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Prologue – The War Begins

"Yes, Ms. Happy-Smiley Sunshine, we have the plan in motion. We're ready to go when you are." Ms. Happy-Smiley Sunshine, or Ms. HSS as most called her, folded up her papers and with her two sided smile that she was famous for, nodded and bowed to her assistant. Her plan was close to being a success, all she had to do was set it into motion. With a curt wave to her assistant, Ms. HSS left the dubbing room and with a sweep of her long witch's cloak, set off down the hallway. Each step that she took was another step closer to victory for her beloved company. As the running executive chair, she had much to see and watch over. Her job relied solely upon how many series she could destroy but with relish, she knew that this would land her at the top of the company for sure! She was going to be the first to destroy the whole anime world and not only that, but the entire videogame universe, and by herself to top that! She didn't need her underlings for anything but the grunt work. But those anime dwellers would soon learn to fear her and 4Kids forever…

Her clipboard and pencil were clutched in one hand and she had to refrain from skipping down the hallway. Upon rounding a corner, she saw the only person she trusted in this company, Ms. Sparkly Rainbows, or Ms. SR. Her smile widened as she nodded to her companion, her partner in crime, and her sole friend in this forsaken place.

"Ms. Happy-Smiley Sunshine, I have good news that you might want to hear." Said Ms. SR said in a voice brimming with malice and happiness in equal measures. Ms. HSS nodded for her partner to continue. "Very well, then. As you already know, we're on schedule for taking over both the anime and videogame universes. However, I have found a site that you might be interested in seeing." She said as she whipped out her lap top. The two leaned closer together and Ms. SR typed in a URL address. As the site loaded, she turned to Ms. HSS and continued her monologue.

"Fanfiction is the perfect place for us to get all of our information from! Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of fanfictions are on this site, as well as many more writers. To control them would mean controlling most of the minds on this planet that care for these things. We could have a whole army under our control and we would be able to take over the anime and videogame worlds in a matter of weeks after that!" Said Ms. SR with an evil grin that filled her entire face. Ms. HSS pondered the idea for several more seconds before an identical grin cracked across her face as well.

"Ms. Sparkly-Rainbows, you are a genius! I never so much as thought that those pitiful writers could be used as weapons!" She said with glee. Ms. SR continued to smile at her equally malicious counterpart as the two started to laugh together, their laughs only the beginning of many more to come… A war was going to start and she, Ms. Happy-Smiley Sunshine, was going to be the victor...

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