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Chapter 1: Lying About the Truth?

Amu: Age 15

Ikuto: 18

Tadase, Yaya, Kukai, etc etc… all of them: 15

Ami: Still 3 or 4

…..I don't think I forgot anyone who's ages are important… sorry if I did though.

Amu was woken to the birds chirping and brisk air creeping through the slightly opened window. Her golen eyes fluttered open as she was greeted with another pair of eyes. No… correction. Pairs of eyes. Those were were blue, green, and pink.

"Wake up Amu-chan!" Ran cheered. How can she be so happy in the morning?

"Yeah Amu-chan hurry up!" Miki joined in. Her too?

"I'll get breakfast ready desu!" Suu charged off into the kitchen.

"Gahh!!! Wait Suu! My parents are--" Amu stopped mid-sentence as she found a note typed up on her open laptop.

Dear Amu-Chan,

Ami has a recital today, and we didn't want to wake you. So, we'll take her to her show and be back by tomorrow noon. Be careful and call us if you need anything!!!!

-Mommy and Daddy

Amu sighed from relief for the fact that Suu has already started making a scrumptious(sp?) breakfast.

"Why is everyone so happy today?" Amu asked Miki.

"Don't you remember?"

"Remember what?"

"The Guardian Meeting!"

"OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Amu had totally forgot and quickly scampered into the shower to get ready.


"Ok, so even though we are going on summer break, we will still be having meetings. Our first meeting is scheduled to be on July 8th. Hope to see you all there!" Tadase smiled warmly at everyone.

"TADASE-KUN!!! I have a question!!!" Yaya recited.

"Go ahead. Yaya-chan."

"Where are we going to meet?"

"Well, I was thinking that maybe we could go some place fun." Tadase replied.

"Oooooo how about the amusement park!" Yaya asked.

"Sure why not."

End Flashback.

So there you have it. Amu was going to the amusement park with the Guardians today and she had totally forgot until they were reminded. She walked out of the shower and quickly got dressed. She wore a plaid skirt with a spaghetti strap tank and a short sleeve sweater over it. (I know… not really meant for summer time… but whatever…) The skirt was sparkly at the ends and it was kind poofy. She wore black sparkly leg warmers with white sparkly flats. (I LOVE sparkles) She rapidly ran down the stairs and shoved the breakfast that Suu had made for her and jolted out the door, locking it on the way out.

Amu was about half way down her block when she asked Ran, "So, after all that commotion, how in the world did I end up being early?" It's true, she was out of the house by 12, and they were supposed to meet at 1:30 or so.

When Amu got no answer, she turned around and saw none of her charas floating next to her……. Crap!

"Oh no!!! I can't believe I forgot them at home!!" Amu panicked as she sprinted all the way back to her house to retrieve the forgotten charas.

When she arrived back at her house, Amu saw that the charas hadn't even realized that they were gone. -_-………………. She fixed up her hair and makeup as she grapped her charas' holder and set out of the house…. Walking this time.

Amu P.O.V:

-I passed numerous coffee shops and shopping malls as I strutted down to the amusement park. I couldn't help but feel like I was being followed. Well…. The thing is… I was being followed. I was being followed by a certain alley cat.

"Yo!" the little kitty chara excalimed.

"Bah!" I jumped up from the surprise. "What do you want? Is Ikuto here?"

"Heh! Wondering about me Amu?" Ikuto whispered in my ear from behind"

I blushed ten shades of red and protested with my handsin front of my face, "No! I just wanted to know if you had like abandoned Yoru or something."

"Ikuto would never do that, nya!" Yoru jumped in.

Ikuto just flicked Yoru and chuckled at the sight. "So, Amu, off to a date with Kiddy King hmm?"

"Gahhh what! NO!" I felt myself growing red in the face again. "It's just a Guardian Meeting."

"Whatever. I'll be at the amusement park if you need me!" Ikuto walked off waving his hand nonchantly.


I arrived at the amusement park moments later and waited for everyone else to show up.

"Are like you stalking me or something?" A VERY familiar voice stated.

I already knew that a smirk was apparent on his face but decided to retort, "Of couse not! This is just where the Guardian meeting is being held." Although I was telling the truth, it just came out like I was lying through my teeth. Ugh, curse it! I'm supposed to be 'Cool and Spicy' Hinamori Amu, not 'Even the truth sounds like lies' Hinamori Amu. I was mentally beating myself up as Ikuto stared at me with confusion.

"Are you like a phycopath or something?" He bluntly asked.

"NO! And who is it to say that you are not the one to be following me!" I brought up the old subject again.

"Well… for one, I didn't know that your 'meeting' was going to be here, and I was the one who told you that I was going to be here in the first place. Any other questions?"

Damn it…. That was a good answer….. Ugh! Why does there still have to be an hour until the meeting starts.

Ugh…. This day was going to be like Hell….

End Chapter 1

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