A note so you won't be confused: Buraku is not 'black' in Japanese, it is a class of outcasts in Japan's society. If you want to know more about it, search it up on Google.


"Ok, my name is Yukari Tanizaki and I'll be your homeroom and English teacher."

Yukari saw that there was an orange…'thing' that was next to her. Out of curiosity, she pulled on it and received an "Oww!" pulling the teacher back to reality.

"Oh yeah. First off, I'd like to introduce a new transfer student. Her name is Chiyo Mihama-chan."

The child next to Yukari introduced herself.

"I'm Chiyo Mihama." She said with was followed with a slight tilt of her head and a bow.

"Pleased to meet you."

Yukari continued to introduced the new student, regardless if they were all new themselves.

"Chiyo-chan is only ten years old, but she was admitted into high school because she is really talented."


The class exclaimed as it isn't every day a child genius is in the same class as them. The response that followed this made them cringe with anxiety.

"Don't bully her just because she's a brat that can study well."


It has been four years ever since Chiyo Mihama was introduced in this high school in the middle of Tokyo. During that time, Ayumu Kasuga, also known as Osaka, was introduced in the class of 3-A, Yomi, Tomo, Sakaki, Kagura, and Kaori became familiar with the child. After sports festivals, a erotic insight into the world of adults, trips to the beach and some college entrance exams later, it seems that they were merely forgotten memories…as Chiyo would be leaving them as she goes abroad for her education…


In the middle of Narita International Airport, a small crowd was gathered around a small child, crying and wishing her luck.

"We will miss you, Chiyo. You're the only one that makes sense out of our little group."

Yomi said while wiping her eyes with a tissue.

"Yeah, you will be the only one that will have a good education!" Tomo shouted into the packed airport, earning her stares and a punch to the gut from a person we all know.

Ignoring Tomo, the genius spoke. "I'll miss you guys too." She cried at the thought that she would be separated from everyone, into a land where she never been too.

Sakaki hugged the wailing person and comforted her. "There, there. Don't cry." She hugged her harder as she began to have tears coming out the corners of her eyes.

"Chiyo, when you become President of the United States, be sure you invite us over!" Osaka said with enthusiastic cheer, raising her hand, giving her famous pose, which strangely resembles Hitler's.

"Yeah, I'll be sure to do that." Chiyo smiled as a sweat drop was shown on her head.

"You know, what you think will happen if she will become president?" The heavily tanned female known as Kagura spoke to everyone, giving them something to think about except for Tomo, who gave out her thought about the subject.

"Well, American presidents must be over eighteen or something and has to be a born citizen in the country to achieve that. For Chiyo-chan, becoming president would be like a black president in America or a buraku Prime Minister of Japan. What?" After she gave out her speech, it was followed by stares from her fellow peers.

"You know…it's best to keep your mouth shut, Tomo." Yomi said to her childhood friend. Everyone agreed to her comment, except Osaka, who was depressed as one of her dreams was now shattered.

The announcer spoke. "Flight 472, Non-stop Flight from Narita International Airport to LaGuardia International Airport is now boarding."

"Well…I'm going now. I'll see you guys when I'm back. Come on, Mr. Tadakichi." Sakaki let go of Chiyo and petted Mr. Tadakichi for the last time. He gave out a sad bark, as if he knows that this might be the last time they will be seeing each other. Chiyo started going towards her port until Kaori yelled at her.


She looked back, towards all her friends. Kaori gave her a simple goodbye.

"Chiyo. See you later."

She nodded.

"Yeah." With that, she left.

"You think we will ever see her again?" Tomo looked at the spot that Chiyo was just before a few seconds ago.

"Definitely. She'll always come back. She's a part of us. Nothing can ever break our bond." Osaka mused, looking at the sky.

"Yeah." Kagura patted Osaka on the back. "You're right."

"Definitely. We might see each other, but we will always remember her…" Tomo putted her hand on her chest. " our hearts."

They watched Chiyo's plane talk off from the runway and as it flew towards the horizon, and disappeared, as if it was never there, as if it was all a mid-summer dream…


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We shall go on with our lives,

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