Okay people! This is my second fan fiction and I'm hoping I get a LOT more reviews for this one than my first one. =/ this story is partially based on things that really happened (obviously not all of it) between me and my friend. Yes, I am in the story. Yes, I really lived in this place. Yes, Gabby really is my friend that lives in NJ (I moved). And yes, the prologue is 90% true (I can't remember that clearly so I filled in the blanks…). So, people PLEASE DON'T DISAPPOINT ME AGAIN!!! REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW!!! =O

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The young girl walked down the hall of her new school's hallway. As she glanced back at her soon-to-be classroom through a veil of her light brown hair, she knew she would get lost when the school year started. Her mother led her to the auditorium with a bunch of other new kids and their parents. The auditorium was filled with chairs and parents in front of a large stage. In the back, there were a few lunch tables set up. The tables were encircled with kids drawing and doodling on stacks of paper.

The little girl's mother told her to go sit and draw with the other children while she was listening to the presentation for parents. The child was very shy but she cautiously walked over to the table and sat next to a friendly looking girl with dark brown hair. The other girl was obviously shy as well; she didn't say a word as the little girl sat next to her and started to draw. Occasionally, the two girls would glance at each other and quickly glance away.

When the parents' presentation was nearly over, the taller little girl with dark brown hair turned to the child. Cautiously she said, "Um, hi. My name is Gabby. What's your name?"

The surprised child turned to Gabby and replied, "Hi… My name is Lindsay…"

Gabby smiled, "Are you new here too, Lindsay?"

"Yeah, I'm going into 3rd grade." Lindsay answered.

"I am too! Maybe we'll be in the same class." Gabby said enthusiastically.

"Maybe." Lindsay said just as the parents' presentation ended.

Lindsay saw a tall man coming toward them. Her mother was on her way too.

"Hey, Gabby. Who's your friend?" The tall man asked. Lindsay figured it must be Gabby's father.

"This is Lindsay." Gabby answered him.

"Hi, Lindsay! Where do you live? Maybe you guys could hang out sometime." Gabby's father asked her.

"Um, I live in Fox Hollow Woods." Lindsay answered uncomfortably.

"Really? We live there too! What street do you live on?" Gabby's father pried. Lindsay's mother came up to them just in time to save her.

"Lindsay are you ready to go?" Lindsay's mom asked. Then, she noticed Gabby and her dad. "Oh, I'm sorry! Who are you?"

After Gabby and her father introduced themselves, Lindsay's mother said, "Oh, so you live on Hunters Dr.? Wow, that's just down the street from us!"

For a bit, the girls and their parents mingled and chatted about moving and being new to Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Soon, everyone else in the auditorium was leaving and so the girls said good-bye and their parents lead them out of the school. All the while, they were completely unaware of friendship and events to come that year.

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