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Drip, drip, drip.(1)

Alex looks at the fresh new cuts she made. She watches as the blood drips off of her arm and onto the cold, tiled bathroom floor. Just a little bit longer, she thought, still in her daze. Just a little bit longer and it'll all be over.....


Bang, bang , bang.(2)

"Alex! ALEX!" Goku screamed as loud as he could for his best friend. Why the hell would she do this to herself??


No one knew how much she suffered, how much pain she went through and how hard it was to cover it up. Alex never wanted anyone to know, so she got dressed quietly as she was getting ready for the day. She was about to put on her shirt when Goku walked in by accident.

"What the hell??" Goku whispered as he found out her secret. Scars covered her arms and collarbone. Alex started crying as she put her shirt back on and ran out of the room and into the bathroom.


"Almost...there", she said to herself as everything started to get blurry to her. All the feeling in her body began to fade. It's almost over....Sorry.....Goku....



"Alex!!" Goku called out as he picked her up off the floor. He tried shaking her, but it didn't work. He covered her cuts with his jacket and carried her to the car. He layed her down in the backseat and drove her to the emergency room.

"Please help her!! She's gonna die!!" Goku pleaded to the nurse.

"Calm down, sir. I'll help your friend. Just sit in the waiting room and wait until the doctor's done with her." the nurse said to him. He sat down in one of the chairs. How?? How couldn't I have noticed this?? he thought to himself. She seemed so....happy. Always smiling and making jokes. I just wish.....I wish I could've helped. You should've just asked me for help!! He hadn't noticed the tears that were falling from his eyes or the darkness that came before his quick sleep.

An hour later

"Hello?? Sir??" the nurse called as she shook him awake.

"Huh?? Wha-Is she okay?? Is Alex okay??" Goku quickly asked the nurse.

"Yes, she's okay. I was going to ask if you wanted to see her."

"Yeah. What room??"

"Room 136"

"Okay" Goku said as he wandered through the hospital until he saw 236 and her name under the room number. He walked into the room and pulled up a chair next to her.

She looks so peaceful sleeping like that. Like everything this afternoon never happened. He took her hand and held it softly. She stirred at his touch and opened her eyes.

"...Goku?? Where am I??" she asked softly.

"The hospital. Why would you a-"

"I'm sorry..."

Goku looked at Alex in shock. "What??"

"I said-"

"Don't be sorry."

"Why not??"

"Because its not your fault. It's mine."

"It started way before I met you, you know."

"I kinda figured."

"I still can't control my-"

Goku kissed Alex softly. I can't believe this, she thought. Why me?? Why?? Tears started coming down her cheeks for two reasons: confusion....and happiness.


(1)-the dripping noise was the sound of Alex's blood hitting the floor

(2)-the first bangs were when Goku was banging on the door trying to get Alex to open it,

(3)-the thud was Alex's body hitting the floor

(4)-the second bang was Goku getting in by tackling the door.

There you have it!!! I'll probably have the next chapter up soon so.......sayonara till then!! ^___^

-Kasumi Higurashi