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Here's chapter 6:

Chapter 6:

I read the note one more time and wonder if I should meet up or not?
After what both Lindsay and Sid said, they told me the guy was kind, and a sweet guy.
I walk over to my couch with the two notes, sitting down with the notes; I start to ponder on the thought of meeting up or not.
Looking at the clock I notice that it's barely 6 P.M. I still have time to think over the decision I'm going to make...
Getting up from the couch, leaving the two new notes on the table, I walk over to my purse and take the three notes I got earlier today out of my purse. Walking with them in my hands over to my couch again, I sit down again.
Reading through them all, I can't help it but search for similarities in the handwriting on the notes, finding them. It looks like it's the same guy who has written them, I can feel a bit of relief go through my body.
Who is he? Apparently I know him; Lindsay said he's a sweet guy.. Wonder what he looks like? Brushing away the thoughts, I read the notes one more time.
Somehow I can't shake the feeling that it might be Mac who is the secret guy. I can see some similarity in the handwriting, but I'm not sure, because at the same time it doesn't look like his handwriting.. Letting out a breath, I lay the notes on the table again, and watch some more TV.

I'm not sure how long I've been watching TV before my eyes travel over to the notes and the one red rose on my table.
Well, if you are so curious, Bonasera, then just meet up there.. What harm can it be? Can take my gun with me for protection..

Getting a smile on my lips, I bend over and pick the one note with the address up again.
Playing with the thought again, I get up from the couch and walk into my bedroom.

And you think that love is only

For the lucky and the strong

Stopping in front of my wardrobe, I take a glance at the note one more time. It says dress up, so I pick out a dress and head to the shower.

15 minutes later I'm done with my shower and have started to blow-dry my hair.

~'~'~'~ The Rose ~'~'~'~

It's an hour since I taped the rose with the third part of the poem and the note with the address and time to meet up on her door. I wonder if she's going to meet up??

A big part of me wishes that she's going to meet up. Arriving at my apartment I walk in and lay my coat over the couch, walking into the kitchen to fetch myself a coffee, taking it with me I sit down and read the newspaper I haven't had time to read today.
After reading it I take a glance at my watch, it's 6.15 P.M.
Getting up I put the coffee cup in the sink and head to the shower.

20 minutes later I'm shaved and almost dressed. Putting my shirt on, I button it up, turning around I find the tie I've chosen, I remember Stella telling me that this tie is one of her favourite ones.
Fixing the tie so it's straight I walk out of my bedroom and over to my little home office.
Getting there I start to write the last part of the poem, putting it in an envelope I take it with me.
A few minutes later I'm on my way out of my apartment. Only one more thing to do before I go to the place, it is to go and get one red rose. So getting to my SUV I drive off to get one red rose.

~'~'~'~ The Rose ~'~'~'~

Looking at the clock, I see that it's almost 6.50 P.M.
Doing the finishing touches on my make-up and hair, I walk out into my living room, and checking if my gun is in my purse, which it is, I head out.

A few minutes later I'm sitting in a taxi. Looking out of the window, in my own thoughts.
I'm a little nervous but also excited to meet this guy. I keep wondering if I've met him before or not...
Somehow, without knowing who he is, I have a feeling that I can't explain.
The taxi comes to a stop, I pay and step out of it and watch the taxi drive away. Taking a deep breath I start to walk toward the place that stood on the note. When I come there I take a look around and see no one except a couple walking away from me.
I feel a little stupid standing here, waiting for a guy that has been sending me roses, and a poem. Wonder if he's going to meet up or leave me hanging? Shaking my head to clear my mind.
All of a sudden I get the feeling that someone is looking at me..

~'~'~'~ The Rose ~'~'~'~

I saw her walk out of the cab, I get starstruck by how beautiful she looks, wearing a black dress, I'm unable to take my eyes away from her. She turns around a little so I have a view of her back, which is bare, the back of the dress drapes down to her lower back.
I watch her walk to the place I wrote on the note. Happy that she meets up..

My eyes linger on her for a little longer, then I step out of my car with the rose and the small envelope in my hand.

Walking across the street, I slowly walk the same way Stella went, trying not to be seen by her.
I stop walking, just for a minute or so, far enough away from her so she can't see me.
I see that she shakes her head, then I start to walk towards her again.
My heart starts to beat faster as I walk closer to her. I'm a few feet away from her when she turns around; doesn't take long before she looks my way.

~'~'~'~ The Rose ~'~'~'~

Still having the feeling that someone is looking at me, turning around I see a guy walking my way with a red rose in his hands.
Not managing to figure out who he is, I just stand still, feeling my heartbeats quickening as the guy comes closer to me.

Just remember in the winter

Far beneath the bitter snow

When I see who the guy is, I get a bit surprised but most of all happy and I can feel butterflies in my stomach. He arrives in front of me giving me a shy smile, ''Hi Stella.'' he says.
God, he looks handsome as always. ''Hi Mac.'' I say sending a little shy smile back to him, still trying to get over the surprise that it was Mac Taylor who has been sending me roses all along.

Here we stand, looking at each other with shy glances. A moment later Mac looks me in the eyes, can't help it but I fall into the look. Somehow in a matter of seconds, the shyness goes away and he gives me one of those Mac Taylor trademark smiles and that makes me smile back at him.

He walks a little closer to me, still with a smile on his face.
''You surprised that I'm the guy that has been sending you the roses?'' he asks with what looks like the beginning of a grin on his face.
I still have a smile on my lips when I answer, ''Yes, a little surprised. I had the feeling that it could be you but I wasn't sure. Oh yeah, and the handwriting was somewhat similar to yours but I wasn't sure, but I started to think that it could be you.'' hearing a little laugh from him, my smile turns into a grin.

''Ahh, I tried to write so you wouldn't figure out that it was me.'' He says with a sly little grin, now it's my turn to laugh a little.
Mac's eyes go down to his hands and what he's holding in his hands, looking back up at me with a shy smile again.
''Umm, this is for you.'' he says, holding out a red rose and an envelope; taking what he's holding out to me, giving him a smile, I open the small white envelope,
Reading the note:


You are very special to me
I love you in every single way
If my heart had a lock, you'd have the key
I love you so much
Happy Valentine's Day!


I for sure can feel the butterflies in my stomach now, after I've read the note. Does he really love me??
Taking my eyes from the note in my hands, I bring my eyes up to meet his.
I can see that he's nervous, I'm not sure what to say.
''I umm, I, I umm, meant what, what, umm.'' he manages to get out. Think it's the first time I've seen Mac Taylor this nervous, so nervous that he starts to stutter, which was cute and made me smile. He lets out a breath and looks at me again with a shy smile.
''Do you mean what you wrote in the note?'' I ask quietly, feeling my heart pick up speed again.
He swallows and looks at me again, then I see something in his eyes, a reflection of my own feelings in his eyes.

Lies the seed that with the sun's love

In the spring, becomes a rose.

He walks closer to me, now we're just a few inches away from each other, looking into each other's eyes again.
''Yes, I meant what I wrote. I do love you Stella.'' He says with no hesitation in his voice.
I can't believe what I'm hearing from the guy I've loved for so long. He loves me.
Feeling a tear roll down my face, he takes his hand up to my face and uses his thumb to brush away the tear, I look into his eyes, ''I love you too, Mac, and I have for a long time.'' I tell him.
He still has his hand on my face.
There we stand looking into each other's eyes.
Mac steps a little closer to me, and moves his hand to under my chin, tilting my head towards his, moving his head closer to mine, we share our first kiss, my heart is beating fast as we break the kiss. He looks at me with a smile, and he gets a grin back from me, which makes him laugh.
Wrapping my arms around his neck, while his arms go around my waist.
I lean into him, wanting one more kiss from him, which I get; the kiss is long, sweet and passionate.

Breaking the kiss when the need for oxygen is the case, I put my forehead to Mac's forehead.

A few seconds later, ''Maybe we should get going? I got reservations for us in that restaurant.'' Mac says with a little smile. Nodding in response; he gives me one more kiss then he lets me go and takes my hand as we start to walk towards the restaurant.
While we walk, I all of a sudden start to think about the team, and if they knew it was Mac who was sending me the roses.
Looking at him, I can't keep myself from asking the question ''Mac?''
He turns his head towards me ''Yes?''
Giving a small sly grin to him, ''Did the team know that you were the guy who was sending the roses to me?'' I ask, raising an eyebrow at the same time.
Hearing a chuckle from him, ''Yeah, I accidentally bumped into Sid in the flower shop once, then another day I bumped into Lindsay, who might have told Danny, and so on.'' He tells me with hints of amusement in his voice.
''Hmm, you don't say. I knew they knew something more.'' I say, and walk closer to Mac, enjoying the moment between us.

All I can say is that Valentine's Day isn't so bad after all.. I got to spend my Valentine's Day with the man I love, Mac Taylor. Couldn't have been better than that..

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