sorry this took soooo long!!!!

Brock and Reba finished showering and goofed off a bit before wandering downstairs. They soon realized that their family was no where in sight, they looked around but all they found was a note:


Don't worry honey your father and I decided to take a trip to blackcreek Park,you know where we first met, we shiuld be back around 7:00, Liz went ot the mall and BJ tagged along (much to liz's displeasure) oh, and Van went to football practice

p.s. Liz and I need to talk to you when we get home!

With Love,


"oh great! now I'm in trouble!" Reba exclaimed

"why?" he asked

"why?...let's see we are stupid enough to fool around with our parents in the house!"

"honey we are adults, we've been married for 20 years and have three beautiful children, about to be four I would hope that they know we've fooled around by now,"

"Brock my moma's gonna tan my hide!"

"you like it when I whip you," he quipped

"well that's because...shut up you mo-ron!"


"shut up that's why!"

"ok ok enough , honey I think you need a nap,"

"I do not need a nap you dingbat!" Reba shouted and started towards the stairs yawning

"night honey,"he called to her, shaking his head at his wife

"yeah, yeah, yeah" she groaned"are you comming?"she shouted

"yeah babe," he yelled running up the stairs

when he came in his bedroom he found his wife sound asleep...or at least she seemed to be

"you awake?' he whispered in her ear

"no," she mumbled

"alright," he sighed "I guess I'll have to wake you up!"

Reba screamed in surprise and pure delight when he began to tickle her

"ahhh!" Reba laughed

"you awake yet?" he asked

"no!" she shouted stubbornly

"alright," he began to tickle her harder

"ok ok I'm awake!" she laughed and snuggled into his arms after he quit tickling her

"I love you," he whispered

"I love you to," she kissed him gently and laughed when they felt the baby kick "the baby loves you o,"

"and I love you to baby," he cooed, rubbing her protrouding belly, Reba wrapped her arms around his neck

"were back!" her mother's voice ran through the entire house