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Nessie's POV

I cautiously walked through the hallway, into the doorway of the music room, and looked to my father. The air read of a possible blow out with dad as he sat hunched over on his piano bench, clinching the bridge of his nose.

"Close the door." Edward whispered.

Oh, crap.

Reaching for the door handles, I turned looking to the faces lit with amusement, as it was great to see Grandma Esme enjoying this. I slowly closed the doors cutting Edward and myself off from the world. Instinctively my arms folded against my chest, as I gaze through the golden tendrils to the piano bench.

"Oh!" I gasped; five feet separated Edward and me.

Holy mother…please do not kill me.

Edward's black stare glared into mine, studying as if I held the key to all of the world's mysteries. Should he find, in my chocolate eyes, the answer as to who Jack the Ripper had been, he needed to share.

A phantom crooked smile flashed across his lips, and if I had blinked, then I would have missed it. Maybe this would not be too bad or as painful as Uncle Jasper said.

"Even when you are furious with me I can make you smile." I thought, as I searched through black haze.

"There are a few things that we need to discuss Renesmee." Edward began.

"Daddy if this is about the move, I already know, and I heard everything upstairs." I explained.

"At the moment this is not about moving, yet, the thoughts and dreams you seem to have are something I have been anticipating." Edward replied, afterwards his eyes closed as he pinched the bridge of his nose again.

After three separate attempts to speak, stopping mid-word, and inhaling a deep meditate breath, daddy began again.

"Oh no daddy! We do not need to have this conversation I have been thoroughly informed on the logistics of both human and vampire sex I promise." I explained, as the house filled with giggles.

Edward threw himself to the pocket doors, and overdramatic roar escaped his chest. The collision of the doors against the wall shook the house violently as if there were an earthquake.

"I am going to kill him!" Edward stated while marching upstairs.

"No, dad stop it! Jacob was not the one to teach me!" I assured following Edward and reaching to touch him.

The memory of the curious interrogation with Aunt Rosalie played in Edward's mind as my palm touched his face. Aunt Rosalie played mother happily answering all of my questions, while reminding me I could ask her anything on the topic.

It was not Jacob. Dad please give him some peace he has been through enough!

"Please? " I asked, my hands falling.

"Jacob is very lucky I had seen this because the memory in my head was vastly different." Edward replied facing me, and Aunt Rosalie snickered from the front porch.

"Good Lord daddy you are worse than I am, and that is saying something" I sighed, "why do we have to move?"

"You are my daughter try to remember that. It is just time for us to move on for a bit and we will come back here I promise." Edward reassured.

"I love Forks this is where I belong. My understanding would be better if it were not for the trips with Aunt Alice, you and mom, and with Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett." I explained toying with my index finger.

"I do not wish to be the bad guy in this." Edward began.

"Nessie you are driving me insane love. The choice to stay or leave change so much that it is becoming difficult." Aunt Alice chimed from the hallway.

"Alice." Dad growled.

"Oh you have put her through enough, and really, this is not drama class. Come here Ness." Alice said.

"What is this about? " I questioned looking to Edward.

Turning on my heel, I held to the railing walking to Aunt Alice, who held her hand out for me. Her chilled fingers wrapped around my hand while we walked through the front door onto the front porch.

"I thought that you couldn't see my future." I questioned.

"I still can't, however, I have been around you for so long I can the void of you being here," her musical voice explained, as she led me to the swing.

"Oh that makes sense." I said as dad joined us.

"There are inconsistencies in her visions." dad chimed.

"Will you let me tell her?" Alice snapped, "Once Jacob asked you to stay in La Push your void completely disappeared again."

"I will not run away with Jacob you have my word. Last night I learnt quite a few lessons as I watched Jacob bleed. The feeling of that moment, seeing him on the ground I will never forget it. Please do not ask me to stay just allow me this small gift I do not deserve."

"Would you agree to stay in the cottage instead?" Edward asked.

The combustibility of my anger reacted to the match, and my words were ready to pounce, but I aimed to control the Achilles heel. In order to prove I am no longer a child I had to control myself.

"Sweetest we love you so much. The thought of losing you, to Jacob, is difficult to absorb." Aunt Rosalie stated.

"Zip it Rose!" Edward snapped.

I was sure the metallic taste in my mouth was my own blood, as I bit down on my tongue. As I closed my eyes, and controlled the burning tears of rage, I felt myself calm as if someone hit my pressure release valve

"I need to learn how to control it Uncle Jazzy." I whispered opening my eyes; my grandparents had joined the show.

"I didn't do it." he said.

"What?" I asked.

"Will you stop antagonizing her already?" Jacob said from the foyer.

That would be my calmness.

I instinctively I maneuvered through the maze of onlookers towards the hallway. My surroundings disappeared as Jacob's voice echoed. I wanted to jump into his arms, and never leaving my safe spot.


Jacob's POV


Once the torturous lecture with Bella had ceased my protectiveness over Nessie roared. I sat upstairs listening to Eddie's tirade over the sex education never bestowed upon his daughter. I had threatened Bella that I would walk downstairs wrapped in the sheet if she did not find clothes quickly. Despite the humorous mental image she developed, she quickly ran to the cottage picking up a pair of shorts.

"What are you doing?" Nessie asked walking towards me.

"I'm fighting." I answered reaching for her.

"This is becoming redundant." Edward replied.

Neisse's eyes seemed to roll all the way into the back of her head as her arms slid around my waist. Her chocolate eyes looking up to mine as I felt my heart skip a beat, there was no way Eddie would be taking her.

"I'm with you," she mouthed gripping my hand.

We would either win this fight or we would die together, so either way our current fate was about to be decided.

"I'm keeping her with me if I have to break every bone in my body so be it." I said.

"That can be arranged mongrel!" Rosalie stomped.

"Hold it!" Emmett's voice echoed, "I never ever thought that I would say this and you owe me BIG time if this works. How can we ask Nessie to do what we could not? The kid…no excuse me, the woman is fighting like hell to stay here with him so let her stay. Obviously she will be safe so what exactly IS the problem?"

Holy mother of God either the world is ending or the doc gave a little too much pain medication.


Nessie's POV


I smiled at Uncle Emmett not surprised over his defensive stand on the subject. He had been the one helping me to see Jacob in the first place.

"Again whose side are you on?" Aunt Rosalie asked.

"Nessie's." he replied.

"Go Uncle Emmett!" I cheered.

"You owe me!" he stepped over, "just let her stay she is 16 now this would be happening anyway. Let her prove herself Edward."

"Bella?" Edward asked looking to my mother.

"If you allow ANYTHING to happen to my daughter I will hunt you down, rip you apart piece by piece, figure out a way to put you back together and repeat the process do you understand me?" Bella said looking to Jacob.

"Wait does that mean I can stay?" I asked looking between my parents.

"You aren't giving us a choice, and we would be hypocrites if we forced the issue anymore." Edward said in defeat.

I looked up to Jacob who grinned to Edward victoriously as I looked to Uncle Emmett.

I jumped into his arms squeezing, "thank you!"

"I couldn't take you being sad anymore it was driving me insane." Uncle Emmett hugged, "I love you kiddo. You are like my own kid."

"I love you too." I said releasing him before hugging my parents thanking them.


It took my family less than three days to pack their belongings. Bound for London, and our farewell had not been as easy as I thought. I felt like a small piece of myself stayed with them but I was grateful for this experience. It taught me that I had to fight for what I loved the way my mother had for daddy, and the way I would for Jacob.

As I looked to the picture over the fireplace of my family I smiled, I truly am a lucky girl. They were finally trusting me and allowing me to stay in the cottage. I felt two arms encase my body as my head tilt back, a pair of lips pressed against my cheek.

"I thought you were supposed to help me unpack." Jacob laughed.

"Not right now." I sighed.

"What then?" Jacob asked

"We finally finish what we started the other night."

Jacob looked to me an eyebrow raised with curiosity as I stood on tiptoes pulling him toward my lips. I brushed my lips against his briefly before pulling away, a frustrated grunt in his chest as his arms wrapped around my waist pulling me from the ground. I gave in as our lips danced softly, his forehead pressing to mine.

"What did you have mind again?" Jacob whispered.

"Math homework, you have a test on Friday." I grinned.