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I feel horrible ughhh I feel so dirty I wish I never made that stupid decision, I don't love Brock, he is just like all of the other dentists I've been with, except he knocked me up,I hurt his wife and family, God I'm so stupid! I still dont see why he'd leave Reba for me, yea I am considereably taller, but I'm ruining a 20 year marriage just because of one night in a dark x-ray room. I know he doesn't love me, he still loves her .. I can see it in his eyes.

"I have to go get brock!" she said to herself (he is at that therapy thing see I told ya literally)
"and tell him this is over he's going to make up with Reba he has to "

"Brock it's time you come home, get over this mid-life crisis buy a motorcycle get something peirced!"

"Reba I cant do that"

" And why not?"she asked him indignantly then suddenly Barbra Jean runs into the room

"Brock it's over" she started but was quickly cut off by brock

"what do you mean over?"reba couldnt help but notice he almost seemed ....happy?
"Brock you don't love me you love Reba and I dont love you just like every other dentist ive been with! there is no spark, no chemistry just...blah Brock I've seen you and Reba together y'all have the spark even a little peck on the lips and you have wildfires running through the room your meant to be together Brock I will grant you visitation rights but I will not loose my chance for true love! you've already found yours don't let her go"
"so your pregnant?"Reba asked Barbra Jean, her voice cracking a bit as she nodded her head yes

"I am Reba but it will not affect you or your family in the least,Cheyanne ,Kyra , Jake if you want to meet your half brother or sister someday I will not stand in your way, and again Reba I hope this will not interfere with our frienedship"
"Our freindship?"she asked retorically and cackled

"I knew you'd understand!"she exclaimed and pulled Reba in for a bone-crushing hug

"I will bite you"she said breathless"thanks for returning my husband" she added grinding her teeth and smiling falsely "Cheyanne,jake,kyra will you please go outside so I can talk to your father.. you to barbra jean!"but Barbra Jean had something stupid to say

"what Big Daddy's here?" she said looking around dumbly.
"Barbra Jean!"Reba yelled

"ok ok tell big daddy I said hey if you see him again!" and walked out quickly scared Reba might hit her if she didn't get out

When the children and Barbra Jean left the small office Reba flew off the handle " So you were planning on leaving me for that ditz"
"well I thought I'd have to I mean this is the first time she has show a lick of sense I mean the woman can't even make toast"
"She seriously can't make toast?" she laughed

"no she burns it each and every time !" he exclaimed "I haven't had a decent peice of toast in 6 months!"he sighed and then added "so do you still want me to come home?
"I dont know, I asked you that before before I found out that your Ex-mistress is pregnant!" she exclaimed as Brock came up behind her now messaging her shoulders

"Yeah but I think I should come home with you and the children,Reba I know that you miss me" he whispered the last part into her ear suggestivly

"yeah I do miss you"she said softly and then walked out of his grasp to turn and look him in the eyes"but I don't know if I could trust you,I mean hello! Do I have a sign on my forehead that says"hi I'm a trusting ding bat"
"I guess you don't but I wish you did, come on can I please please please come home if you want I can stay in the guest room I promise I wont try anything"
"fine I guess but if you try anything my new nickname is going to be nutcraker" she smiled pointing at him " just keep that in mind that instead of bugging me there will always be a cold shower"she pecked him on the cheek and walk towards the door ,swinging he hips feverishly in the process "KIds you can come back in here , we have news"
Reba walks over to Brock and holds his hand waiting while the children and BJ crowded around the two and brock started to explain

"well your mother has agreed to let me come ho,e so we can work on our relationship,"Reba smiled at her kids when they looked at her to make sure he was telling them the truth and all smiled ear to ear after she nodded her head in approval ,well except Kyra but that's normal.
"Barbra Jean, I know that you wont have anywere else to go so you can stay at the condo and keep your job as my hygenist"Brock told he feeling bad that they were parting when she was so obviously pregnant

"Thank you Brock I guess I'll see you later when you come to get your stuff...WAIT!! is REBA comming!" she stated out very calmly but ended up yelling out the last part

"I dont know Cheyanne would hav to watch Jake and kyra an she have to "
" It's ok mom I can do it but can Van come over"
"yeah as long as you follow the rules no bo....."
" I know mom I promise I will "

"sorry I'm late !" the therapist Ms. hooke said as she came into her office nearly 20 minutes late "the traffic was horri-"then she noticed everyone standing up in a circle "whats going on?"she asked quizically so Reba began to fill her in

" oh, hi were the Harts,I guess you already know that but lets see ... recap...my husband ,Brock(pointing at him) got his dental hygenist ,Barbra Jean(pointing at her know) pregnant, we decide to make up so Brock is moving back in with me,Barbra Jean is going to have the baby,stay in our condo and continue working for Brock,wow we sound even more disfuntional than I thought"
"wow I thought my family was weird" the threapist added

"mom can we go yet?" cheyanne asked

"not yet honey, why?reba asked he a little worried she was staring to look 'green'
"no reason I was just wondering" all of a sudden Barbra jean bolted to the restroomthrowing up her stomach's contents. Jake didnt nderstand why she was puking because he wasn't listeng to a word anyone had said because he was playing his video game "mommy why is barbra jean puking"
"well honey barbra jean is going to have a babyand its making her sick"she told him this in a thick motherly tone, his eyes were as big as saucers

" I thought Cheyanne was pregnant"
"what!" Reba hollered out in surprise

"shut up Jake!" Cheyanne hissed

"don't tell him to shut up , he's just a stupic kid!" kyra yelled

"Im not stupid I found the test in the trash!" he exclaimed

"WHAT !!!!"both brock and reba yealled out this time in union this tried to jump Jake but Brock had a strong grip on her waist bfore she was able to.
"everyone get in the car....NOW" Reba snapped Everyone knew that when she yelled like that it was time to get serious so they walked out of the office like Reba had told them in record timeReba was about to follow them but the threapist stopped her

"you know this was the session that would determine weather or not you would be comming to counciling for the next 3 years right "
"yeah ... I guess well be seeing you next week won't we?"

"you can bet on it "she laughed

"ok well I better get out to the car before somebody gets murdered.

((as soon as they get home)

"kids go up to your rooms , me and your father need to talk and Cheyanne call Van ,when he gets here we need to talk to him and you together.."

I know its short and kinda corny but I was in the middle of math class thinking ughhh i feel horrible then i wrote it down on paper lol and I just started writing. well if yall like it please review and if ya wont more chaps tell me and I guess there will be more stories from me sooner or later