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Chapter One

Nessie's POV

I was trying desperately to concentrate on Uncle Jasper's history lesson, I vaguely remember the lecture on the War of Roses. Grandpa Carlisle wanted me to learn more than just the vampire history, hello I experienced it earlier people! So this year it would be all about world history. I mean seriously, why would I need to know world history if I am not allowed to SEE the world?

For the past sixteen years I have become a prisoner in my own home, it is the same routine every single flipping day. Wake up, go to Grandpa Carlisle's house sit down for lessons because my family was still uncomfortable sending me to Forks High, and then study. If I am lucky there is enough time to play a video game with Uncle Emmett who at least attempts to give me a slightly normal life.

But how normal can a girl get when she is half vampire, her entire family are vampires and her best friend is a werewolf? I think I could give that hussy Little Red Riding Hood a run for her money!

She runs from the wolf, I sleep with the wolf! Take that you little basket carrying floozy.

Well not literally sleep with him, I suppose if things go according to the imprint law that will come later but still. I have the upper hand, I should get a red cape.

A slight growl began to trickle into the dining room, I had forgotten that dad had been in the living room.

I smiled slightly as I began to fidget with the leather on my promise bracelet Jake had given me for my birthday. He truly was my best friend, I didn't even mind the whole imprint thing either at least it gave me him. Plus I would never have to worry about meeting someone that would be only an ass and I would never have to worry about buying a dog for a pet.

Jake brought a little peace to my life when he was around, I could let loose with him as opposed to bottling everything inside.

Then again we had mind readers, emotion controllers, shields and a psychic in my house so I guess I am screwed even if I do keep it all to myself. At least Aunt Alice cannot see me, that was a plus for when I would run to the beach with Jacob.

"Nessie." I vaguely heard Uncle Jasper call out.

I had been too lost in my own thoughts to bother looking to him before I felt a cold wet finger lightly poke the inside of my ear. I practically sent my chair flying through the window as I jumped up to Uncle Emmett's thunderous laughter.

I glared at Uncle Emmett for interrupting my daydreams, he stared back at me seriously before making faces. I tried to fight the smile but instead I took a karate like stance.

"Wahhh" I mocked sending Uncle Emmett into a fit of laughter before playfully kicking him in the leg.

"You want to play niece?" Uncle Emmett said before wrapping an arm around my head putting me into a headlock before proceeding to tangle up my hair.

"Aunt Rosalie!" I yelled through my laughter.

"You are a woman Nessie! You can take him!" she coached from the living room.

The faint sound of a motorcycle engine echoed slightly through the house as I gasped with a grin. I grabbed Uncle Emmett's arm maneuvering out of the headlock before running to the living room.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen!" Mom yelled as I grabbed my jacket from the back of the couch.

"I love you!" I called back.

I laughed at the sound of my full name I may have hell to pay when I come back but that would be fine with me, my escape plan just arrived!

"You are suppose to be in school!" I laughed as I approached the bike.

"Really? So are you!" Jake called back holding a hand out.

I grabbed his mammoth of a hand climbing onto the back of the motorcycle wrapping my arms around him resting my head on his back.

"NESSIE!" dad yelled over the engine.

"Oh hell! GO!" I cackled as we took off.

I was very grateful that I had been allowed to cross the treaty line, I had been the only one from my family that had been granted permission to visit La Push. I guess that is what happens when your best friend is an Alpha, you have to love a good loop hole.

It did not take us very long to reach the beach it was a dreary day but we could care less, this was one of the only places that we could go to be alone for a bit. I held on to Jacob's t-shirt as I climbed from the motorcycle as he followed my lead.

"You are my hero, you do realize that." I grinned.

"Sure, sure. It got me out of math so it's all good." Jacob shrugged, "come on."

"Sure it's all good since I'm the one to do the math homework for you!" I laughed as I ran, jumping on his back. "Talley ho!"

"Thank you for doing the homework I still do not understand why I need calculus." Jake shook his head holding on to my knees lifting me up to get a better grip.

"Because it is just a massive necessity for all werewolves to know what the sum of a+b/c-d*efg is." I said.

Jacob laughed as we reached the shore, "what were you stuck doing?"

"History and trying to get out of a headlock." I replied as he plopped me down on a deadwood tree.

"Headlock?" he asked, "Emmett?"

I nodded as he sat beside me, "I spaced out in class. I swear if I had to stay in there one more minute I would have gone insane."

"Give him a wedgie the next time he puts you in a headlock. And no offense but look who you hang out with, then question your sanity" Jacob suggested.

I laughed putting my head on his shoulder, "I was about to go for the wedgie but then I heard my escape vehicle coming from a mile away."

"I was going to come on foot but the bike was the only way that I knew you would get out for sure." Jacob replied.

"Or you could have just howled." I teased as I watched the waves.

"Well frigging owww." Jacob mocked.

I laughed as I looked up to him, he was hiding something I could see it in his expression. I stood up stepping in front of him, my heels began to sink in the sand before I took them off.

"You shouldn't, you are going to get cold." Jacob pointed before looking to the waves.

"I live with vampires, I can't get much colder than that." I replied taking his face into my hands, "Jake what's wrong?"

"Nothing." he answered quickly closing his eyes.

"Nothing my foot, look at me." I said stepping in between his knees, lifting his face up.

Jacob gave in looking to me, I felt myself getting lost in his dark eyes as I touched his scorching cheeks as my chest began to tighten. I couldn't breath again, that was beginning to happen a lot when we were alone I knew that I was beginning to fall for him. I certainly would not stop it either, this man always protected me since the day I was born even thought he had wanted to kill me.

"Ness…" Jacob whispered.

I had been thinking about mom putting the backpack on me and placing me in Jacob's care for us to run away from the Volturi. Despite my complaining I was truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and 'support system' around me.

"Sorry." I replied taking the memory away from him, "Jacob I think I am starting to fall for you."

"I know which is why I have to do to this before it goes farther." Jacob mumbled putting his hands on my hips pulling me into his arms.

I put a hand on top of his head as it rested on my waist, he was really upset and I could not understand why.

"Just tell me Jake." I said rubbing his back, I felt his grip becoming tighter.

"You have seen Emily's face, you have heard what I almost did to my dad when I first phased. I almost killed him." Jacob said.

"Of course but you would never hurt me." I replied.

"That's what Emily said to Sam." he responded, his grip was almost suffocating now.

I understood where Jacob was going with this, I had to sit down otherwise I may just past out. I lifted a knee resting it on the tree he was sitting on before balancing myself to place the other. As I sat in his lap our embrace became stronger as Jacob buried his head into my shoulder.

"Don't do this." I whispered feeling the first tears fall.

"I will never be far from you my Renesmee but I can't do this, I just cannot risk harming you. I never understood why Edward could have left your mom until now." Jacob explained.

"But look what happened, they belong together and you know that we do too." I cried.

"Because of the imprinting…." Jacob began.

I felt the rage build inside suddenly as I grabbed his head pulling it away from my shoulder looking into his eyes.

"You listen to me Jacob Black I do not give a flying fart in space what the 'reason' is for you being in my life! You are the one that has kept me sane! I can't lose you now!" I exclaimed.

Jacob took my hands from his face looking to me, "let me keep you safe."

"You wouldn't hurt me." I cried clinching my teeth.

"You have never been able to make a single decision for yourself…" Jacob began.

"Except when I am with you, until now." I sobbed, shaking my head pulling myself to a standing position grabbing my shoes.

"You know what Jacob? I am not going to be one of these women that falls all over themselves because a man walked away from them. Providing myself the explanation that I did something wrong, I have done nothing wrong! I am not going to lock myself into a room withdrawing from everyone around me waiting for you. Only to feel grateful that you took me back into your life after YOU were the one to walk away! I will never be like my mother was with dad, I am stronger than that. But let me tell you something, everything happens for a reason including the imprint!" I said before walking up the trail back towards the main road.

"Nessie stop, let me take you back." Jacob called.

"I will walk!" I yelled.