Hello! this story is vary long and it has lemons in it, quit a lot too. Yuki is guardian in cross academy and we all know she did not think she was worthy of Kaname Kuran since he is a vampire. After reading the romantic novel "more then a governess" I got this great Idea. So I hope you guys like:) Oh ya I was inspired by the story "more then a governess", and I do not own anything, Hino Matsuri owns vampire knight not me:)

Vampire knight

Chapter 1: Employment

"Now, I want all of you to be on your best behavior this is the biggest offer we have ever had, and to protect a pure blood is an honor!" Mr. Cross the director of the V.G.F (vampire guardian force) lectured his pupils as the walked to the gate. The group had just received a job offer from a Mr. Kuran Kaname saying that they were in need of bodyguards. Witch is what V.G.F is all about. Yuki Cross, the directors daughter was the youngest and the leader of the group. Yuki has been a guardian for vampires all her life, she strongly believes that vampires can be good, and they have been. Now they are going to meet the vampire who started the peace between vampires and humans soon. Yuki shook her head, 'I have to focus, I can't get distracted' she told herself, her father worked hard just to get this kind of attention. With her are companions that she woks with, theres fox, a fiery red head, her hair sort of reminded yuki of a foxes tail. Eiri a blond serious guy, who smokes a lot, he has a huge scar across his cheek. Ash, he likes to flirt with everyone, and Haiku he's what they call a computer nerd. But all together they make a great team.

"Hey guys, I heard this Kuran guy has himself a trophy wife, betcha she's a looker" ash commented while going through the front gate. Eiri rolled his eyes,

"I wouldn't think of getting anywhere with that women, if she's Kaname Kuran's, then it's hands off" Eiri smirked "not that i think you got it in you".

"And it's forbidden to have any relations with our employers! Protecting Mrs Sara Kuran is also a part of our job and I won't have you doing anything to jeopardize our chance of making a lot of money!" Mr. Cross Yelled from behind.

The group walked up to the large double doors, the entire place looked like a castle. When they walked in there was a long red carpet that went all the way up stairs, and two knights standing on both sides, candles circled the room. Ash gave out a long whistle

"Man! it's fit for royalty thats for sure". A young blond man walked up to them

"hello, you must be the V.G. F group, am I correct" he smiled politely

"yes we were hired by a Mr. Kuran?" Cross answered.

"right this way, I'm Ichijou" the group followed Ichijou up the stairs and down the left hall. Yuki wondered what this Kaname Kuran fellow looked like, she heard that he was one of the oldest vampires in history, yuki started to picture an old man with a walking cane.

"Here we are" Ichijou stood in front of the large double doors and knocked.

"Kuran-sama, the guardians are here" Ichijou said. "come in" a stunningly attractive voice called.

Ichijou swung open the doors and leaning on an large oak desk was a handsome young man, he wore a black dress shirt and black slacks. His hair was dark brown, almost black and shoulder length. he had the most handsome features yuki had ever seen.

"come closer" his voice had a hint of amusement. The group walked up to his desk, they stood there lined up like soldiers. Kaname walked back and forth examining the group, while he examined them yuki noticed a young bright blond girl standing near the fire place, she held a look of disapproval. Kaname stopped in front of yuki,

"this girl doesn't look like a guardian" he spoke to Mr. Cross.

"she looks more like a damsel in distress" another blond man with hair slightly spiked, spoke up. he leaned on the far wall.

"I assure you that yuki is vary handy in combat despite her size she's quite capable of protecting you" the directer spoke.

"oh and will you protect me Miss Yuki?" he bent down to her eye level. Yuki stood there frozen, the man was breath taking, "are you scared?" he arched an eyebrow and waited for her reply

"n...no sir" yuki answered.

"Good girl" he whispered to her, "Ichijou, please show our guests to their rooms, and give them a tour of the school" Kaname asked.

"Right away Kaname-sama" Ichijou motioned for the group to follow him.

"What was that all about? Yuki still looks red" Ash whispered to Eiri.

"It's called the guy is attractive so she had a reaction" Eiri laughed.

"I would have taken him to bed in an instant if we were alone" Fox blurted out. Ichijou turned around confused,

"Ummm sorry about that, their a little too outspoken" Mr. Cross glared at the group. Ichijou stopped at a large double door,

"this is where you will be staying" he pushed open the door to reveal a large room with five beds

"hey theirs six of us?" Haiku spoke firmly

"I wont be staying here, I have to go back to the department just in case we have any more job offers" Mr. Cross told the group.

"oh so we'll be here alone" Ash had a cocky grin on.

"Yuki make sure they stay out of trouble" Mr. Cross glared at the group.

"oh ya, have shorty here to take care of us!" Ash laughed, Mr. Cross ignored him, and left the room,

"I'll show you out Mr. Cross" Ichijou offered.

After a tour of the school, Yuki and Fox were alone in the room. Fox was putting her clothes away while yuki read a book.

"Do you think that girl by the fireplace was his wife? I mean the girl is beautiful but I expected his wife to be beyond beautiful" Fox questioned. Yuki shrugged her shoulders, she could still feel the heat on her cheeks.

"your still sulking aren't you" Fox purred, she jumped on Yuki's bed and sat beside her "so do you like him?" fox loved to tease.

"Like who?" yuki played dumb,

"you know who, well I think he looks like a god!" Fox giggled.

"Ummm I think I'll go for a walk right now" yuki lifted herself up off the bed and made her way to the door

"your no fun" Fox put on a pout.

"sorry" yuki left.

Yuki skipped down the hall humming, she loved this place the walls were full of paintings, windows were church like, and you saw a knight at every corner. Yuki started humming Ave Maria, when she turned the corner and SMACK! ran into someone. She fell to the ground with a thump as the other person balanced himself

"I'm so sorry!" yuki bowed at the persons feet.

"it's quit alright Yuki-Chan" A familiar voice chuckled, yuki was shocked when she looked up to find Kaname Kuran standing in front of her. She felt her cheeks get warm as he offered his hand, yuki got up and bowed to him again

"I'm so sorry, I shouldn't...!"

"don't worry about it, how about you join me for dinner to make it up to me" his dazzling smile made her heart race. Yuki thought it over 'why would he ask me to dinner?'

"Ummm I would be honored sir" yuki bowed her head again.

"well then shall we go" he slipped his arm around hers, yuki gasped as they started to walk.

"how old are you Yuki-Chan?" Kaname started the conversation.

"Oh well I'm sixteen" yuki kept her eyes low, she felt like holding his arm was not allowed, what she was doing was wrong.

"sixteen, thats pretty young for a bodyguard" Kaname smiled. They arrived in a dinning room, yuki didn't understand

"don't you have chafes?" most schools did,

"yes but this is were me and my wife eat.

"Oh were is your wife?" Yuki asked

"she's not here today, she should be here tomorrow" Kaname leans on the large table

"Are you afraid she might catch us?"

"Waa no no! Thats not what I meant, I mean..." yuki blushed 'why would he suggest something like that' "good" Kaname stared down at her his eyes looked the young girl up and down.

"because she won't catch us".

"I'm kidding" Kaname chuckled when he saw her eyes pop out of their sockets. "come sit" he gestured to a chair. Yuki sat down and he pushed her in. Kaname sat down beside her when the cook came out carrying two plates of food. She had not eaten for a while, and the food smelled great, yuki dug into her food. She realized after a while she was being watched by Kaname, he had an amused smile on his face that she found made him look quit handsome. Yuki blushed, she had been eating like a pig in front of her employer without any restraint.

"I'm sorry" yuki dropped the food in her hands 'god I didn't even use a fork!' "I'm so sorry, I'm use to eating with my friends and...."

"don't apologize, I'm sure chef here takes it as a complement, right chef?" the jolly man smiled at yuki

"Most of the people here hardly eat what I make, they just drink out of there goblets instead" both Kaname and the jolly chef laughed, yuki couldn't help but smile, she whipped away the tears that threatened to roll down her face.

"I should get going though, the students will be going back to there dorms and we must make sure the perimeter is safely secure" yuki bowed at Kaname

"thank you for joining me Miss Yuki" Kaname smiled, yuki blushed again and turned around, her arms to her side as she walked out of the room.

"Hey yuki were have you been?" Eiri asked his hand on his hip showing he really didn't care were she was.

"ummm I.."

"never mind come on we have to finish patrolling the area before we go to Kuran-sama's office" Eiri started toward the left end.

"w... we have to go to his office later?!" yuki panicked, 'maybe he has a complaint about dinner, what if I did something wrong!'

"Ya he's introducing us to his wife, or as Ash put it his beautiful trophy wife" Eiri laughed.

"wasn't that women by the fireplace his wife?" yuki asked

"no that was Ruka so and so, I don't know, she's part of Kaname Kuran-sama's posy" Eiri didn't notice the sad look on Yuki's face while having the conversation about Kaname's wife.

"I bet their like animals. I heard vampires have a vary active love life, any money says that Kaname-sama's reputation as a lover means he has that women as a wife because she's good enough" Eiri chuckled

"reputation?" yuki questioned

"oh ya don't you know, they call Kaname Kuran-sama a lover and a fighter, back in the day Kaname-sama was in a the big war, they say that he had over ten lovers back then, and he took all ten of them at once" Eiri laughed and still didn't realize that yuki wasn't laughing with him. 'Kaname-sama did that!' yuki never would have guessed Kaname Kuran would be like that.

"I wish I had a reputation like that, then woman would fall to my feet" Ash came out of nowhere.

"if women fall to your feet it's because the preferred suicide then you" Eiri commented.

"well our side of patrol is done how about you guys?" Fox asked as she walked up to the group.

"yes were done here" Eiri turned around and headed to the building.

"were is Haiku?" yuki asked

"being the computer geek what else, he said he needs to format his laptop so he can re-run the blue prints of the school, and dorm" Fox said.

Standing in front of the large double doors, the group entered.

"Kuran-sama, you summand us" Eiri wondered why he was announcing there presents, 'isn't yuki the leader here?'

"ah yes do come in" Kaname rises out of his seat and walks the the front of his desk. "My wife Sara" his hand directed them to a tall beautiful women, her hair whitish blond flowed down her back in long waves, her eyes were a beautiful blue, she wore a long yellow dress, that did little to cover her bosom, jewels were placed around the neckline of the dress as well as a ruby necklace that had diamonds on the chain.

"The women lived up to her reputation as a trophy wife" Eiri whispered to the group. She was like a doll you could not touch in case of ruining her beauty.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, lady Sara" Ash walked over, knelled to his knees and kissed her hand, I am Ashore Ceres, but you can call me Ash"

"speaking of reputation" Eiri mumbled and the group laughed. Yuki looked over at Kaname, who happened to be staring at her, she turned around quickly and heard him chuckle

"My dear allow me to introduce you to our new protection" the women pulled her hand away from the man knelling in front her. Ash stood up looking rejected,

"there are women in this group, we are to count on mortal women to protect us?" Sara glared at the group, "but this one is more like a little girl then a women" she stood in front of yuki, almost laughing.

"that little girl just happens to be the captain and so far the group has proved to be vary capable, they had just finished patrolling the area, before coming here" Kaname gave a mean glare, and Sara backed off.

"well now that you are all acquainted, I think it's time for us to turn in" Kaname said in the nick of time outside the sun started to rise over the horizon. Kaname walked pass the group and whispered to yuki "sleep well" Yuki looked around to see if anyone noticed but not one person, not even Sara had noticed.

"There is no competing against something that beautiful" fox sighed.

"were suppose to be working on protecting them not wooing them" Haiku commented.

"i can't believe she rejected me" Ash sat on his bed in a daze.

"oh thats right the player lost his touch" Fox laughed, the group went on talking, but yuki sat at the edge of the window, stared at the sky till some movement caught her eye, Kaname Kuran was standing out on the balcony his shirt undone as he stared at the rising sun. Yuki flushed he didn't notice her so she didn't move as she looked him over, the man was beyond attractive, she had never been attracted to a man before, most of the guys are like brothers to her, but Kaname made her feel like a stranger in her own skin. The way he smiled made her body go through strange feelings. She felt possessed by him, like he's calling her to him. 'Or maybe that's just what I want" she thought. Yuki put her hand on the window tracing it over his body. She sighed as she moved it over him again. She jumped when she saw him look at her, he grinned with mischief look in his eyes. Yuki blushed as Kaname walked back inside his room, 'Why does he make me feel this way'.

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