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Chapter Six – Sabotaged Rescue, Unexpected Allies

Zaen stood against a tree, his eyes narrowed, his arms crossed. With a scowl posed on his face, he shot a look at the clock in the park. It was almost four… she would be here soon… His dislike of Igari's current companions increased as he thought of the fact that she would be there, unprotected. He shrugged off the thought; he had to protect her no matter what… So he'd deal with whatever came his way.

Noah was busy packing his weapons and Kurausu was busy hacking into 4Kids for a map, so Igari was left to talk to Hiraku. But even the ninja was busy putting every weapon she had in every hiding spot possible. It was beyond Igari how the girl could still move but then, if you were going for logic, all anime storyline's would be busted. Hiraku watched the young girl stare at her and grinned, pausing to hold up a giant shuriken.

"Here, Igari, take this. It'll become small, don't worry," She added quickly as Igari sent her a look of disdain at the thought of carrying it. "It'll adapt to you, I know your aim is bad so I added in a honing mode." Igari rolled her eyes but thanked the girl anyway; pocketing the weapon she most likely would fail at using. Hiraku turned back to what she was doing and finished adjusting her belt. Just as the ninja pulled out a very lethal looking weapon, Kurausu proclaimed a cry of triumph which earned everyone's attention.

"Ha! I've got the map!" All the other teenagers ran to the laptop and peered over his shoulder. "Right here, this is where we'll pick up Zaen. Then, right along the left side of the screen, look up, sis," He added as Hiraku looked a little lost. "This is where we can come in the back entrance." Noah paused and, after loading his gun and clicking it into place, raised his eyebrows at the hacker.

"This is going to work?" He said somewhat skeptically. Kurausu nodded and grinned quite evilly, or at least that was how Igari perceived it as he had cloth around the lower portion of his face.

"Yeah, only entrance we can take with the last sensory. Think… Final Fantasy VII, you know, that part when Cloud, Tifa, and Barret snuck into the reactor after they jumped off the train. They took a sort of pipe down into the reactor and then—"He cut himself off as the only one that was following him was Igari. "Never mind. Just listen up then, cause' this is what we're going to have to do…"

Thousands of miles away, okay, I lied for dramatics, a short distance away loomed the headquarters of 4Kids. Ms. Happy-Smiley Sunshine walked down the hallways, clutching her broomstick close to her. Everything was going according to plan and if those readers hadn't gotten the spoilers in the last chapter, then that would prove her theory that fanfiction writers were dumb. Upon rounding the corner, she came face to face with Ms. Sparkly Rainbows, who was carrying a pokeball in one hand and a One Piece dub in the other.

"I have episode 396!" (Oh my goddess, she has the new episode, someone shoot her please) Ms. HSS grinned. They had the newest episode all for the manipulating. (Don't worry One Piece fans, nothing will happen) "But I also have bad news." Ms. HSS's smile faded into a sort of reserved smile as Ms. SR looked more solemn.

"Sustaining her body is getting far too complicated. While the bioweapon is indeed fully operational, her body, that is to say, her real body is—"Before the horrid sparkly woman could continue her sentence and before the world found out the grizzly bears could fly (THEY CAN, I SAY!), a warning alarm rang in the building. Both women stopped talking as the warning sounded louder than ever.

"Security breached, possible intrusion in sub-section 5-J, enemy alert in Sector 6. Repeat, possible intrusion in sub-section 5-J, enemy alert in Sector 6." Ms. SR looked annoyed at this signal and sent Ms. HSS a harried look. Ms. HSS turned to face her slowly, her fists shaking with rage.

"I thought you sealed off that section, you realize what this could mean?!" Ms. HSS glared (but take in mind that she's still smiling while she does so, which makes it kind of mind-scarring) through narrowed eyes that were the size of slits.

"Hang on, would they really fall into our sensors that easily…?" Ms. SR was still trying to cling on to the hope that nothing was going wrong, but then again, when had it not? Ms. HSS sent her one more look before turning around with malice.

"He better be where we left him or you'll have to answer to me later." The woman stalked off, leaving Ms. SR with her lips pursed.

Above the two vixens crept two teenagers uncomfortably cramped in an air vent system. Hiraku and Igari didn't take up much room, owing to their thin frames, but it was still cramped with all the weapons she had. Igari pulled out the communicator with immense difficulty and handed it to Hiraku, who sent her thanks. Quickly pressing a few buttons, she contacted the boys, who were situated in Sector 6.

"Nii-Nii, can you hear me? What's going on over there? You guys okay?" She said in a quiet voice. Igari kept a look-out and was tensed, ready to alert Hiraku if the need arose. The voice of Kurausu came through, sounding strained.

"An explosion of sorts, I don't know what's—"His voice dropped, the line disconnected. Hiraku looked like she wanted to yell into the phone but couldn't really do anything except watch and wait with pained eyes. Igari sent her a small, worried look before whispering to the girl.

"They'll be fine; they've got Noah with them." She said in a small voice, Hiraku nodded but did not look all that persuaded. The teenager gave up, not particularly knowing what to say. The plan was to wait till the signal, then Igari and Hiraku would sneak over to the section Fei was being held. The problem was, Ms. HSS had also headed in that direction so it didn't look like they'd be getting out of this air vent system any time soon.

"We've got to keep moving," Hiraku began, apparently regaining her composure. "I know it's improvisation but we came here for a reason and we're not leaving until we finish the job." The two nodded to each other and resumed their crawling through the vents. Both were extremely edgy given to what had just happened and progressed with supreme caution. Soon, they came upon a vent entrance, or exit in their case. Igari heard the voice of Ms. HSS first and signaled t her friend to stop moving.

"Pitiful being… You won't be helped Fei, he certainly won't be coming back!" With those words, both teenagers watched the woman walk away from Fei's room, looking infuriated and scary at the same time, given that she was still smiling. This woman never really did take a smile off her face, did she? After her footsteps left the area, both girls nodded to one another. With precaution, Hiraku dropped down first. Finding nothing out of the ordinary, she signaled for Igari to follow. The girl was much clumsier than the first and tripped on her own hair on her way down. Hiraku rolled her eyes and helped her to her feet, sighing.

"How you manage to move around when your hair goes down to your ankles is beyond me…" She shook her head and Igari grinned in a silly sort of way.

"Actually, my hair in real life doesn't even go to the bottom of my neck. It kind of looks like Tokiko, from Buso Renkin." Hiraku sent her the sort of look that tells one to stop breaking the fourth wall and both turned back towards Fei's prison door.

"Hm, you think we can just walk—"Hiraku's suggestion was cut off as Igari burst open the door. (Can someone explain how she was able to do that? Shouldn't that door be… locked? We'll call it half-black chick powers) A gasp was heard from the occupant, most likely thinking that she was about to be attacked. But Igari quickly responded, her emotions getting the better of her.

"Fei!" A very forlorn girl with a Pamela Anderson rack looked up to see her. Virtually, Fei hadn't changed in the last four days, she looked untouched. Her orange eyes were overlarge for her face and had tints of green inside. Her bangs fell over her eyes and she had a cowlick on the right side of her bangs. Her hair was tied back like Tifa's (FFVII), only that it's length fell down to her waist. She wore a turtle-neck midriff, a portion of the top cut in an upside down triangle to reveal her cleavage. (BLATANT BASHING OF FEI-FEI, I CAN DO IT, I'M HER FRIEND! SORRY FANBOYS!) She wore a mini-skirt that had slits on both sides, shorts underneath to save her from indecency, or at least more of it. She wore converse sneakers on her feet. The girl stood up slowly and with tears in her eyes, she ran to embrace Igari. The two friends hugged and both laughed.

"It's so good to see you! I've missed you almost as much as Maxi-Kun has! Though, I didn't miss your chest jibes." She laughed but Igari threw her a very blank look.

"Wait, who did you just…?" But she had no reason to ask as Fei was shoved out of the way by a pair of small hands. Hiraku snickered but quickly resumed a serious face, scanning the hallways. Igari found herself staring at her younger brother and her hate for the dubbing company increased tenfold. The small boy grabbed her vacant hand and Igari squeezed his, offering him reassurance. He smiled shyly at her, causing Igari to send him a warm grin.

"Anywho," Came Fei's voice from the ground as the developed girl stood up and brushed her clothes off. "Is he coming back?"

"Is who coming back, shortie?" Igari questioned as Hiraku kept a keen lookout. The girl scowled at the thin air before turning back to her friend, obviously frustrated.

"The boy that was just in here, the one who caused the explosion." Fei explained shortly, looking worried at Igari's blank look. She continued on, perhaps hoping Igari would catch on to who she was talking about.

"He came in here a short while ago, claiming he was a friend. But because his teleportation powers are slightly explosive, he alerted Ms. HSS and Ms. SR to his location, forcing him to escape before they could punish him." Both girls raised their eyebrows at this news but one nod from Maximillian told them that Fei was telling the truth. Hiraku was the first to comment, interjecting before Igari could get her thoughts in.

"Ohhh, really? So, where is he now?" She asked. Fei shrugged, not really knowing what to say. Maximillian spoke up for the first time during their conversation, his voice low and stressed.

"Probably tried to go back to his cell and escape. That's what I would've done." Hiraku's eyes flashed fear and her hand shot up to her mouth.

"Oh no! That's where the others are! What if…?!" She didn't need to finish her sentence; Igari knew what she was inferring. Slowly, the girl put a hand on the ninja's shoulder, shooting her a small smile.

"Like I said, they'll be okay. Everything will be fine. There's nothing to worry abo—"The girl was cut off as the sound of heels on the floor reached their ears. Maximillian tensed considerably and Fei's face took on a terrified look. Igari and Hiraku turned slowly and for the first time since Fei was kidnapped, Igari found herself face to face with Ms. Happy-Smiley Sunshine.

"I think… there is." With an evil grin, she faced the four of them without a trace of fear in her face. Things had just gotten complicated.

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