Edited slightly to fit the M rating.

Chapter Two

The air was uncomfortably hot and Sarah groaned as she woke from a short sleep. She felt sticky and dirty, and her left side felt far warmer than her right. It came as a small surprise to realize that Cameron was still pressed up against her. Her head was no longer on her shoulder, but she was close. . .too close. And at some point as they slept, Sarah's arm had found its way around Cameron's slim waist.

Sarah could feel her body reacting. Her heart rate increasing, stomach tightening in desire. There was no mistaking now that she wanted Cameron. Though she'd denied it was true for as long as she could, the close proximity of her now was overwhelmingly real, and she had no hope of ignoring how attracted she was to her.

"You're awake?" Cameron asked.

"Yeah," Sarah mumbled, trying to edge away from Cameron without making it too obvious.

"You were holding me tightly. . .I didn't want to hurt you by moving you," Cameron said as Sarah slid her arm from around her waist.

Cameron sounded different, or more to the point she sounded more normal. More like the Cameron she knew.

"I didn't mean to fall asleep," Sarah explained as she brushed a hand through her hair and looked at Cameron.

"I didn't want to wake you," Cameron said, a hint of embarrassment creeping into her tone.

That wasn't normal, but Sarah was at a loss right now as to what really was normal for Cameron. She would have to reevaluate what she knew of her.

"We're trapped in a hole," Cameron continued informatively after a moment of awkward silence, as Sarah tried to stop the tingling she felt deep down for Cameron. "And I have a fault in my memory bank. A gap."

Sarah scrunched up her brow and stared at Cameron. Her features were once again more stoic and reserved. Her brown eyes no longer held the glimmer of life in them that had appeared before - when Cameron didn't know what she was. They were still beautiful, still completely attractive to Sarah, but they were dead again. It made Sarah slump a little, even though she knew it was better this way.

"You lost your memory," Sarah explained. "Do you recall doing that? Just after we landed in here?"

Cameron gazed off into the distance for a split second before replying. "No."

"You've got to be kidding me," Sarah sighed, rubbing the back of her neck over hot skin. "Your wiring is all screwed up and I'm stuck down here with you."

Things seemed to be going from bad to worse.

"It's doubtful it's my. . .wiring," Cameron said, looking just a bit upset with the way Sarah was acting.

The very small hints of human emotion and sentiment that Cameron had displayed in the past, seemed to be on the increase. It wasn't quite at the depth or amount that she'd displayed a short while ago, but it was definitely. . .encouraging? No, not encouraging. Sarah couldn't deal with Cameron being more human. She'd proved it was far too tempting before they'd both fallen asleep.

"So you know who you are now? What you are?" Sarah asked, to be certain they were on the same page again.

"Yes," Cameron replied. "My name is Cameron, and I'm a cybernetic organism. My role is. . ."

"I know what your role is," Sarah interrupted. She didn't want reminded of it.

Sarah's gaze drifted over to the weapons on the ground not too far away. They hadn't been moved and neither had the cell phones. She wondered how much time had passed, noticing the light had shifted further around. She also wondered how long Cameron had been fully cognizant and 'awake', and sat pressed against her. Cameron could have slipped out of her grasp easily, so why hadn't she? There were too many questions, and she didn't want to ask the answer to any of them.

"If it's not wiring, what is it?" Sarah questioned, feeling agitated now. "Can't you. . .scan yourself or something?"

Cameron tilted her head slightly and eyed Sarah wearily.

"I can't scan myself, but I have multiple self-diagnostic programs I can run."

"I suggest you run them. All of them," Sarah urged.

If she wasn't safe around the terminator she had to know.

"It'll take several minutes," Cameron informed her.

"Then you'd better get started."

Moving a little further from Cameron and towards the guns, Sarah watched her focus just ahead of herself. She saw faint flashes of blue behind Cameron's eyes and only just stopped herself from shuddering. She wasn't repulsed, or scared; she wasn't even alarmed anymore. . .it was something else that made her whole body want to convulse at the sight. A thorn stabbing into the side of her hope, of her misplaced - yet growing - affection for Cameron.

"I'm functioning within normal parameters," Cameron said after a few minutes, her body not moving and her eyes fixed ahead as she paused. "I have a lump on my head." She paused again. "And a cut on my leg."

Emerging from her almost meditative state, Cameron blinked and gazed down at her leg. She bent forward and rolled up the bottom of her pants.

"It's been bandaged. . .with your jacket," she said almost contritely.

Cameron kept staring at the jacket sleeve wrapped around her leg; her brow furrowed a little and a clear look of bewilderment eased over her features. If Cameron really was functioning normally, then things had shifted. She was showing more humanity than Sarah had seen before the incident with her memory. It was worrying, yet also intriguing; and if she were being honest with herself, Sarah had to say it was also faintly promising.

"You were upset," Sarah offered as an explanation. "I had to cover it."

Glancing over at Sarah, Cameron looked lost in a sea of unusual thoughts and feelings. At least that's how it came across to Sarah. Her doleful brown eyes seemed like they were searching Sarah's for further explanation, but Sarah didn't want to talk about what had happened. She didn't want to explain to Cameron that she'd shown a whole new – more human – side to herself. It might have thrown her more awry and put them both in danger. It also might have meant telling Cameron that she'd kissed her, and Sarah didn't want to divulge that small – yet impossibly monumental – piece of information. It was best left forgotten.

"I was upset?" Cameron questioned finally, obviously trying to figure out how.

Sarah really didn't want to dwell on it. She needed to move on and forget the whole thing herself.

"It wasn't a big deal. You were just confused," Sarah told her. "Then you got tired and fell asleep."

"But I don't sleep."

Sarah scratched the top of her head and took a deep breath, her mind working hard to figure out a way to stop Cameron pursuing the line of questions she seemed intent on doing.

"Like I said, you were confused. Memory loss can make you. . .do things that you wouldn't normally do."

"Thank you for explaining," Cameron said absently.

She looked away and rolled down her pants to cover the hastily bandaged injury. Sarah could sense that Cameron wanted to ask more; she was curious about what had happened, and no doubt confused and intrigued about the apparent feelings she'd had while her memory had malfunctioned. They needed to push it aside, however; there were other things that needed addressed.

"Can you think of a way out of here?" Sarah asked after a short lull in the conversation. "My cell is broken and yours doesn't have a signal."

Cameron regarded the information, then she stood, not bothering to brush the dust and dirt from herself as she stared up at the hole they'd made.

"It's too high for me to jump." she said before looking around at the walls. "And the walls are too thick to break through."

Sarah pushed herself up from the floor, wincing a little because of her ribs. "Then we're pretty much stuck. Sitting ducks."

"We're no longer sitting," Cameron pointed out blankly.

"It's a. . .never mind," Sarah muttered as she shook her head. "Is there a way you could somehow boost the signal on your phone?"

Bending to pick Cameron's cell phone up, she then handed it to the girl and stood silent as Cameron ran through ideas.

"I can't manipulate the signal," she eventually told Sarah. "But maybe if we get the phone higher, it might pick one up."

Looking around them and then up the steep sides of the shaft, Sarah asked, "And how do we do that?"

"You can climb on my back with it."

After several awkward attempts at scaling Cameron's back, Sarah finally found herself kneeling on strong shoulders. She had one hand pressed against the wall and the other gripping the phone as Cameron held onto her legs.

"It's not changing," Sarah said, a little flustered as she tried to keep her balance whilst holding the phone aloft.

"Can you stand on my shoulders?"

Sarah looked down at Cameron as she stared back up. It didn't seem like too difficult a feat, but Sarah's ribs were painfully making her aware of their injured state, and she didn't think she'd be able to try without falling and making matters worse. The last thing she wanted was more broken bones, or a more broken Cameron.

"No," Sarah stated clearly, lowering the phone so she could clutch her side.

"You're in pain. I understand," Cameron said.

She helped Sarah down, being more gentle with her as Sarah took in sharp breaths on the way to the floor.

"I just need a minute," Sarah explained.

Sitting heavily on the floor, Sarah tried to dull the pain with her mind. She knew the tormenting ache wouldn't kill her – it was only pain after all – so she just had to get the better of it. Sarah hated appearing weak, especially in front of Cameron.

"Let me check them. Your ribs," Cameron suggested, kneeling next to Sarah in the dirt.

"No need, I know I've cracked at least one."

"Let me check anyway," Cameron insisted.

Sarah licked her salty lips and nodded in submission. There was no point arguing and she didn't feel like possibly angering Cameron by refusing. She still wasn't sure exactly what was wrong with the terminator after all – if indeed there was anything wrong.

She pulled her tank top up a short way, revealing a nasty bruise covering her right side. A jarring thud into the floorboards on the way down had probably done it. Either that or the strength of Cameron's arms around her as she'd held onto her. Whatever the case, it didn't look pretty.

"I'll need to touch you," Cameron said almost too quiet to hear.

It made Sarah take notice, and she studied the terminator's face for emotion as she leaned over her.

"Just be careful."

"I will," Cameron assured.

Placing one hand on the bottom of Sarah's tank top to hold it up – allowing Sarah to drop her own hand to the floor – Cameron then used her other one to gently touch around Sarah's bruised side. She was barely touching at all, and it didn't hurt. . .but Sarah could feel it all over. She held her breath and tried not to make a sound as Cameron's tender fingers made her think of everything but her injury. She was being gentle but thorough, and Sarah couldn't help but imagine what it would feel like to have that touch elsewhere.

She could smell Cameron's scent – the heat around them making them both hot and sticky. She hadn't noticed before how perfectly Cameron had been made; she even perspired and had her own alluring scent. It was distracting to say the least, but not as half as distracting as the small bead of perspiration that was trickling down Cameron's long neck towards the center of her small tank top.

Sarah swallowed audibly and closed her eyes.

"Are you ok?" Cameron asked, breaking the spell Sarah had been quickly falling under.

It took a second for Sarah to answer, "I'm fine."

"Your heart rate is increasing," Cameron pointed out flatly. "Much like mine."

Sarah couldn't take anymore. She reached out and grasped onto Cameron's wrist, urging her to stop touching. It felt too real.

"I'm fine," she repeated. "Now what's the verdict?"

Cameron glanced down at where Sarah had hold of her wrist – prompting Sarah to let go. She looked utterly baffled, as if she was trying to work something out.

"You have one broken rib and the other is badly bruised, and you also appear to be aroused," Cameron answered frankly. "I also appear to be aroused."

Sarah blinked up at Cameron, her mouth falling open a little way.

"What?" she asked shakily.

"I'm sorry, was that the wrong thing to say?" Cameron questioned as she remained close to Sarah.

"On so many levels," Sarah replied tiredly.

She rubbed a hand over her face and tried to concentrate. Had Cameron just told her she was aroused by her? That was a big yes, and a whole new bag of complicated.

"I feel very hot now, is that normal?" Cameron asked, a small frown creasing her normally perfectly untroubled brow.

"Depends what you mean by normal," Sarah muttered, feeling the need to move away but finding that she couldn't.

Cameron flicked her eyes up to Sarah's and fixed her with a cold stare. She obviously didn't like the suggestion that she wasn't normal. . .which was kind of worrying and yet somewhat hilarious, and Sarah couldn't help but laugh.

"What's funny?" Cameron asked, looking truly at a loss.

"This. Us. You having. . . feelings," Sarah tried to explain through her chuckles.

"Am I meant to laugh too?"

That only made Sarah laugh even more, until she had to clutch her side and force herself to stop. She had to get a grip.

Cameron regarded Sarah curiously for a few minutes before shrugging out of her jacket and moving to sit beside her. The action caused Sarah to lose her grip once again and she knew she was looking at Cameron in more than just a friendly way. She couldn't help herself, especially with closeness and the fact she'd basically told Sarah she wanted her too. Things were getting very complicated very quickly.

"I'm not used to feeling this quite so much," Cameron said after another few minutes of awkward silence. "I can normally ignore it."

Sarah raised an eyebrow and thought twice about asking Cameron to elaborate, but her curiosity got the better of her.

"What do you normally ignore?" she asked almost shyly.

"The way you make me feel," Cameron responded quietly. "I know I'm not meant to feel it. I know it's wrong. . .but it happens anyway."

Taking a steadying breath and knowing exactly how it felt to be going through that, Sarah nodded. It was the same for her, and she too was finding it impossible to ignore now.

"I didn't know you could feel things. . .like arousal, or attraction," Sarah said, doing her best not to turn and look into Cameron's eyes.

There was no way of knowing exactly what Cameron was capable of, and it seemed that even Cameron wasn't fully aware of all she could do. It was frightening to think of how human Cameron could really become – or at least present herself. It wasn't frightening because of what she feared Cameron might do, or not do, but it made the future a very bleak place if they couldn't stop Skynet. Robots who were just as human as everybody else; it held all kinds of possibilities, and none of them seemed good. It made the human race less special. Less unique. It would be easily replaceable.

"I do," Cameron uttered, sounding like she wasn't really ready to confess what she was confessing, "find you attractive. You make my blood move quicker."

Sarah glanced over at Cameron and looked into her eyes. She became lost for an instant; wrapped up in lifeless brown that was revealing more life by the second.

"You know we can't act on it, don't you?" Sarah asked, not really looking for a reply, and not pretending that she didn't feel the same either. It was pointless pretending now. "We can't. . .do anything about it. It's insane to even think about it."

It sounded more like she was trying to convince herself, and Sarah knew that to be the case. Still, Cameron looked down at the floor, a further sadness darkening her shadows.

"We need to stop talking about it," Sarah continued. "And when John finds us, he's gonna need to take a look at your chip. I think the fall did something to it. You're acting more. . .just more."

"My chip is fine," Cameron assured. "But I do feel different."

"That's not good," Sarah said with a groan.

There were some things in life that were sent to test a person, and Sarah felt like she was being tested. And she didn't know if she was strong enough to cope with it, let alone do the right thing.

"Why is it not good?" Cameron asked. "If I learn to be more human, we'll have a better chance at going undetected. It'll be good for my mission."

"Your mission?" Sarah said a little louder than was probably necessary. She got up from her sitting position – ignoring the stabbing pain in her rib – and began to pace in the small space provided. "Your mission is to protect my son. It's not to start making his mother go crazy."

Cameron watched Sarah from her position on the floor.

"I don't intend to make you crazy," she said sullenly.

"But you are, Cameron," Sarah pointed out, coming to a halt in front of the terminator.

Looking a little crestfallen as she gazed up at Sarah, Cameron's lips pouted more than usual as she appeared to be on the verge of sulking.

"What should I do?" Cameron questioned.

Her pacing forgotten, and her head spinning, Sarah folded her arms defensively and tried to think of exactly what Cameron could do to make her stop wanting her. It seemed obvious; Cameron had to be less human. But the thought of Cameron acting like nothing more than an automaton made her feel nauseous.

"You could be less attractive," Sarah finally said with a wry grin. "Less appealing. Less strong. Less fascinating. Less God dammed fucking sexy."

Cameron raised both her eyebrows and Sarah couldn't help but chuckle. She really was different. Yet the same. Annoyingly the same, but better.

"I don't think that's possible," Cameron responded.

It sounded like a joke, but Sarah couldn't be sure. She didn't think too much more about it as Cameron got to her feet and stepped close to her. They just stood - less than an arms length apart - trying to read each other's faces. Sarah had to imagine her own face was giving far more away than Cameron's. Her resolve was crumbling. She couldn't see Cameron as just a machine. The lines were blurring.

"Cameron, this can't happen," Sarah said quietly, no conviction to her words whatsoever as she frowned uneasily.

"You frown a lot," Cameron stated, stepping an inch closer. "I prefer it when you laugh or when you smile. I'd like to be able to make you smile."

Sarah opened her mouth to speak but she didn't know what to say. She knew she frowned a lot – she had a lot of troubles. Smiling and laughing seemed like a luxury most days. A luxury she couldn't afford to have. Was it so bad that Cameron – this woman made of metal and skin that was more thoughtful and caring than she'd ever imagined a terminator to be – wanted to ease her pain a little? Sarah didn't have a distinct answer. She knew why she shouldn't allow the inevitable to happen, but she also knew that it was indeed inevitable.

"You can't," Sarah responded weakly.

"I want to try," Cameron insisted.

She closed even more distance between them and Sarah had no choice but to stand and simmer in her own need and desire. She wanted to reach out and touch Cameron. She wanted her soft lips, her body, her breath inside her as they kissed. She needed to feel, but she didn't move.

A gentle hand stroked over her cheek and Sarah felt her insides quivering. She dropped her hands by her side, just looking at Cameron – into the depths of her eyes. Maybe she wanted to see a soul. Maybe she needed to. But there was no soul, there was only Cameron. It didn't make sense, but it almost felt like it was more perfect that way. Like fate. . .reaching out and grasping her, pulling her under. She didn't know how to struggle anymore.

Sarah sighed into the soft touch on her cheek, and one of her hands found its way to Cameron's hip. She closed her eyes and felt Cameron squeeze away the remaining few inches between them. Her hot breath blew over Sarah's lips; so real. Her hand moved into her hair, encouraging and adept in its task. She tried not to wonder if Cameron was running some kind of program in order to know what to do; it didn't seem that way. It didn't feel like the mind of a machine was leading Cameron as her lips met Sarah's shyly. The soft caress of a kiss completely undid Sarah, and she knew there was no point fighting. She kissed Cameron back; achingly slow, fragile kisses.

They both shuddered as lips parted just enough to taste more from each other. Cameron let out a little gasp and pulled back causing Sarah to open her eyes and look at her. Cameron seemed shocked at her own reaction.

"You make me feel things I shouldn't be able to," Cameron whispered, her eyes delving deep into Sarah.

She sounded so delicate and adorable in her confusion, and Sarah couldn't even pretend to hold back any longer.

"And you really do make me crazy," Sarah said breathlessly before crushing her mouth back to Cameron's in a more forceful kiss.

A small moan broke from both of them as they kissed hungrily this time; hands grasping and tongues sliding between desperate lips. Sarah felt a sharp pain in her side and she ignored it; she could zone out the pain with such a good distraction. Her knees went weak from the kiss, but she stood as steady as she could as she felt Cameron's tongue flick and dance over her own. The air became hotter, their breaths hard and fast. Sarah knew she should stop and back away, but instead she encouraged Cameron backwards to lean back against the wall.

She held her there; her hands roaming over Cameron's hips and sides, needing to touch more, to know more of the girl before her. It seemed that Cameron wanted the same thing. She was kissing back with as much lust and desire, if not more. The little sounds she made were sending tingles through Sarah; soft whimpers and sexy moans making Sarah frantic with want. She could no longer see or feel anything but Cameron.

"I want you," Sarah breathed heavily as she kissed over Cameron's jaw and down to her neck.

Cameron moaned deep in the back of her throat, and her hands pulled Sarah gently closer.

"Your ribs," Cameron reminded.

"They're fine."

"Then take me," Cameron said, sounding practically desperate, her voice trembling almost as much as the rest of her now was.

Sarah pulled back to look at Cameron. She saw an abundance of desire in her eyes. They were full of life. Full of need.

She didn't hesitate any longer, and kissed Cameron hard and sure. Cameron opened up to her instantly, making Sarah moan as she slipped her tongue back into the wet heat of her mouth. She felt strong hands moving up over her back and into her hair, holding her where Cameron obviously wanted her. A split second later Sarah found herself with her back to the wall and Cameron leaning against her; knee between her thighs, pressing in all the right places.

Ripping her mouth from Cameron's to take a much needed breath, Sarah bit her lower lip and moved against the girl now pinning her to the wall. She felt the liquid truth of her desire trickle out of her; each push against her making her shudder as she hung on to Cameron's hips.

Moving her own thigh between Cameron's legs, Sarah fell into an easy rhythm with her. Their chests rose and fell faster as it became obviously clear they were both feeling the same thing; wanting the same thing. Sarah could tell that Cameron wasn't mimicking her or trying to emulate her; her reactions were as real as Sarah's. Each tremble and moan from Cameron made it clear she was getting as much pleasure as Sarah was. It was encouraging, not to mention captivatingly hot.

She stroked her hands up Cameron's sides as Cameron moved her full lips to place kisses over Sarah's jaw and ear. She wanted more of her. She wanted to feel the delicate skin, straining muscles, and soft breasts beneath her fingers. Without asking permission, Sarah moved her hands under Cameron's top, enticing a wanton groan from her as she headed right where she wanted to be most.

Her hands felt the weight of Cameron's breasts, squeezing gently before pushing under the material of her bra. Cameron didn't protest but she was momentarily caught off guard as her kisses stopped and she leaned into Sarah's touch with her eyes closed.

They continued to move against each other as Sarah's fingers toyed with Cameron's hard nipples. Each time she squeezed or rubbed harder, Cameron reacted, pressing firmer against Sarah's thigh in the hope of getting closer to what she so obviously wanted. Sarah wasn't about to let the girl go unrewarded. As much as parts of her brain were yelling at her to stop, she couldn't. Not now. Cameron was too engrossed in what they were doing, and Sarah wanted to do what she'd been desperately trying not to imagine doing for so long.

Leaving one hand at Cameron's breast, Sarah began trailing the other downwards.

"I want to fuck you," Sarah whispered in Cameron's ear as she nuzzled into her silky hair.

Cameron noticeably shook with arousal, a hand traveling over Sarah to find its way under her tight tank top.

"I want you to," Cameron assured breathlessly. She leaned back a little way to look at Sarah. "I also want to do the same to you. Right now."

The overwhelming need in Cameron's voice almost made Sarah chuckle, but she didn't have time to laugh before Cameron was back to kissing her fully again. Her hand moved quickly to Sarah's breast, ripping aside her bra and taking what she wanted. She was being gentle, but not too gentle. Her eagerness was evident, and her fingers slid over and around Sarah's nipple with exquisite torture. She had Sarah on the verge of coming without hardly trying.

Realizing they were both done with holding back, Sarah pulled at the buttons on Cameron's pants. They popped open easily and they both sighed as her fingers crept under the soft cotton of her panties. Sarah didn't know if Cameron would be wet for her; it was a suitable assumption given the fact Cameron was reacting normally every other way, but she couldn't be sure until she felt for herself. It quickly became clear that Cameron was indeed wet for her. Soaked in fact.

Sarah's fingers drifted over Cameron. She felt perfect; soft and slippery and all kinds of sexy. It was the first time Sarah had touched another woman in the way she was, but she didn't feel daunted by it. Cameron was already gasping and moving her hips against her, so she obviously wasn't doing it wrong.

"Does that feel good?" Sarah asked as she circled her fingertip lightly over Cameron.

With half a moan and half a voice Cameron replied, "Yes. Very."

She was beginning to breathe deeper and faster as Sarah stroked over her, the tension inside her building and ready to spill. Sarah almost forgot about her own need – too busy concentrating on Cameron, but she soon remembered about it when Cameron's hand snuck into her pants and panties without warning.

"Jesus," Sarah panted as fingers explored.

Her head banged back against the wall behind her and she lost herself to the touch she was being given; Cameron took advantage by kissing and sucking on her neck. It surprised her that Cameron knew how to do what they were, but she wasn't about to stop and ask how. She didn't care how right now.

The hand that had been teasing Cameron's nipple slid behind the girl, holding onto her as they both indulged in touching each other so intimately. Cameron followed suit, moving her free hand to Sarah's hip as she pressed more firmly against her.

They moved together; fingers teasing out gasps and moans as mouths kissed anywhere that was available. Sarah could feel the well of lust and desire spilling over - ready to burst over Cameron - and going by Cameron's now constant shuddering breaths and noises. . .she was close to bursting too. Sarah wanted to hold off. She wanted to explore Cameron more fully, but they were both too ready. They'd wanted it too badly.

"I'm gonna come," Sarah gasped as Cameron's fingers slipped deliciously over her. "Oh God, I'm gonna. . .so hard for you, Cameron."

She gripped tight to Cameron, bringing their foreheads together as Cameron whimpered in reply.

"I. . .I feel so alive," Cameron stuttered as she began to shake for Sarah. "You make me feel so alive."

Her fingers pressed hard against Sarah as Sarah did the same back, her mind and body reeling with Cameron's actions and words.

"Fuck," Sarah moaned loudly as she came. "Oh, God!"

Her body tensed up and she trembled; her legs shaking as she tried to keep upright enough to make Cameron spill over with her. It didn't take much more than another slick flick of her fingertips.

Cameron breathed out long and hard, an exquisite groan parting her lips as she clung to Sarah in the throes of pleasure.

"Sarah," she gasped, once, twice, over again as Sarah kept her fingers moving.

"Come again for me," Sarah implored as she immersed herself in giving Cameron pleasure.

Cameron's reactions were already intoxicatingly addictive. Sarah knew it was a bad, bad sign, but she couldn't stop the wanting and the needing.

She held tight to Cameron as her fingers slid solidly over her. Cameron was shaking so much she had to pull her hand out of Sarah's pants in order to hold herself steady against the wall. Sarah didn't mind, she just wanted to give Cameron something special. She needed to. She wanted to plunge Cameron as deep as she could into the feelings she was so obviously causing within her. She wanted to bury the ominous thoughts waiting on the fringes of her mind. She wanted to have Cameron in the way she knew she shouldn't.

No longer occupied with her own sensations, Sarah was able to focus a little better. She watched the open ecstasy playing out over Cameron's face as her fingers dipped lower, as she plunged deep into Cameron.

Calling out in pleasure, Cameron instinctively hooking a leg around Sarah.

"You're so beautiful," Sarah told her as she watched Cameron begin to slip off the precipice once more.

She wanted to say how much she wished Cameron was human, but she knew how insensitive that would be. She also knew that it didn't even matter right now. Her fingers didn't care. Her own body didn't care. She wanted this with Cameron either way.

As Cameron began to tumble into another orgasm, Sarah flicked her thumb up higher, sending her crashing over the edge in free-fall.

"Oh, Sarah," Cameron gasped sexily. Her noise level even louder this time.

She shuddered against Sarah, making Sarah moan in approval. She had no point of reference when it came to having sex with other women – she'd never done it before – but she had to conclude that having Cameron come for her was about the most alluring and sexy thing she'd ever experienced.

Kissing softly over Cameron's face, she removed her fingers, instantly missing the way it felt. Reality was about to come kicking down the door, but she tried to cling onto the moment of scent-laden basking for as long as possible as she held Cameron close.

"Sarah," Cameron finally said after several heartbeats of just leaning against her, "I think I need to sit down. My insides are buzzing and I think my stabilizers are malfunctioning."

Sarah chuckled and kissed Cameron's cute nose.

"Well, that's pretty normal at least," she quipped.

Cameron looked up at her with heavy eyes and smiled. It wasn't as free and easy as the smile she'd given Sarah when she didn't remember what she was, but it was pretty damn close. It was still stunning. And it was even more dangerous; Sarah felt the twinge in her chest before she had time to stop it.

She closed her eyes and rested her forehead against Cameron's. She wished they could freeze time. Wished she didn't know herself what Cameron was. Life didn't work like that however, and before she knew it. . .that pesky reality was indeed making its presence felt.

"Mom?" came a loud shout from above.

"Oh shit," Sarah exclaimed. "It's John."

She pushed Cameron away from her slightly and felt the pain in her ribs come rushing back as she held her side.

Cameron looked to be in genuine shock for just a fraction of a second, but something switched and Sarah saw it happen. Cameron's face calmed, and her eyes drifted back to the faraway sadness that usually resided within them. She'd reverted in fear of what John would think, and probably of how Sarah was now going to react.

"Hey," Sarah said quietly, stepping closer to Cameron again even though she heard footsteps heading their way. "Cameron, don't shut down on me. Just. . .be you."

She didn't want an automaton. She couldn't deal with having Cameron come alive for her, to then see her float away inside her programming.

"But. . .what we did. . ." Cameron began, a note of trepidation tainting her voice.

"Well obviously don't go telling anybody about that," Sarah said hurriedly. "We'll keep that between us."

Cameron nodded and Sarah couldn't help but kiss her forehead.

"You might wanna do your pants up too," Sarah pointed out, fixing her own clothing as best she could.

She called out to John and heard the footsteps quicken and grow louder as Cameron reordered her mussed self. Sarah was thankful that they'd be rescued, but there'd been no time to talk properly with Cameron. She hadn't had chance to set any ground rules, or even deal with the prospect of it being their one and only time together. Everything was rushing out of her control.

"I won't tell John," Cameron said suddenly as shuffling steps halted above them. "I swear."

"I know," Sarah said softly, gently touching Cameron's arm. "And we'll talk about. . .this, later."

"Thank you," Cameron responded.

She didn't smile, the life from her eyes still a little in hiding. It made Sarah's heart grow heavy.

What had she done? What was in store for them if she went searching for that life inside Cameron again?

Sarah had no answers. All she knew was that Cameron was special, and growing more special by the day. Whatever happened, whatever they did next, she knew she couldn't look back on what they'd done and call it a mistake.

If she did. . .then she'd have to say it was a beautiful mistake, and one she knew she'd probably repeat.

The End.