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Breeze 1

Daisuke sat in the plane chair restlessly. After a year abroad he was anxiously looking forward to coming home.

Hikaze Daisuke was a seventeen-year old student with short-cut brown hair and green eyes. He stood 5'5" and had a lean figure. He was wearing a white shirt, black jacket and black pants. He had decided to travel to America to study a year on the exchange program before returning to Japan. He was looking forward to seeing his family again, especially his little sister. He reached into his shirt and pulled out a locket pendant. He opened it and looked at the picture of the little light-brown haired girl smiling up at him.

He and his sister had been orphaned while Daisuke was still a young boy. Although they lived with their aunt and uncle, who were very kind and loving to them both, Daisuke always felt it was his duty to look after his sister.

His mind floated back to a week before he left, to a promise he made…


What is it?

Why do you have to go?

I made a commitment. And I want to see America.

Can't I come with you?

You're too young. You need to stay here with Jii-san and Baa-san. I'll be back before summer, I promise.

Will you think of me?


There was a violent shudder of the plane. It shook Daisuke from his reminiscing, but didn't cause him panic. He knew turbulence was to be expected on a plane. But the shaking continued, lightly at first, then with more violence. The captain's voice came up and told the passengers not to panic, but the others on the plane were panicking.

A bright light flashed outside the window, followed quickly with a blast of thunder. The plane had been suddenly swallowed up in a storm. The other passengers began to panic and Daisuke was certainly in the mood to join them. From his seat at the window of the plane, Daisuke looked out and saw the storm brewing around them.

He then could swear he saw something the dark of the storm. It looked like eight red lights in two rows of four. Lightning flashed and illuminated a humanoid figure. Daisuke blinked in shock and when he looked again, it was gone.

"What the…?!"

Thunder and lightning blasted right next to the plane. The blast shot right through one of the engines. Time passed before Daisuke too fast for him to totally acknowledge what was happening around him. He could tell the plane was breaking up around him and that everyone was screaming in a chorus of terror. He then felt the powerful vacuum force of depressurized air push him out of his seat.

It didn't take him long to realize he had been sucked clear out of the plane. He tumbled through the air and managed to look up long enough to see the jet that had been carrying him explode, making him only slightly thankful he hadn't worn his belt at the time. Of course now he was destined for a far less immediate death.

He knew the lack of air would kill him faster than the collision would. Already he felt faint. As he fell through the miles of open sky, Daisuke's last thoughts were of his sister.

Forgive me… Mari-ch…chan. I… couldn't keep… my…

Daisuke fainted.

From the surrounding storm, the darkness formed into a clawed hand. The claw reached for the falling man. It nearly reached him, when his body began to glow with radiant light. The clawed hand drew away and dissipated.

The light began to lift young Daisuke up. Soon his body was drawn into a world of light. The light began to caress his form in the shape of thin lines. Slowly his body was illuminating brightly, obscuring his form.

Above him, a luminous form, like a woman in a shimmering gown, floated over him. A dainty shining hand caressed his still-human cheek, causing him to wearily open his eyes. He looked up into the sky-blue eyes of the luminous figure above him.

"An… angel?…" he murmured before falling unconscious again.

His face became covered in light. The angelic figure pulled its hands to its chest. From its breast emerged a small sphere that seemed to be made of swirling air. She pressed it into Daisuke's chest and the light began to clear, revealing silver-grey armor. A helmet with bright red eyes was unveiled shortly before all went white.

Daisuke's eyes opened. He was looking into the blue sky. He laid casually for a few seconds before some things came to mind. Things like; Did I fall so long it's now morning?; If I did fall, why am I not dead?; What the heck is this thing I'm laying on?


Daisuke turned his head. Standing next to… whatever he was laying on… was a young girl of his ethnicity. She had hair bound back in a pony tail and was quite pretty in Daisuke's opinion. She wore a white tank top and blue jeans. He wondered why she was giving him such an angry look.

"Hey pal, you're sitting on my car!" she exclaimed.

Daisuke sat up and looked down. Indeed, he was laying on the hood of a car, with his back leaning on the windshield. He looked again at the girl. "Sorry," he said casually as he got off of the vehicle.

"Sorry?!" said the girl. "Listen pal, you can't just lay across someone else's car like that! What on Earth makes you think its okay to just…"

But Daisuke was only half paying attention. He looked about, finding that he was in a fairly rural area on a dirt road. They were parked at a gas station that looked like it had been there a while giving its worn condition. He looked at the car, which was a fairly recent model. He didn't know cars very well but it was a white four-seater. He then looked up into the sky.

Was I really flying home? He thought. Was that just a dream?

"Hey!!!" She yelled when it became clear Daisuke wasn't listening. "What's your problem?! You should be grateful I'm not going to sue you."

"For what?" Asked Daisuke mildly. "Taking a nap on your car without any memory of getting there?"

"Huh?" She said in curiosity. "What do you mean?"

"I just said it," Daisuke replied, looking at her again. "The last thing I remember is flying in a jet returning from America, then waking up here."

The girl looked at the boy in front of her with deep scrutiny. With his casual demeanor, it was hard to tell if he was lying or not.

"If you don't believe me," Daisuke said, "can you at least drop me off at the next town? I'd rather not walk if I can afford to."

The girl looked at the boy skeptically, then made a face as if thinking about it. She nodded. "Okay, but no funny stuff. I have mace."

Daisuke faked a flinch at the mention of the mace, not really concerned since he would never be so crass as to try such a thing.

They drove down the dirt road. It had been quiet between the two of them. The girl tried her best to ignore the person next to her as he looked out the car window, staring into the clear and open sky. Tired of the silence, she sighed and turned momentarily to face him, keeping her eyes on the road. "I'm Touma Hikari."

"Hikaze Daisuke," her companion replied casually.

It was silent again briefly.

"So…" Hikari said, " why exactly were you on my car?"

"It wasn't my idea, believe me," replied Daisuke. "I don't know how I got there. I just know before waking up I dreamt I was in a plane, flying home. Then the plane was caught in a storm and struck by lightning, causing it to blow up. It was so real I could swear it happened. The sad thing is I have no idea how I got on your car way out here."

Hikari listened to his voice. She prided herself on knowing when someone was honest or if they were lying. All of her instinct told her he was being truthful. That said, she still wasn't sure what to make of his story. It seemed a tad far-fetched.

"So, Hikari-san," Daisuke said. "Why are you out in the country like this?"

Hikari was a tad thrown off, but answered honestly, "I'm just trying to do a bit of traveling before the next school year. I go to college next year and I won't have much chance to travel."

"I see," Daisuke replied. "I'm also going to college after the summer. I actually was studying abroad this year, which would explain why I was on a plane if that really happened. It all seemed so real." His voice trailed off as he strained to think of how he couldn't know what happened.

As the white car drove on, a strong wind blew up in their wake, kicking up dirt on the road. In the wind and dust there seemed to appear two silhouetted forms, which vanished as mysteriously as they appeared.

Hikari had driven them into a small rural town. It had several small houses and was very calm and quaint. She pulled up to a public phone, where Daisuke got out and picked up the phone. He paid the price, then dialed his home phone. It buzzed a few times. Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice came up.

"Hello! We aren't home at the moment. Please leave a message and we'll try to reach you."

Daisuke looked at the phone in surprise. This person who had left the message wasn't anyone he knew. The voice was female, but was too youthful to be his aunt and was most definitely not Mari's. He thought he had misdialed, but was almost positive he had dialed the right number.

Not wanting to embarrass himself on someone else's phone, Daisuke hung up right after the message ended and picked up to call again, carefully making sure he dialed correctly. Again he got the strange girl's voice.

I don't get it, he thought. I know this is their number.

"What's wrong?" asked Hikari, who had gotten out her car and had seen Daisuke's distress. It was even more unnerving than his constantly calm aura that he had had up until that moment.

"I don't understand," said Daisuke. "How could they have changed their number?"

"Do your parents own cell phones?" she asked.

Wanting to avoid explaining his familial situation with her, Daisuke replied, "I live with my aunt and uncle. And my uncle does own one, but I'm out of change."

Hikari, ignoring the sense he was leaving out details, pulled out her phone. "Use mine."

Daisuke looked at her in some surprise. "You sure that's okay, Hikari-san?"

She nodded. "I don't think you'd do all this just to steal my phone."

Daisuke gave a small grin and dialed his uncle's phone. It rang several times before the machine informed him that he'd gotten the voicemail. He sighed and left a brief message saying where he was and asking if someone could pay his way back to Tokyo. He also asked if their number had been changed and told him to give Mari his love.

Daisuke handed the phone back to Hikari. "Now I guess I wait."

"I suppose I should wait with you, huh?" Hikari said.

"Why?" Daisuke said casually. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I appreciate what you've done for me. But you've done more than enough."

Hikari held up her phone. "Hello! You called him on my phone. How did you think he'd call you back, on the payphone?"

The realization hit Daisuke, but bluntly. He said, "Oh right. I suppose that makes sense."

Hikari sighed at the boy's apparent indifference. It was so irritating to her that he didn't take things seriously, especially in his situation.

The two ended up finding a bench and sitting down. They sat and waited for his uncle to call back.

Down the road, a woman was walking casually down the road in as if she had always done so. While she walked, the wind began to pick up very suddenly. The gusts were hard enough to throw the woman off balance. As she fell, she saw that the winds were beginning to swirl around before her, as if making a whirlwind. She grew frightened, as something began to form in the wind.

A pair of red eyes appeared within the winds as they rapidly disbursed. A creature appeared from out of the winds. It was bird-like with a long and crooked neck and a sharp, hooked beak. It spread its wings of grey/white feathers unveiling a humanoid body. The woman screamed as the creature loomed over her and shouted out a screeching cry.

A man ran outside his house at the sound of the scream and saw the bird monster. Letting out his own cry of terror, he failed to notice that the dirt of the small flower garden before his house was beginning to move. When he heard a growl next to him, he turned his head to see the dirt of his garden had also transformed into a strange monster. The creature had dirt-brown skin, long black nails on its fingers and toes, and a reptilian face. The reptile opened its crimson red eyes and turned to the man, growling monstrously.

Hikari and Daisuke stood up when they heard the nearby shouts. They saw the two monsters. The bird monster had grabbed the woman it had appeared before and tossed her into a wall. The lizard monster also violently grabbed and tossed the man before it and then attacked the man's house with its sharp claws.

People began to notice the ruckus outside their homes and looked out, seeing the rampaging monsters. Naturally, many of these people fled the area, while others went back into their houses. The two monsters immediately took notice of the runners and gave chase.

The bird monster flew through the air and grabbed people with its claws before dropping them harshly. The reptile leaped atop buildings and cars (including Hikari's) and tackled its victims to the ground and scratching them with its claws.

Hikari and Daisuke had quickly joined the fleers when the monsters appeared. They had rounded a corner when the bird monster dropped down before the crowd. With a wave of its wings, the crowd was blown off its feet. Getting up, they began to run the other way.

Hearing a sound above. Daisuke glanced up and saw the reptile about to leap down on him and Hikari. "Hikari-san, look out!" he shouted, pushing her out of the way as the beast landed with a violent crash.

Hikari, upon regaining her senses after the shove, screamed at the sight of the monster. It tried to make a move towards her, but was stopped by Daisuke. "Daisuke-san!"

The boy, out of bravery, determination and a bit of foolishness in his own opinion, ran between the lizard and Hikari and gave it a hard left cross. The monster recovered from the blow quickly and backhanded the youth, knocking him down. It tried to grab Hikari again, but was grabbed by the youth.

As he strained to hold it back, Daisuke shouted, "Hikari-san! Run!"

"Daisuke!" she shouted back in concern.

The lizard began swinging its body to shake Daisuke loose. He shouted again, "RUN!"

Nodding Hikari ran again. She didn't get far however, as the bird monster cut her off and made to grab her.

The lizard managed to throw Daisuke off its back. Daisuke got up only to be grabbed by the monster and shoved violently into the wall of a house. The monster looked at Daisuke and made an irritated growl.

Daisuke managed to open his eyes, which had been closed in pain. He saw the monster in front of him, staring him down for the kill. He was also able to see the bird monster wrap a struggling Hikari in its wings.

Why is this happening? thought a frustrated Daisuke. The plane… these monsters… Why can't I avoid this? How am I supposed to get to Mari-chan? I promised… Tou-san… Kaa-san… I swore I'd always be there for her! And Hikari-san. She's been so kind to me… I can't even help her! Why? WHY?!

Daisuke shouted in angry frustration. As he did, a violent burst of air seemed to blast forth from his whole body. The blast was so strong it sent the lizard flying.

Daisuke landed on his feet and wobbled a bit before regaining balance. He looked down at his body in confusion. He saw what looked like swirling air currents flowing over his body. "What the?"

"It's about damn time…" said a strange voice.

Daisuke looked about for the source of the voice. To his surprise, beside him appeared a strange semi-transparent figure. He was covered in an insect-like body armor and had the face of an insect. His large round eyes were a bright red color, far different from the other creatures.

Daisuke flinched in shock at first. "Wha-What…?"

The creature turned and with an exasperated tone said, "'Wha-what' to you too partner. Take it easy I'm on your side."

"What do you mean 'my side'?"

"Do you want to keep asking questions, or would you rather save your pretty friend from the DarkSpirits?"

Daisuke looked and saw that the bird still held Hikari, who struggled against it. He also saw the lizard get back up and charge at him again. In a blur, the insect-like creature entered Daisuke's body.

As the monster made to swipe with both claws, Daisuke thrust his arms forward and held them strait, crossing them at the wrists. The monster's claws were held back by a barrier of fast moving air around Daisuke's arms which caused dust to shoot off of its flesh like sand off a rock. A belt formed around Daisuke's waist. It had a metallic grey buckle and a black strap. The buckle was hexagonally shaped and emblazoned with an insect face with small red eyes. In the center of the belt, below the face was a red turbine fan in a circular indent.

"Let's go Partner!" said the insect creature's voice which emerged from the belt, the small eyes flashing with each word.

Ignoring the voice, Daisuke spread his arms, knocking away the lizard's claws, then stepped forward and laid a strong left cross over its face, bringing his right fist to his side and extending his left hand fingers as he held the end of the motion.

"SPIRIT UP!" shouted the belt loudly.

Daisuke's body suddenly was enveloped in a strong swirling wind that obscured his body. The lizard watched this strange phenomenon cautiously. Suddenly, bright red eyes shone through the air and dust that had gathered shortly before it suddenly disbursed, pushing the lizard back and causing more dust to flake off its body.

When it looked up, it saw it's former target had been replaced with an entirely new prey. The new being wore a metallic-grey armor on its chest, shoulders, forearms and left boot. It's chest plate imitated chest muscles and had a black symbol resembling a swirling breeze emblazoned on its left breast. This was also emblazoned on each shoulder pad. Under its armor was a black body suit. It's right leg was covered in a thick armoring that resembled a swirling twister. Embedded in the armor was a sheathed blade with its hilt protruding upwards. On its waist was the belt that had appeared on Daisuke's waist. It's head was covered in a silver-grey helmet with big bright red eyes, antennas that curved back and a fanged mouthpiece.

The monster growled in fierce anger as it recognized this figure. "Ka…men… Rai…daa…"

Daisuke looked down at his changed form. "I… Henshined," he observed. Strangely, rather than panicking over his strange new appearance, he found himself once again in his usual calm state, and happy to be there again.

"Feeling better now?" asked his belt.

Daisuke nodded. "I'm still confused," he said. "But I feel much more even now. I think I can fight better."

"Good," said the belt. "Let's test that theory."

Daisuke caught his meaning when the lizard ran at him again. He sidestepped and gave it the clothesline, knocking it back. It tried to attack, but Daisuke moved to quickly and punched it in the gut several times before knocking on its back.

The bird monster noticed the new arrival and screeched in panic. It opened its wings and griped Hikari in its talons. Daisuke caught the sounds of her screams and looked up to see the bird trying to fly away. He ran and leaped into the air. Pulling off a physics defying leap, Daisuke reached the monster and punched it hard across the face, causing it to lose grip on Hikari. Hikari fell towards the ground and screamed. Daisuke dived after her, propelled by gusts of air. He reached her just before reaching ground, where a cushion of air slowed their fall to the point where they landed safely on their feet.

Daisuke had held Hikari securely in his arms as they fell. After a brief hesitation, he released her. Hikari opened the eyes she had closed in fear and looked up at her savior. She hadn't seen his change and so didn't yet realized who this armored hero was.

He turned on his heel and thrust out his arm in a directing manner. "Run Hikari-san!" he said.

Her eyes widened in shock as she recognized his voice. "Daisuke-san?"

"Go!" He exclaimed.

She nodded and ran for cover behind a nearby building.

Daisuke made sure she was a safe distance before returning attention to the battle. Unfortunately, it was too late and he was knocked back as the bird monster rammed into him. He was knocked on his back and strained to sit up as both monsters prepared to come at him again.

"Partner!" Shouted his belt. "The sword on your leg! Use it!"

Daisuke took notice of the sword sheathed on his right leg and grabbed its hilt. He pulled it out and stood up. The blade extended into a normal length katana. The lizard came at him, but he slashed it painfully across the chest. It collapsed in pain.

The bird attempted to use its wings to gust up a gale to blow away its enemy, but Daisuke braced himself against it and stood strong. With a swift diagonal-downward slash, Daisuke summoned up a stronger gale that struck the bird and sent it flying. It landed against a building and was knocked out.

Daisuke relaxed, thinking he'd won, when the lizard, now recovered, tackled him to the ground. Daisuke lost grip on his sword and it was knocked out of reach. HE was turned on his back and the monster began to slash him with its claws.

Hikari watched in terror as the monsters claws sparked against his armor and Daisuke flailed helplessly. "Daisuke-san!"

The monster continued swiping until suddenly the armor stopped sparking against its claws. It looked at its hands and realized its claws had been worn away completely.

Daisuke looked down and saw he had received no actual damage. "Well that's certainly interesting."

"The wind wears away the earth," advised the belt.

Ignoring it, Daisuke thrust both fists into the monster's chest, knocking it off. He kicked it in the chest to knock it back, stood up and kicked it again to give them distance.

"Partner," called the voice again. "Strike your hands to your sides and yell 'Hurricane Kick'!"

"You know," Daisuke replied calmly as his opponent regained its composure, "I have a name. It's Daisuke."

"I know that, but we are still partners," he replied.

"What's your name?" Daisuke asked as the lizard made to charge him again.

"I don't think there's time for that," he said impatiently.

Daisuke sighed. "Later than." He thrust his arms forward and then to his sides. "Hurricane… Kick."


The armored brace on his right leg flashed from its ridges. The armor transformed into air which formed into a strong tornado around his body. A set of vent-like ridges were revealed on his leg, which began to glow. His body was raised above the ground. The lizard monster backed away from the powerful winds, afraid of being torn apart. Daisuke caught on fast and wrapped his arms around his chest, allowing the winds' momentum to send him rapidly spinning. The twister moved towards the monster. Once in range, Daisuke threw out his arms and extended his right leg and delivered a sweeping kick across its face.

The lizard was sent spinning, winds whirling around and wearing down its body. When it finally stopped, its body exploded into a burst of dust. Daisuke landed and spun along the ground as he skid to a halt. He then stood up straight and turned to see the last remnants of the monster blow away in the casual breeze. He then looked up to where the bird was, but it was gone.

He sighed, feeling that, for now, it was over.


"Hmm?" Daisuke hummed in confusion.

"My name is Kaze."

Daisuke chuckled. "Nice to meet you."

Hikari moved out from behind the building. She looked in amaze at the armored warrior as he turned to her. She was in awe of what she had seen, and began to wonder what on Earth she had gotten herself into.

"Obaa-san! I'm going out!" called a teenage girl with light brown hair. She was running downstairs in a white shit and brown skirt. She paused before a small memorial shrine on her way out and clapped her hands together. "Onii-chan, watch me from heaven." She then ran to the door, leaving the picture of the smiling brown-haired young man alone.

Before she could leave, a middle aged man entered the house. "Hello," he said.

"Ojii-san," said the girl in surprise. "I thought you left for work."

"I forgot my cell phone," he said as he put on indoor shoes. "Can't leave that behind."

"You'll be late…" she said in a teasing tone, knowing he'd be forgiven for a few minutes.

He found the phone. He noticed a missed call. "Now what's this?" he flipped it open and accessed his voicemail. After giving him the usual rundown, the message started…

"Hey! Jii-san. It's Daisuke! Listen, I don't know what's going on but I'm sort of in the middle of nowhere here. Listen, if you could…"

The man's eyes were widened in shock. The voice… the voice on the phone… it wasn't possible. He dropped the phone and fell to his knees. The girl walked into the room after hearing the thud.

"Ojii-san! Ojii-san!" She ran up to the man and began to shake him. "Ojii-san! What is it Ojii-san?! Ojii-san!"

"…and I'd love to know the deal with the number. Well, give Mari-chan my love. I hope to see you all soon. Good bye." Beep.

"End of messages…"

To Be Continued

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"The DarkSpirits will destroy your world."

"I'm dead?!"

"I will protect Mari! I swore it!"

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