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Chapter 5:

Today is Valentine's Day, a day I'm not so fond of..
When I get to work, I bump into Mac in the elevator, ''Morning, Mac.'' I say with a smile, getting a 'Good morning' with a smile back, then I notice something, something's different about him today, can't say what, but it is something. Looking at him, well, maybe staring but I can't help it; I wonder what's up with him? He must have noticed that I was ''looking'' at him because he says ''Everything alright?'' I can feel a blush creeping up in my cheeks ''Yeah, everything's alright, I just, nah … nothing.'' I try to brush it off.
He looks at me, a look that feels like he can read my mind, ''What?'' he asks. Giving him a look back which makes him get a grin on his handsome face, ''It's nothing, really.'' still trying to brush it away, but it looks like Mac Taylor is in a bit of a curious mood today.
He looks at me some more, then the elevator doors open and he steps out, so do I. Walking next to him down the hallway, toward his office, he walks up to his desk, takes off his jacket and sits down in his chair behind his desk, while I sit down in one of the visitor chairs.
''I heard you're getting roses.'' he says. I look at him, ''Yeah.'' I say simply, he's looking back at me, we're looking into each other's eyes, then he turns his attention to something on his desk; Wait, what was that in his eyes?
''Have you found out who this person is?'' he asks, and he's not looking at me. Looking at him, trying to read his body language, why does it look like he's a little nervous?
''No, it's starting to annoy me a little; this guy doesn't leave a note, nothing to give me a hint, just the roses.'' I say, why does it look like he got a little more relaxed??

He finally looks up and back at me; it is something in his eyes, but what??
I smile at him, ''Thought you would have done everything to figure out who this guy is.'' he says with something in his voice, ''So thought I, but Lindsay told me that I should just relax and see where this will lead.'' I tell him with a little hint of scepticism in my voice, he gives me a smile.
I stand up and look at him, ''Well, think I have to go and start to work, my boss can be really cranky in the morning.'' I say with a grin, waiting for his response, he looks up from the file he was looking at with an eyebrow raised ''Ahh, then you wouldn't want your cranky boss to find you hanging around doing nothing then, would you?'' he also has a grin on his face, I laugh at him and tell him 'I'll see you later', then I'm off to my own office.

Something I think of on my way to my office; are there going to be any roses on my desk today? My question will soon get its answer.
Stepping into my office, I walk over to my desk, and no roses. Somehow, I don't know how to react, happy that the guy has stopped sending roses, or sad that the guy has stopped sending them? Or curious about who this guy that sent them was or is?
I get pulled out of my thoughts by my phone, taking the phone and answering it, ''Bonasera.''
''Hi, Stella, it's Flack, we got a crime scene.''
It's not long before I'm on my way to the crime scene.

And the soul afraid of dying

That never learns to live

After a few hours at the crime scene I'm back in the elevator on my way up to the lab. Danny is in the elevator when I step into it. ''Hi, Stella.'' I hear from Danny.
''Hi Danny, you starting now?'' getting a nod as a response. ''So you got any new roses?'' he asks me with curiosity in his voice. Turning my head towards him, ''Weren't any roses there when I was in my office earlier.''
''Well, maybe the person got held up today, after all it is Valentine's Day.'' he says with a grin. Shaking my head at him I say to him ''Or maybe this guy has stopped sending them.''
The elevator doors open and both Danny and I walk out of the elevator, ''You know it's a guy?'' he ask kinda surprised, ''Yeah, Sid gave me a small hint yesterday.'' I tell him.

I'm walking towards my office, Danny walks next to me. ''I'm guessing this guy just got held up.'' Danny is pretty sure about that, too sure for that matter.
Reaching my office I walk in and stop the minute I step in, ''What did I say? This guy probably got a little held up.'' Turning around to him, '' You know who this guy is that is sending me these roses, don't you?'' I ask him suspiciously. He grins and shrug his shoulders, turning back to look at the roses or rose on my desk, it's a single red rose.

I decide that can wait, turning back to Danny, to get him to talk, but he's not there. Shouldn't have turned around. I think to myself.
Slowly walking up to the rose, looking at the rose, I notice something white under it, carefully I lift it up and take the white thing up from its place, putting the rose back down, I cautiously open the white thing that looks like a small envelope, and inside lies a small note, taking that out, I read it..


I can't live without you by my side
I can talk to you all day long
It's in you that I confide
You're the reason for my happy song.


It's something about the hand writing, it looks familiar, but yet not so familiar.. Looking at the handwriting closer, I sit down in one of the chairs in my office, looking at the handwriting, I take note that it isn't Danny's, Hawkes', Flack's, Adam's or Sid's handwriting. It actually reminds me a little of Mac's handwriting, but at the same time, it doesn't look like Mac's handwriting.

Well I should be happy, got a note from the guy, but I still don't know who it is..
Oh well, at least he left a note for me, though it didn't help too much..

Later the same day:
I'm on my way to the locker room, to get my things, then I'm off. On my way to the locker room I walk past Mac's office, he's not there, it looks kinda deserted, which is kinda weird because Mac usually works later than till 4 p.m., his coat isn't there, maybe he's out on a crime scene? I don't know..
I have this feeling that Mac has been avoiding me today. The only time I've seen him today was this morning.
Maybe I'll call him later and hear if he's alright.
When I walk inside the locker room, I notice Lindsay is there, ''Hi, Lindsay.''
She turns her head towards me and gives me a smile ''Hi, Stella.''

Walking towards my locker I ask her, ''You got any plans today with Danny?''
She smiles and nods, ''Yeah, he told me he's taking me out for dinner and giving me a surprise.''
I was just about to say something more to Lindsay, but I forgot what when I saw a red rose taped to my locker room door. Walking closer to it, I take the rose away from my locker door, at the same time something falls to the ground, kneeling down to see what it is. A small white envelope. I stand up, taking the small envelope with me.
Hearing Lindsay talk to me, I look at her ''From the secret guy?'' she asks me.
''Yeah, looks like it, the guy leaves a note now.'' I say while inspecting the envelope in my hand.
''You got more notes from him?'' she asks with curiosity in her voice..
Smiling at her, I pull out the note I got from the guy earlier and hand it over to her.
Lindsay starts to read it, she gives a small smile. Then when she is done reading it, she looks at me with a big smile ''Aww! This'' lifting the note ''was so sweet!''
I smile at her ''Would have been sweeter if I knew who he was.''
That makes Lindsay give a little laugh, ''Don't worry about it, he's a sweet guy.''
Aww, come on! Does everybody else except me know who this guy is?
''Let me guess, you know who he is, don't you?'' I say with a little hint of annoyance in my voice.
She gives me a simple smile, ''You bet I do!'' she says, now with a grin on her face.
I give her a look that makes her giggle. Shaking my head at her, then I look at the small white envelope in my hand, ''You gonna open it soon?'' I hear from Lindsay, apparently she's curious about what's inside too..
I lay the rose I was holding in my right hand on the bench next to me, then I open the envelope.
Lindsay walks over to me and stops next to me and gives me a sweet smile, which makes me laugh a little.
''You're curious, aren't you?'' I ask with hints of amusement in my voice.
''Oh yeah.'' she tells me, laughing..
After a few moments I've turned my attention to the envelope in my hands. Taking out what's inside it, a note that says:


My days are never grey
With your voice ringing in my ear
Because you wipe my every tear


Hearing an ''Aww.'' from Lindsay, ''That was also sweet.'' she tells me..
Giving her a smile, I can't stop wondering what it means..
''Well, I should get going, I need to get ready, Danny said he'd pick me up around 7 p.m.'' she says while she walks over to her locker and gets her coat.
''See you tomorrow, Lindsay, bye.'' getting a 'bye' back from her.
Just before she walks out of the locker room, I call out to her ''One more thing, Lindsay.'' She stops and turns around to look at me. ''Have fun tonight.'' I say with a smile.
She smiles at me ''You too.'' she says with a wink. Then she's off.
I read the new note one more time, then I put it into my purse.
Taking my things I go home.

Stella's Apartment:

I get to my apartment around 5 p.m., I let myself in and put my keys on the small table where I have other small things.
Shrugging off my coat, and hanging it up, then I walk to my bedroom to change into cosy pants and a tank top.

Walking into the kitchen to get something to drink, a few minutes later I'm sitting on the couch watching TV.

When the night has been too lonely

And the road has been too long

I'm sitting and watching some TV-show when a noise from outside, in the hall manages to get my attention. Seeing shadows through the gap under the door, not caring about it so much I keep watching TV.
Ten minutes later I hear a knock on my door and footsteps walking away from the door.
Getting up from the couch I walk over to the door, looking through the peep hole to see no one out there, I open my door a crack, just enough to look out, still seeing no one, and then I notice something on my door, opening my door wide now, to have a closer look at what it could be.
What I find taped to my door makes me poke my head out into the hallway to see if I can see anyone, but it's deserted. Turning my attention back to the thing that is taped to my door, a red rose with a white envelope behind it.
I get a small smile on my face and take the rose and the envelope from the door, closing the door, I open the envelope and take out the note and read it:


It's with you that I know
I can go on another day
You take me high when I am low
I'm sure you are here to stay.


After reading it, I notice that there's more in the envelope, looking inside it I find another note, raising an eyebrow at that I take the second note out of the envelope and look inside it again to see if there's anything more inside, nope, nothing more inside now.
Turning my attention to the note again.

On the note there's written a time and the address of a restaurant or a place. There's a question on the note too, a question if I'm going to meet up there or not..


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