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Chapter 3: Follow me, I'll tuck you in at night

"He did what!" In the Guardians chambers Fox told the group about the incident in the Kuran bedroom.

"His exact words were 'and where do you get off giving her hell'" Fox explained. Eiri and Ash looked shocked while Haiku paid no attention to the commotion.

"Then why does Yuki look so upset?" Eiri tilted his head in her direction.

"I haven't figured that out yet, I tried to ask her whats wrong but she won't answer me" Fox looked at Yuki sitting on her bed curled up in a ball.

"She probably feels responsible or something" Ash answered for them.

"Maybe, she might think the director will give her heck" Fox walked over to yuki.

"Don't worry yuki, we won't tell your father what happened" Fox rubbed her back gently to comfort the girl. Yuki nodded but kept her arms wrapped around her legs.

"I'm hungry, I say we get some grub, that might make Yuki feel better" Ash rubbed his stomach and headed out the door, the others followed behind him.

"You coming Yuki?" Fox asked, she really started to feel worried.

"Okay" Yuki pulled herself together and slid off the bed, she didn't want to eat, but maybe some food would help.

"That a girl" Fox cheered and both of them headed out the door.

"I said enough Sara!" The women wouldn't give up, she kept on sobbing and it was getting on Kaname's nerves. He knows she's not sorry, in fact the woman will most likely sleep around again, he didn't care. She had been doing it even before they got married, not that he blames her because he was doing the same. Almost the entire female student body has had him, but he had no plans to stay with any of them or his heartless wife, he has what he wants

"Nothing else matters" Kaname whispered to himself.

"What? What do you mean? Oh please Kaname give me another chance" Sara begged

"I told you I don't care" Kaname sighed

"No I won't except that! You need to punish me or something right? I love you I'll take any kind of punishment!" She spoke franticly.

"Fine, but make up your own punishment" Kaname waved it off.

"Won't you take this more seriously!" She grabbed his arm shaking it in frustration. Kaname pulled her into his arms.

"I forgive you" He whispered into her ear and a sigh of relief came from Sara.

"But if you ever trouble that girl again..." he's voice was low but harsh. He could feel his wife go cold and felt satisfied that she got the point. letting her go he went to his desk but was stopped.

"I won't say another word to her if you make love to me" Sara boldly wrapped her arms around his neck while kissing the hollow of his throat. Her fingernails traced over his chest as she tried to capture his lips, Kaname grabbed her hand.

"You'll do as I say, or you can leave, thats up to you" He pulled her off and went back to work. Sara crossed her arms and pouted

"Why do you treat that little girl so special, you make it out like she's more impor..." Sara stopped, all it took was the look kaname gave her, his sly grin, but most of all the promise. She could just see the promise in his eyes that told her she didn't stand a chance.

"Kaname?" Sara stood there staring into those dark eyes. He rose from his seat and walked over to her putting his hand on her cheek.

"Darling now what would ever give you that idea" His lie stung like a poisonous blade, right through the heart.

"Shall we go to dinner, I'm sure Chef has something special made for your return home" Kaname chuckled and lead the stunned women out the door.

"You sure are hungry, didn't you eat yesterday?" Haiku asked yuki, without any true interest.

"Oh ya she fell asleep doing the filing yesterday" Fox answered for yuki, she kinda felt bad for not doing the filing.

"Umm ya the filing" Yuki shrugged

"Well you eat like you just had sex" Eiri laughed

"Oh my god Yuki are you alright" Yuki was choking on her food, Fox patted Yuki's back.

"Sorry cough" yuki stared down at her plate, 'why, how could I be so...... I can't believe I'm doing this, he's a married man, but i want him' she dropped her head on the table to hide away the tears 'I want to see him again' yuki pouted 'I need to see him again'

"Hey Yuki were are you going, you haven't finished eating?" Ash called to her

"I'm not hungry, I think I'll go for a walk" she smiled at her friends and went out into the hall.

"I need to be with him" she whispered to herself, she could feel her cheeks glow as she thought of what they would do.

"what might have caused such a smile, I wonder?" a deep sexy voice stated, Yuki turned to stare into his dark eyes

"Kaname-sama" she smiled he walked up to Yuki and pulled her into his arms.

"I'm sorry you had to put up with Sara" He creased her hair

"I'm the one who should be sorry, you belong to her but I...." Yuki started to cry

"Not a word of it, you belong to me Yuki, and I won't let anyone change that" Kaname leaned down a kissed her gently. "I belong to you" he whispered into her ear,

"Kaname dear!" Sara came running up and wrapped her arms around him, unaware of what she interrupted.

"chef made us a big meal tonight and my favorite, don't tell me you planned this" She giggled her eyes sparkled as she looked up at him.

Yuki looked down at the ground 'how could I steal someones husband. I'm not like that' Yuki thought and held back the tears.

"I'm in the middle of a discussion with our guardian" Kaname told his wife.

"But dear we haven't eaten yet" Sara put on a childish pout then smiled

"would you join us" Sara looked at Yuki

"Oh no I ate, I have to go I have some work to do" Yuki kept her head down, 'I can't see him no matter how much I want to, I cant'.

Sara Kuran laughed a talked to her husband while eating, she noticed that he looked board.

'I wonder if it has to do with that girl, no maybe he's only protecting her because he's upset with me cheating, I'll make him happy I won't cheat again, and not only that I can't see him picking an ugly duckling over me, but better make sure he doesn't get close' Sara smiled to herself.

"Darling maybe you should think about getting better rooms for the guardians" Sara smiled

"I'm surprised you care" Kaname mumbled

"Well of course, I know you really want to make sure they feel comfortable and thats just the thing for them, I know the couple wouldn't mind" Sara grinned she knew what was coming next.

"Well yes haven't you noticed that girl you were just talking to, I forget her name I saw her with that blond boy, they looked pretty serious" Sara looked to see her husbands reaction she could have sworn she saw him look shocked but he replied

"Thank you I'll keep that in mind"

"But who knows they might not be I'm not cupid" Sara giggled

'It must be my imagination I knew he didn't have anything to do with her' Sara shook it off and continued eating.

"Hey Yuki" Ash walked casually towards the girl, he rested his arm on her head and said

"god you are short boss, you'll make a good arm rest" Yuki moved and let him crash to the ground.

"Ha I thought you said ladies would fall to your feel not the other way around" Eiri came in laughing

"Vary funny" Ash brushed himself off "I'm going to see if there are any good looking girls who want a good looking guy" Ash took off like the wind before Eiri could reply

"He knew it was coming" Eiri laughed

"Umm Eiri, I'm in need of some advice" Yuki asked

"it's nothing weird is it" He looked board but sat down on the bench, Yuki joined him

"No it's just well lets say you like someone and they like you but they can't be with you because their with someone else" Yuki flinched as she waited for his answer

"Ash put you up to this didn't he, Yuki just tell Ash he doesn't stand a chance with Sara, she loves her husband and to break them up is terrible. Honestly that he has no control, But just tell Ash to find another girl, instead of breaking up a happy couple" Eiri looked down and saw Yuki crying

"Waa what's with the tears!" Eiri panicked Eiri wrapped his arms around Yuki to comfort her

"If Ash is bulling you you know I'll beat him up, you can always count on your big brother right" Eiri tried to comfort her but only made it worse.

'There is no way Yuki is with another guy, I would have noticed' Kaname shook his head the cool breeze felt great on his skin as he tried to relax.

"Darling let's go to bed already I'm feeling lonely" Sara purred she rubbed her hands over Kaname's naked chest, she thought she heard a sigh of disgust from him.

"Oh look I was right" Sara spotted Yuki and Eiri on the bench

Kaname looked up to see what he feared. The blond guy Sara had mentioned had his arms wrapped around Yuki

'My Yuki' Kaname glared at the two, he felt rage boil in him 'I'll kill him. No that will only upset her damn' Kaname looked away.

"Well now that we know for sure lets give them a room" Sara smiled and walked back into the bedroom.

'Why didn't I notice this' kaname planted his arms on the railing, he looked at the two and growled when he saw yuki rest her head against Eiri. 'I can't let her go, I have to talk to her' Kaname walked back into the bedroom, 'Hopefully I can get Sara drunk enough that I won't have to sleep with her.

"You know, you should ask Shuichi for help, he's the feminine one not me, you know I can't say anything right" Eiri told yuki

"Ya I wish I could, Shuichi's the best at these thing. Oh that's right didn't you guys plan to adopt a child, you know he wants to start a family" Yuki grinned

"Oh god it's bad enough the brat wants to get married, I can see it now me having a gay wedding" Eiri rolled his eyes

"Don't worry I can be your best man and Shuichi's maid of honer" Yuki giggled she started to feel better.

"Gee thanks" Eiri put his head in his hands

"Alright I gave you some advice now you can give me some, how do I get out of this" Eiri smiled he was glad Yuki was alright now, Yuki had been like a little sister to both him and Shuichi.

"You can't because I want you two to be together" Yuki pouted

"And you give nothing good, great, now I'll be gay for life" Eiri chuckled he honestly could not believe what he was into.

"Don't you know gays are soooo cool" Yuki winked and made a thumbs up.

"If I give you my cell phone so you can ask Shuichi for advice, will you promise not to tell Ash I'm gay because I know that guy will do anything to have some dirt on me" Eiri pulled out his Cell phone and handed it to Yuki

"EEEE Thank you, thank you!" Yuki ran toward the dorms and waved at Eiri "I promise not to tell"

Yuki walked into the guardians chambers making sure no one was there. She dialed the number, "Hello" A pleasant voice answered

"Shuichi-kun I need help" Yuki said

"Yuki? What do you need help with?" Yuki sat on her bed and explained her issue, what she told Eiri and his replay. Shuichi started laughing

"Whats so funny?" Yuki asked

"You actually asked Eiri for advice" Shuichi laughed a little bit more.

"Ok now look this kind of situation is what we call an affair, You can be with him, but it's really important that you know for sure that he loves you and not her, no matter the issue love conquers all, you can't lie to your heart, in the end it wins" Shuichi explained

"Right now don't talk to him, try to avoid him, if he chases after you then you know he has feelings for you" Shuichi told her

"But I can't avoid him I give into him every time" Yuki explained,

"Give in to who?" A deep dark voice made Yuki jump. She turned to see Kaname standing at the doorway.

"I have to go Shuichi, I'll talk to you later" Yuki hung up 'how long has he been listening'

"Are you hiding something from me Yuki-chan?" Kaname smiled, slowly he walked up to Yuki, as graceful as a cat.

"Who will you give into?" Kaname asked again.

"I'm sorry, I was just talking to a friend Umm" Yuki tried to come up with something. Kaname planted his hands on each side of her, moving his face to her level "Will you give into me?" Yuki could feel his breath on her lips.

"Will you let me have you?" Kaname's hand started to brush up her leg,

"Will you let me do this" He undid her blouse, his hand brushing the swells of her breasts. Yuki gasped as his warm hand massaged her breast making.

"Mmm" Yuki moaned, she felt herself being swayed and pushed back.

"No one else can have you but me" Kaname growled as he kissed her wildly.

"Kaname-sama!" Yuki felt his hand behind her head as he laid her on the bed, he moaned feeling her warm hands pull him closer and deepened the kiss

'ah this feeling, I can't let it go. I want him, all to myself' Yuki's heart pounded in excitement

'I want him'

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