang's family had connections with the magical side of the Chinese Triad while Su Li was connected to the Muggle side of the Triad. The Patil family were connected to various Indian Ambassadors and shipping companies. Finally there was Gryffindor the most valuable treasures within the house of the Ronnin's was the Weasley Twins for their skills at magical craftsmanship father would love to have the boys working for him, Hermione Granger an excellent advisor and organizer who had a near encyclopedic knowledge of spells, and the Chasers a trio of girls who would make a good air force. They would be even better if he could lure some person by the name of Oliver Wood away the boy was supposed to be a tactical genius. Neville Longbottom also showed potential the fact that he was from a family well known to battle dark magic users also made them of interest. If he could find someway to make alliances with each of these people he would be off to a good start. And if they decided that they were not interested in alliances there were other methods of convincing them to join him.

Arashi sneered as he looked at the downed Malfoy heir. "You disgust me fool. This girl has so much potential to be useful yet you would ignore her because she doesn't fit with your worldview. You deny yourself power by doing that sort of thing." Arashi then adjusted the white and gold colored ceremonial robes that his father had sent him. He would have to question the old man later why he thought he should wear those green one when he preferred his own clothing. He was nnot raised or trained an English wizard he was not going to pretend to be one just so that the old man would look good in front of the press.

Arashi glared at the turtles that were on the other side of the ship he would love nothing more than to kill the turtles for what they had done to his father, however Karai had claimed the right. He also worried about his sister more than he would like to admit, his sister was going crazy it seemed a madness that took more and more of her sanity every day. Ever since she had taken their father's mantle she had been consumed with an ever increasing bloodlust that was making her less and less of the noble warrior that she had once been. She had practically thrown away all concepts of honor in her quest to rule as father would have liked and to destroy the turtles. He would worry about her later right now he had to deal with this Ninja Tribunal and whatever it was that they wanted he would serve them but he would also remember that he was sworn to serve the Foot and their ideals and goals.

"Father, the wizards seek to bind me to their world by enforcing several marriage contracts from long ago." Arashi informed the man. "It seems that I am heir to several of their pureblood families and they wish me to produce families and heirs."

Shredder nodded at this bit of information. "Then it shall be done Arashi, you shall become engaged are there any requirements for the girls?"

"None that I know of father."

"Very well then, start with the Granger and Greengrass girls, both of them have potential. If you need more then take either Chang or Patil. I want you to see if you can't recruit the Chaser girls as you have been calling them, wizard air force could prove useful."

"It shall be done as you command." Arashi said.

Notes and ideas

Uses ninja magic and tools to fight (Not Naruto style except for tree and water walking) Disappearing smoke screen minor illusions, pressure points, weapons that have minor elemental abilities. While this is going on Karai has just headed to NY after their father's recent defeat at the hands of the turtles. Good sibling rivalry between the pair.

HP makes political allies with the neutral Bones, Boot, Longbottom, Greengrass, and Davies families. Takes HG under his protection. Karai approves of the match as she will prove valuable with her intellect and ability to research things. Krum wants to duel for her gets ass kicked. After tournament he reports to NY where his father is to discuss the rise of Voldemort. DD tries to interfere and have him forgive the Dursley's and give up the fierce life of a ninja. And return to the home of his blood. Has rivalry friendship with Raph and or Casey.

Wears armor like Karai and carries a sword at all times much to the displeasure of the Ministry and Dumbledore.

Sword forged by Goblins so it can deflect magic and affect wind.


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