By Tyloric
Warnings: More suggestions of slash, but nothing concrete. But it's so fluffy it makes me teeth hurt.
Things to Note:
This act is quite a bit more light hearted. This was intentional. Also made up a lot of crap about Billy's past. Just cause. Don't hate me. :( I also know some people won't be happy with this conclusion. But I enjoy it, so I'm sticking with it.


He had closed his eyes, waiting for it. Waiting for what exactly, he wasn't sure. Pain? Death? He had been expecting something to happen when he heard the weapon make a deafening pop, but other than that nothing came. No pain. No sudden weakness. He didn't feel like he was dying either. Though, he did contemplate; would he know it if he were dead?

Curious, he flexed his hands. They still seemed to work just fine. Not satisfied with just that, however, he decided to open his eyes again and immediately knew he was still alive. He just wished he weren't.

Dr. Horrible stood in front of him, not having moved from the spot Hammer had first taken notice of him. He was looking down at his feet, however. His arms had dropped to his sides and the death ray lay discarded on the floor in front of him while he shook violently.

A sizzling noise drew his attention to the wall behind him. There was a black scorch mark not even inches away from where his head had been. Horrible had missed.

He should be relieved, shouldn't he? He should be glad he was alive. So why wasn't he?

He looked back over to Horrible, confusion writing his features, "Why-?"

"All my life I've wanted to hurt people," he gasped, not looking up. "To get back at the people who had wronged me. Make them suffer. And the one chance I have to get back at the person I can't stand, the one I can barely even look at, and I can't do it. Why?" His head shot up, tears streaming down his face and neck, "Why can't I kill you?! Why?!"

Hammer just stared at him with wide eyes. He was unsure of how to react to this situation, this wild turn of events. What should he do? He didn't know.

So, he did the thing he does best. He started talking, "What do you mean? Who wronged you?"

Some of the anger on Horrible's face melted away and was replaced with shock, causing his back to straighten a bit. His gaze started to burn holes into Hammer, but the older man refused to look away.

Finally, after much deliberation, Horrible started speaking, "My dad. He used to beat me and my mom. I was nine," The tears had stopped, and his eyes glazed over. He's had to tell this story before, Hammer realized. "Mom wouldn't report him. No one would believe me." He looked back down at his feet, his fists clenching angrily, "Came home from school one day. Mom was dead. Dad had disappeared." When he finally shifted to look back at Captain Hammer he nearly reeled back from the expression on the man's face.

It was pity. Captain Hammer, his arch nemesis, was pitying him. He didn't know what to do with this sort of reaction.

So he kept talking, "Found him a few years back," a grim smile spread across his lips. Hammer had seen that sort of smile before, on other super villains. He had never seen it on Horrible before, "Couldn't kill him either. His new wife had already done that for me," Morbid amusement flashed through his eyes and he chuckled.

He was completely flabbergasted, however, with what Hammer did next. With out warning, the Captain started walking up to him, and walking up hard. A man on a mission. This is it, Billy thought, waiting for Hammer to finish him off, or at least hurt him quite a bit. So his closed his eyes, took a deep breath and flinched away, waiting for it to come.

Hammer closed the distance between them in three steps. One, two, three. And, with only the briefest of moments of hesitation, closed his arms around Dr. Horrible, pulling their bodies together.

Oh god, Billy thought, He's going to crush me to death. He just stood there, waiting for his bones to start crunching and the pain to start making him cry out. But none of that ever came. Hammer didn't start trying to squeeze the life out of him, didn't try to knock his head through the wall, or even punch him in the gut. He just stood there with his arms wrapped around the younger man tightly.

A HUG! Billy realized, horrified.

"I'm sorry," Hammer whispered in his ear, bringing him reason to pause.

"For what?" The villain managed to choke out.

To make things even more awkward, Hammer pulled him tighter, resting his chin on Billy's shoulder, "Just… for everything." He voice was low, but sincere.

It caused something inside the younger man snapped like a twig. A wave of new, unfamiliar emotions washed over him like a tidal wave, flooding his senses.

And just like that, he started crying. Again. But it was different this time. Because he didn't mean to burry his face into Hammer's chest, he didn't mean to clench at his shirt desperately. He didn't even mean to cry like a nine year old missing his mommy. But he did.

And you know what? It felt good. Really good.

Hammer just stood there patiently. He probably would have been crying too, if he hadn't done so already. He had come to understand rather quickly that it didn't make him—either of them, really– weak to do so. They were broken. Two broken men. And apparently broken men cried.

They were still men, though.

After while, Billy stopped, and he took notice at how relaxing Hammer's body heat was.

"Better?" The Captain asked.

Billy sighed, defeated, his voice coming out oddly from the stuffy nose crying had caused him, "A little."

Hammer nodded comprehendingly, but didn't let go.

"So…" Billy started, "Are we like… having a moment here?"

It was Hammer's turn to sigh, "Afraid so."

"Great. That's just great. Some super villain I am," He sounded disappointed.

"Well, I'm not much of a hero, so we'll just call it even."

Strangely, Billy took some comfort in that.


The end?