A/N: After many years, I've decided to make a sequel. So, I'm doing this again as an effect of the reviews that keep showing up every time I check my email. My summer is very dull. I've got the time. I like doing things I said I'd never do (again), and I also want to attempt redemption from the terrible writing my 13-wee-old self exhibited. Other than essays, I haven't written in years and years. I'm 18 now. Hopefully I can best my younger self, but I'm pretty nervous. I promise to have a plot this time - even made an outline. I am a lot less dyslexic, but still struggle with dysgraphia when given the opportunity. Thanks for sticking with me. Special thanks to Rioshix and Avanwolf (I was just informed of your awesomeness yesterday.) for the confidence to take up fanfiction again.