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"Um, hate to break it to you, dobe, but I'm pretty sure the cafeteria is on the other side of the hotel," Sasuke smirked. 'Really, nothing about him has changed; he's still as dense and idiotic as usual.'

Naruto paused in his gait, glanced left and right, and exclaimed, "No teme it's over here! I'm sure of it!" He continued to drag the raven along, not letting go of the other's hand, as he walked briskly down the hall towards their supposed destination.

Sasuke sighed, but he decided to play along. 'If memory serves, this should take us down to some guest rooms… oh yeah, there is something else.'

"Aha! Here it is! I told you that it was over here teme! See?"

Sasuke sweatdropped. "Akatsuki Ramen…is it? Dobe, you never change, still eating this unhealthy thing."

"Hey! Don't insult the holy ramen teme! Besides, this is the only place where you can get food in this hotel! So suck it up!" Naruto pouted and sat down, beckoning the Uchiha to also sit down.

"Actually dobe, if you actually opened your eyes a tiny bit you might've actually seen the sign by the lobby that said 'Cafeteria to the Right, Hm!'" Sasuke said, smirking in amusement.

"Oh…um…ah well! Who wants lame cafeteria food if there's ramen?" Naruto retorted, a faint blush on his cheeks. "Hey chef! One order of pork ramen for this teme sitting by me and three orders of miso ramen for me, with extra fishcake!"

"Coming right up!" The chef replied and disappeared into the kitchen.

"I wanted beef ramen, usuratonkachi…" Sasuke complained jokingly, playfully poking the blond's ribs.

"Well sorry teme for having a good memory, because you always ordered pork ramen the times that I dragged your lazy butt to Ichiraku's back home!" Naruto muttered as he picked out two pairs of chopsticks from inside the chopstick holder, one for himself and one for the raven.

'He…he remembered that?' Sasuke thought, blushing a little, 'He must not be so stupid then…heh."

"Here you go! Three bowls of miso ramen and one bowl of pork ramen! Enjoy!"

"Thanks chef!" Naruto exclaimed and immediately started slurping up his first bowl. "Hm? Sasuke? Why aren't you eating?" The blonde asked as he glanced to his side to see the raven just sitting there, motionless.

"Oh! I was just thinking, that's all," Sasuke quickly said and dug into his share of noodles. Naruto shrugged and resumed his feasting.

"So, what did you do these three years?" Naruto asked casually, trying to attempt conversation.

"Not much interesting stuff, dobe, I just trained under the snake bastard for these three long years." Sasuke shrugged, "It wasn't exactly what you'd call an interesting three years; the training was bland and monotonous, but nonetheless, I did get stronger."

"I highly doubt that, teme," Naruto teased.

Sasuke smirked, "Bring it on; I'm ready when you are, dobe."

Naruto was about to retort when the little restaurant door opened and the blond's eyes widened. He had totally forgotten about the other Uchiha that happened to be at the same hotel that the other Uchiha's little brother was.

Both Sasuke and Itachi tensed at seeing the other and proceeded to glare intensely at the other. Naruto half expected Sasuke to suddenly charge at his brother with a blazing chidori in hand, but that didn't happen. The blond gulped; the tension in the air was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Sasuke spoke first, "Why are you here you bastard?"

"Is that anyway to talk to your older brother Sasuke? You've got such a dirty mouth otouto," Itachi replied calmly, sharingan turned on.

"You didn't answer my question," Sasuke stated, sharingan also spinning, daring the other to make a move.

Naruto suddenly felt a whoosh of wind, and half a second later, he was pinned in an embrace by the elder Uchiha.

"What the fu-" The blond yelled indignantly, but the feel of cold metal on his neck abruptly cut him off. Itachi was holding a kunai knife to his throat. It was impossible to free himself as both of his arms were immobilized by the long-haired raven's arm.

"You sick bastard! Let him go! He has nothing to do with this!" Sasuke cried in horror. His hands started to weave handsigns, but Itachi's voice stopped him.

"Not smart otouto, one false move and Naru-chan's head will come clean off," Itachi stated coldly; Sasuke froze instantly, eyes wide at the threat.

"You wouldn't," Sasuke whispered, teeth clenched shut.

"I would," Itachi smirked evilly and pressed the kunai knife a little harder, making a thin red cut on tan silky skin, "You know I would." Naruto whimpered in fright.

"God Naru-chan, you make me want to fuck you right here and right now…" Itachi whispered seductively and licked the blond's ear. Naruto shivered in horror and rasped, "No…I-Itachi, s-stop…ah!"

"You fucker!" Sasuke screamed, "Get your dirty hands off of him!" He hated just standing there, not being able to do anything to save his precious one. He hated feeling this powerless and weak. It was the reason that he went to the snake sannin in search of power, to avenge his clan and to protect the kitsune, Naruto.

'Why…?' Sasuke thought furiously as he watched the other Uchiha slip his dirty hand under the blond's shirt shamelessly and ravish his best friend, his crush's body. He felt painful stabs to his heart just by looking at those azure pleading eyes that were asking for help, the blue eyes that shone with fear, the cerulean eyes that were on the verge of tears. But he wasn't able to move, because he knew that he wouldn't be able to move fast enough to rip his beloved out of his archnemisis's arms without risking damage to the blond.

'Shit…shit, shit, shit, shi-'

"The hell Itachi! What are you doing, hm!?" Deidara exclaimed as he burst through the doors of the ramen shop. He absorbed the scene. Itachi was ravishing Naruto with a knife held to the blond's neck, and Sasuke was shaking with fury but not moving. 'This isn't good…' the long-haired blond thought as he reached down into his weapons pouch.

Sasuke brought his arms up and shielded himself as the explosion artist detonated a clay figure. The raven expected an explosion, but instead the white clay figure spat out white smoke, enshrouding the room with a white, opaque fog.

'What the…' Sasuke thought, 'This is my chance! Naruto!' he dashed towards where Itachi should be, but stopped abruptly as the smoke dissipated enough to make out Deidara stabbing something into a surprised looking Itachi's arm.

The longhaired raven released an equally surprised blond sluggishly and stumbled backwards. Luckily, Deidara caught him, otherwise he would've fallen. He looked up once more at the other two occupants of the room before drifting into unconsciousness.

Sasuke was a little miffed at the apologetic glance his homicidal brother sent him. 'But who cares about that…right?'

Naruto, finally free from the molesting, fell to his knees, face red with a heavy blush and fully aroused. 'The hell? How could I have liked that so much…?' He slowly shook his head, 'Shit…'

"Hm, I'm terribly sorry. Apparently 'Tachi forgot to take his medications this morning, causing his emotions to go a little out of wack, hm," Deidara explained. "The Mangekyou Sharingan is definitely a fearsome doujutsu, but the side effects, hm, people can do without. It could make a person go 'crazy' and then he would become just a tool for his emotions."

"How could you know so much about the Mangekyou Sharingan?" Sasuke asked, suspicious. He kept his eyes on the long haired blond as he helped the shaking kitsune up. His arm wrapped itself around the unfocused jinchuuriki instinctively, giving a firm, reassuring squeeze.

"You'd be surprised, 'Tachi can be quite the talkative one, hm! I guess being emo can take quite a toll on one's mind. He talks about all kinds of random things when he's asleep," Deidara smiled and tapped his chin.

"Hn," Sasuke muttered and then changed the topic, "Wasn't Sasori supposed to work here this month?"

"Ah, that…S'sori's got an important mission this month, so 'Tachi substituted for him, hm," Deidara replied with a shrug. "Well, I'll drag him to his room now," he said, pointing at Itachi.

"A-arigatou, Deidara-san," Naruto said hesitantly, standing on his own now.

"Hm, no need," The long-haired blond said as he disappeared with Itachi amidst a puff of smoke.

Sasuke pulled out a stool and sat down, plunking Naruto down on his lap. Naruto gave a small squeak of surprise and blushed. The blond tried to get up but was held in place by a pair of pale arms.

"Ne Sasuke, stop! It's …weird!!" Naruto exclaimed in embarrassment and squirmed.

"Quiet dobe, I get to hold you after almost losing you, okay?" Sasuke muttered possessively. Naruto shivered.

After a few calm and peaceful moments, Naruto asked, "Sasuke?"


"Why didn't you kill your brother when you had the chance…?"

"Because it wouldn't be honorable to kill an unconscious person, even if he's a mass murderer."



"Didn't you know that this joint is run by the Akatsuki?"


"…Then why'd you come here, knowing that you might see Itachi here?"

"It isn't his turn to watch the hotel until next month."

"Oh. But…"


"Knowing you, wouldn't it be logical if you came here next month when Itachi's supposed to be here? Aren't you trying to kill your brother, not to avoid him?"

"…Wow dobe, is it just me or are you getting smarter?" Sasuke teased.

"Go die in a hole teme; Answer my question." Naruto growled and punched the raven's leg.

"Now that you've hit me, I don't think I'll want to answer…"


"Okay fine! I was just kidding; you didn't need to hit me again!"

"Humph, you had it coming."

"…That is so lame. Nobody says 'You had it coming' these days anymore."

"Argh you baka! Just answer the frickin' question!"

"Then let's go to a more private place; it's important, afterall"

Naruto shivered again. 'Damn the teme for making it sound so…twisted! Urgh!'

"Oh yeah! Sorry 'bout that chef-san!" The blond yelled, waving as he left.

The chef just nodded dumbly, still kinda dazed.

After closing the ramen shop's door, Sasuke commented, "I totally forgot about the chef."

"Heh heh, I almost did too. Come on teme, let's go to my room so we can sort this private thing out!" Naruto said with an innocent grin as he headed down towards his hotel room.

Sasuke followed, with a smirk on his face.

'Seems like he doesn't remember what his real job is. Or maybe, considering that it's him, he just didn't read that far down the list…Heh heh heh.'

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