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Chapter 4:

Today when I arrive at work, I'm tired. Standing in the elevator a little sleepy, thought the first thing I'm doing is to get a cup of coffee.
Hearing the pling as the elevator doors open, walking over to the break room to get a cup of coffee, I find Hawkes inside, drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper.
''Morning, Hawkes.'' I say to him, making him turn his attention away from the newspaper, ''Good morning to you too, Stella.''
After fetching a coffee I sit down to keep Hawkes company for a little while, then I notice that Hawkes is grinning and looking at me, and what causes that grin on his face?
''Aren't you gonna go and see if you have gotten any roses today?'' he asks, still with a grin on his face; ah, an answer to my question.
''You have been in my office, haven't you?'' Getting a nod as an answer to my question, taking a sip of my coffee, ''And are you going to tell me if I have gotten any roses today?'' the grin on his face tells me that he isn't going to tell me if I have or have not got any roses in my office, ''You aren't gonna tell me, are you?'' He chuckles a little, ''Nope, I'm gonna let you find out yourself.'' he says, and the grin is back on his face.
''Oh, how kind of you.'' looking at him I shake my head and get up from the chair I was sitting in, ''Well, then I'm going to go and find out if I have gotten any roses today.'' hearing a chuckle from him again, and I'm off to my office, when I arrive at my office, and see five yellow roses? Walking up to them, I wasn't seeing wrong, five yellow roses with red tips, lifting them up to see if there's any note with them, nope, no note, oh what a surprise... Hmm, wonder what they mean..
Laying the roses down on my desk again I walk around my desk and sit down in front of my computer, starting it up. Glancing over at the roses, I can't help but wonder who is sending me these roses..? I don't know if it's a guy or a girl.. and the big question I'm most curious about, why doesn't the person leave a note? That question has been bugging me since the whole rose thing started...
Hearing a knock on my door I look up, finding Sid there with a smile on his face, ''Hi, Stella. See you have gotten new roses by your secret admirer.'' Smiling at him ''Hi Sid, yeah..''
Sid walks into my office and sits down in one of the chairs, ''Still no note from this person?'' Giving a little frustrated sigh, ''No, looks like this person doesn't want me to find out who he or she is.''
Getting a little smile from Sid, ''Well, maybe you'll find out tomorrow, remember it's Valentine's Day tomorrow.'' he says with a smile.

It's the one who won't be taken,

Who cannot seem to give

''Don't be so sure about that, Sid.'' I answer with a smile. Then he gives me a smile that makes me wonder if he knows this person, or has an idea of who this person is, brushing that thought away.
Looking at my computer I notice it has started up and is ready for use, ''If you want, I can tell you what those roses mean.'' he offers with a smile.
Looking back up at Sid, ''Oh yes, please.'' with curiosity in my voice, making Sid laugh a little.
''Well, five roses means, I would do everything for you, and yellow roses with red tips mean friendship and falling in love.. So you have a person that would do everything for you, and that is falling in love with you.'' He tells me with a wink which makes me blush.
''Thanks for sharing it with me.'' I'm both grateful and a little annoyed because it seems like Sid knows who the person that is sending me the roses is, but wants to keep it to himself.
As Sid stands up and is just about to walk out of my office, ''One more question, Sid.'' making him turn around and look at me. ''Do you know who the person is that is sending me these roses?''
Sid gives me a smile again, ''And here's a question for you, if I knew who this person is would I tell you?'' he says with a grin; oh, he knows who it is, now let's see if I can press it out of him..
''You wouldn't tell me, would you.'' I ask, well, rather say.
''No, I'm going to let you find out on your own.'' he says to me, come on! Tell me! More info, please..
''Can you give me a hint?'' asking hopefully that he's going to give me a hint.
''Well, I can tell you that it's a guy, and he's kind, and not a bad guy. And that you know him.'' Why does it look like he's enjoying this?...
''Nothing more to add?'' asking, trying to get more info about this guy. ''Nothing more to make me more curious than I already am?'' That makes him laugh. ''No, nothing more to add. Well, I need to get down to the morgue. Work.'' Saying bye, and looking at him as he walks away, annoyed by the fact that he knows who this guy is but isn't telling me..
Sipping my now lukewarm coffee, I start to think, Well, I now know that it's a guy.. Apparently he's not a crazy maniac, that makes me relax a little. Knowing it's no crazy person.. Wait, did Sid say that I know this guy? Hmm, Well it can't be Hawkes, he has a girlfriend, Danny is with Lindsay, Flack and Angell, Sid is married, don't think it's Adam if I remember right he has a girlfriend too. And only one name left, could it be Mac? Just the thought that it might be Mac makes me feel butterflies in my stomach. It can't be Mac? Or can it?


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